Purple Heart Vets Kill 140 Deer for Food Pantries

4,800 pounds of deer meat are making their way to food pantries in and around Indianapolis, IN.

Happy Holidays!

In an attempt to lower its excessive deer population, the city of Indianapolis opened Eagle Creek Park over Thanksgiving weekend for a special hunt for the veteran organization Wounded Warriors Outdoors. The nonprofit organization provides relaxing outdoor activities for wounded veterans.

Photo by Ryan Sabalow/IndyStar

The dozen Purple Heart recipients killed 140 deer over the weekend, of an allotted maximum of 350. Of the slain deer, 97 have been processed and are ready to be distributed to local food pantries.

Since venison is a leaner and more expensive meat than beef, the pantries are happy to have it as the holiday season rages onward.

The Humane Society of the United States strongly opposed the hunt, but the underfed in Indianapolis will certainly appreciate the protein.

H/t Wish TV


Free Bloomin’ Onion for Veterans at Outback Steakhouse

Veterans, you fought for our country so starting Monday Nov. 7 through Friday Nov. 11 you shall eat like kings. And there’s nothing more fit for a king than a Bloomin’ Onion from Outback Steakhouse. Every Outback in the country will offer this artery busting plate of deliciousness as well as a free beverage to veterans.

So if any of you know someone who has fought for our country, honor him or her by taking him or her to Outback.