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This Vermont Bar Makes Rare Booze Available For All

Prohibition Pig might want to think about changing its name to Proletariat Pig because of its new Liquor Society menu. It offers flights in various liquor categories from around the world. 

With thirty flights available on the menu, customers are encouraged to keep a log and notes of their experiences. Each threesome highlights producers, styles, climates and production and aging strategies. Thanks to an approachable price and format, members can choose a flight featuring local favorites such as Caledonia Spirits’ Barr Hill Gin or Shelburne Orchard Dead Bird Brandy. Some might seek the chance to try a prestigious Fire and Ice Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Highland Park or a rare El Jolgorio mezcal showcasing different species of agave plants.

“Something you know, something you don’t, and something you’ll never see again,” said Jackson Strayer-Benton, Prohibition Pig’s Beverage Director, certified sommelier and Executive Bourbon Steward from Stave and Thief Society, of the offering. “You won’t find a menu like this anywhere in the Northeast. There are only a handful of tasting selections this exclusive in the U.S.” 

Ten flights qualify members as a “Sea Bird,” named for the boat that would transport illegal booze from the “Rum Row” ships during Prohibition. “Malahat” members boast 20 different flights, named for a large ship that transported liquor from British Columbia to the West Coast of the United States. Completing the program with 30 different flights, “Tomoka” is named for William McCoy’s rum-running ship made famous for only carrying pure product, not watered down or polluted, as well as an intimidating machine gun installed on the top deck. These customers are rewarded with a private tasting for four and a complimentary dinner.

“Jackson is preparing the Prohibition Pig team to speak knowledgeably and with first-hand experience about each flight, conducting weekly tastings and on-site trips to local distilleries to understand the process, culture, and history of each liquor,” said Eric Warnsted, Prohibition Pig Chef and Owner.

“Eric changed the nature of restaurants. He understands that it’s all about relationships, whether that is with farmers, distillers, brewers, and especially staff and customers,” Strayer-Benton adds. “Together we looked at Prohibition Pig’s impressive wall of liquor and knew that this was another chance to create a destination experience and sense of belonging.”

Head to Waterbury, Vermont to check out Prohibition Pig’s new Liquor Society menu for yourself.

Celebrity Grub Cravings

Bernie Sanders Casually Delivers Speech From Inside A Ben & Jerry’s Container

Senator Bernie Sanders casually posted a photo of himself speaking from the inside of a Ben & Jerry’s container. In the typical inspirational Sanders way, his tweet read, “When we stand up and fight back we can change the country in very positive ways.”

He didn’t once acknowledge that his podium looked like a giant tub of delicious ice cream, but thankfully Ben & Jerry’s let everyone know that the senator was at their St. Albans, Vermont factory, speaking to employees.

Sanders, of course, is from Vermont, so it makes some sense that he stays in touch with his peeps. Still, Ben & Jerry’s had to have done this on purpose, knowing it would look hilarious.

Twitter users went in on the picture as well:




Even funnier is the fact that the ice cream company made a Bernie Sanders flavor, calling it Bernie’s Yearning, and selling a limited amount during his presidential campaign last April.

Shout out to Bernie for collabing with Ben & Jerry’s to keep that sweetness running through Vermont.


IPA Beer Jelly is a Healthy Part of a Balanced Breakfast


They say you should start every morning doing something for yourself, whether that’s taking a jog around the block, reading your favorite book, or slathering some beer on your toast. Yes, really.

Crafted from rendered hops, malt, and yeast, Beer Jelly is an invention of self-proclaimed Vermontonian foodie Nancy Warner that distills the essence of beer into a sweet, spreadable format you can enjoy without being judged for being a raging alcoholic.

Each of the four styles is meant to resemble the beer it was inspired by, meaning the IPA is “floral and spicy,” the porter is “smoky-sweet,” and the stout is “roasty and earthy.”

Fingers crossed for an orange hef in batch two.

Beer Jelly, set of 4: $28 @ Uncommon Goods

H/T Supercompressor


Pizza Hut to Hand Out Free Pizza If Historic Upset Occurs

Pizza hut will be offering free pizza slices across the U.S. if one of the No. 16 seeded teams in the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament can defeat one of the No. 1 seeded teams.

The only catch is that it has never happened in tournament history. Way to tease the country, Pizza Hut. This offer was made last year by the Hut and of course, we were all left pizza-less. Well at least free pizza-less.

I’ve always said that March Madness is more enjoyable with free pizza. Well, actually, I’ve never said that, but can you argue against it?

If this historic upset occurs, Pizza Hut will jump on its mobile kitchen and serve up free slices of pizza in the 48 adjoining states across the U.S.

Princeton University and the University of Oklahoma came really close to achieving this in 1989, but came up short by one point. But anything can happen in NCAA basketball, so unless you’re a fan of the No. 1 seeded juggernauts, you might really want to root for the underdog this year.

University of North Carolina at Asheville and Long Island University have already earned No. 16 seeds.

The winners between Missouri Valley State vs. Western Kentucky University, and Lamar University vs. University of Vermont will earn the final two No. 16 seeds.

UNC-Asheville will have to defeat No. 1 seeded Syracuse University, LIU will have to defeat No. 1 Michigan State University, the winner between MVSU and WKU will have to defeat No. 1 seeded University of Kansas, and the winner of the LU, UVM matchup will have to beat No. 1 seeded University of North Carolina.

I fully expect the fans in the arenas to chant “We want pizza!” I know I will be chanting from home.