[VIDEO] Prune Flan Stop Motion Recipe

Inspired by a mother’s family recipe, Carrol Luna recently revealed a stop motion video depicting the step-by-step process in creating the coveted Prune Flan dessert. The recipe adaptation, the video and music is all original to Carrol Luna, a true nod to a complete artist.

Of course, if watching awesome minute-long video recipes isn’t your steeze, she’s made the recipe available in a text version online. You’ll have to trust me though, this video is pretty sweet:

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Rob Dyrdek’s “Monster” Tattoo Process [Updated]

It seems Rob Dyrdek has taken to his Twitter to relay the live process of a sprawling Monster Energy back tattoo he’s in the process of getting. With his cousin Drama in tow, some nice photography, and legendary artist Jun Cha behind the needle art, we are witness to some rather “Monster”-ish dedication to an energy drink brand. Rob credits this back tattoo to the immense support the Monster brand has given him over the years. We’ve got the photos as they get tweeted, 10-hour tattoo session, here we go:

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The Cupcake Cannon Video: Making Frosting Waves

In a collaborative piece released in May of 2010 between clothing brand Johnny Cupcakes and Portland initiative Kamp Grizzly, the two have pieced together “The Cupcake Cannon”. In the video, a slew of innocents get shot at through an interesting Cupcake Cannon with…you guessed it, cupcakes. What ensues is a well-shot, fun and experimental video with cupcakes flying in ultra-slow motion and splatters occurring at an even more beautiful pace. Why’s this video stirring up a ruckus though?