SNL Brings the REAL Starbucks Experience Home [VIDEO]


Alright Starbucks-addicts — we know you like your non-fat, soy, venti caramel whatevers — but how many of you would actually want a bona-fide Starbucks experience at home?

After all, the company’s new at-home coffee machine, The Verismo System, promises just that — all “with uncompromising quality and push-button simplicity.”

But late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live isn’t so sure about having a mini-Starbucks in your kitchen. Their short commercial spoof of the Verismo shows that having it might actually be a little bit too much like the REAL Starbucks experience — you know, with the unapologetic barista that gets your name and order wrong.

Curious about what this less-than-enthusiastic Starbucks machine has got in store? Watch the video below.

H/T First We Feast