Behold: The Legend of Zelda Animated Skyward Sword Cake

zelda cake

Did you ever get a cake this cool for your birthday? Made up of rice crispie treats, box cake mix, canned frosting and a whole lot of skill, Will and Liliana Turnbow designed this incredible Skyward Sword cake for their daughter’s 10th birthday.

This cake features the world of Skyloft, Faron Woods and even the Sealed Grounds. As if the cake wasn’t cool enough already, the Turbows decided to take it a step further and make the thing animated!

Link can be seen roaming the skies on his trusty loftwing, an octorok peeks out now and again and of course we can’t forget the villian of the game Ghirahim, watching ominously over the entire land.

Will says on his blog that the original cake plan included every land in the game and nearly four times as many characters.

If you can believe it, the Turnbows aren’t professional cake designers, they’re just really awesome parents.

For a closer look at this nerdtastic cake check out the video below:

H/T Eurogamer + PicThx WillyLiliana


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