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Venmo Blocking Payments Related To Cuban Food Due To US Sanctions On Cuba


If you’re just about finished with a gratifying meal of Cuban food with some of your closest friends and colleagues, you’re probably gonna pause a second before splitting the check. According to BuzzFeed, Venmo is blocking payments pertaining to Cuban food thanks to US sanctions on Cuba.

A group of Buzzfeed staff came upon this the hard way as they grabbed some Cuban food for lunch and tried to divvy up the check using the money transfer platform. Because Venmo needs to be wary of breaching sanctions on specfic countries like Syria, Iran, and Cuba, payments containing key words are flagged and blocked pending review.

It seems stuff like this happens quite often when people Venmo each other for Cuban food, drinks or even entertainment. While relations between Cuba and the US are getting better as time passes, the prohibitions of Cuban Assets Control Regulations are still being enforced, said BuzzFeed.

So the next time you’re dining out with some company and enjoying some fresh medianoche sandwiches, perhaps just bring cash or avoid mentioning Cuba in the payment.


BILL-SPLITTING: The Genius New Feature Papa John’s Added To Mobile Ordering


We’ve been put into many situations where we’d enjoy ordering a pizza, but didn’t want to foot an entire bill. Sure, your buddies can pay you back when they get the money, or even the next time you go dutch on a pie. More times than not, one party will definitely forget to pay the other. Papa John’s found a remedy to this: BILL SPLITTING.

The pizza chain has announced its new PayShare feature. This allows customers to split their pizza bill when ordering through online or mobile devices.


PayShare is connected through popular money transfer app Venmo. Customers log into Papa John’s when they want to order a pizza. Then, anyone willing to chip in on the pizza will need to connect through their Venmo accounts. PayShare evenly divides the bill between the customers or you can choose however much they want each person to pay.

With the PayShare feature, Papa John’s hopes to get customers to think about enjoying pizza rather than worrying over the cost. Even though PayShare isn’t the first bill-splitting program, it is one of the first to specifically cater to fast food. Papa John’s new partnership with Venmo may be the beginning of many popular fast food services that will allow splitting the bill in-house.

Now folks don’t have to worry about their cheap friends mooching off free pizza because they “Don’t have any cash right now.”