You Can Make Legit Shawarma At Home With This Vertical Oven

One of the coolest things things to see in a Mediterranean kitchen, or even a Mexican kitchen for that matter, is a vertical spit full of meat.

Whether it’s shawarma, kabobs, or al pastor, there’s just a little more showmanship and honestly a little more flavor when the meat is prepared on a vertical spit.

A vertical spit isn’t normally something you can just keep in your home kitchen, but there are actually at-home versions that’ll help you cook up your favorite shawarma, or even rotisserie chicken.

From this NutriChef rotating oven that almost looks like a blender, to a Thritop vertical oven, Amazon actually has a couple options on deck, which is pretty exciting if you’re a fan of this type of style.

Looking through the Amazon reviews, it looks like these have been around since at least 2017, which is a little maddening that we here at Foodbeast are barely coming around to finding these.

Is it exactly like the fiery vertical spits you see the local taco truck? No, but it’s still pretty awesome, and definitely going to be a new staple in my household.


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