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13 McFlurry Flavors the US is Sorely Missing Out On

The McFlurry is arguably the best thing at McDonald’s as it combines ice cream, usually some sort of chocolate, and if you do it right, zero guilt. Yeah, everyone’s always trying to tell you to eat healthy, or whatever, but sometimes you have to just treat yo self. While we’ve learned to love the delicious Oreo and M&M’s McFlurry here in the U.S., it seems like the rest of the world really goes all out with its McFlurry flavors. Don’t believe me? Check out 13 insane McFlurry flavors you cannot get in the U.S.  


Chocolate Orange McFlurry – UK

Not quite sure how I feel about a citrusy fruit flavor mixed with my ice cream, but the U.K. seems to make it work with this Chocolate Orange McFlurry. Not only do they use Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces, they also add a chocolate orange sauce in there, too.  


Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry – Ireland

Ireland has done a Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry, which sounds amazing. Brownies a la mode are always a winning combo, so just imagine bits of fudge brownie mixed into a McFlurry. Yes Ronald McDonald, take all my money!


Pirulin McFlurry – Venezuela

You’re probably not familiar with Pirulin, but simply put, it’s a hazelnut filled-wafer, and in Argentina, they’ll put those bad boys in a McFlurry. It’s almost like a crunchy Nutella wafer mixed with McFlurry ice cream. Yes, please.


Tiramisu McFlurry – Netherlands

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Ice cream, coffee, and chocolate syrup. Is there any more perfect of a combination? You’d think Italy would have been all over this, but the beautiful creation can actually be found in the Netherlands.


Cadbury Creme McFlurry – Ireland, UK, Australia

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Cadbury eggs are a favorite around Easter time, and in spots like Ireland, the UK, and Australia they put those creamy little eggs inside McFlurries. The classic white and orange fondant filling, along with the chocolate shell sounds like a pretty good combo with the popular cold treat.


Pineapple Oreo McFlurry – Colombia

Yes, pineapple on pizza has been a hot debate for a while, but how do you feel about pineapple in ice cream? Colombia didn’t stop at the chunks of pineapple though, as they wanted to contrast the flavor with bits of Oreo.


Stroopwafel McFlurry – Netherlands

The Dutch treat, Stroopwafel, is a thin and crispy waffle biscuit that’s got a decadent caramel filling. They’re already addicting by themselves, but having them in a McFlurry just might be a crime. Yet in the Netherlands, this just translates to another way to treat yoself proper.


Galak McFlurry – Venezuela

Galak is probably another chocolate you’re not familiar with, but it’s made by Nestle and is found other countries such as Canada, Ireland, and Venezuela. This beautiful McFlurry has been spotted in Venezuela, and has pieces of the white chocolate to make us Americans all the more jealous.


Dulce de Leche McFlurry – Venezuela

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OK, if you haven’t noticed by now, Venezuela’s McFlurry game is way more advanced than anything we have in the U.S. Dulce de leche is like a Latin American caramel that’s a little thicker, and has a slightly bolder taste. It tastes amazing combined with ice cream and cookie crumbles, so McD’s really found a sweet spot here.


Green Tea McFlurry – Malaysia

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Green tea flavors have become all the rage over the last couple of years, so it should come as no surprise that there is a McFlurry version. McDonald’s in Malaysia took advantage of the world’s obsession with green tea and made this dream a reality.


Red Velvet Oreo McFlurry – Canada

We sometimes forget about red velvet until it’s February as the flavor represents Valentine’s love for some reason. Well, McDonald’s Canada takes full advantage of the the general population’s love for red velvet, and adds Oreos to it.


Bubblegum Squash McFlurry – Australia, New Zealand

The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry came and went like a thief in the night, and while it might sound like a questionable flavor, the Aussies must have liked it. There was even a petition to bring back the limited time flavor. Knowing McDonald’s, it will be back at some point, then take it away like the teases they are.


Prestigio McFlurry – Brazil

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Prestigio is a Nestle chocolate that’s stuffed with coconut, almost like a Mounds bar or Almond Joy. Brazil mixed mini pieces of those chocolates into this McFlurry, because as we’ve learned, you can pretty much put anything into a McFlurry and it’ll probably give you a mouthgasm. Ugh, the FOMO is real with this flavor.

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Here’s How Venezuela’s Sugar Shortage Is Affecting Coca-Cola Production

A few months back we wrote about the economic turmoil in Venezuela and how Mondelez International, the manufacturer of Oreo cookies, would no longer be tracking sales of the snack in Venezuela.

The country’s economic landscape has yet to improve and several news sources have reported that Coca-Cola FEMSA, along with Kraft Heinz Co. and Clorox, have “temporarily shutdown production,” due to a sugar supply shortage.

It has been widely reported, over the last few years, that Venezuela’s economy is virtually on the edge of collapse, with political and economic friction resulting in food shortages and rationing practices. Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, recently declared a state of emergency, due to the dire conditions.

In the annual report released by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service in April, the department anticipated sugar production to decline while sugar consumption was expected to rise. The report, approved by the Venezuela Office of Agricultural Affairs, highlighted El Nino drought conditions, price controls and restrictive foreign exchange policies as contributing factors to the decline. The report also pointed out that if conditions worsened, a shutdown would be necessary.

Price controls, land/farm expropriations, lack of foreign exchange, security concerns, lack of spare parts for agricultural inputs, machinery, and packaging materials, and even labor problems, are all major issues negatively impacting the market for sugar production and consumption. It is evident to the private sector that the GBRV (Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) may rather import sugar than invest in areas to increase local production. Unfortunately, the GBRV finds itself with further dwindling foreign exchange available to purchase imported sugar. The economic situation is expected to worsen in 2016 and some government sugar mills may have to shut down operations.

It is currently unknown how long the halt in Coca-Cola’s production will last. A Coca-Cola company spokesperson spoke to CNNMoney and explained that Coca-Cola was working with sugar producers and the Venezuelan government to find an efficient solution.

“While this situation will impact the production of sugar-sweetened beverages in the coming days,” a Coca-Cola spokeswoman told CNNMoney, “the production lines for zero-sugar beverages such as bottled water and Coca-Cola Light … continue operating normally.”

Photos: Coca-Cola Facebook
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Oreo Sales CRUMBLE In Venezuela And Here’s What They’re Doing About It



The average person is probably unaware that Oreos are actually manufactured in Venezuela, but the beloved snack’s South American legacy could be in jeopardy after Oreo’s parent company announced it will no longer track sales in Venezuela.

Oreo producer, Mondelez International, recently reported losses of more than $700 million, due heavily to the poor state of Venezuela’s economy, specifically citing exponentially increasing inflation rates.

The Venezuelan economy’s inflation rates have steadily increased over the past decade and there is no sign of help within reach. Food prices rose more than 20 percent in August 2015, according to CNBC.

A statement from Mondelez International seemed to hint that a reevaluation of the company’s business model in Venezuela may be in the near future.

“Given the current and ongoing difficult economic, regulatory and business environment…there continues to be significant uncertainty related to the company’s operations in Venezuela.”

Oreo has been touted as, “The World’s Best Selling Cookie,” with global sales reaching more than $3 billion in 2014, but that number might change dramatically as a chunk of the number will no longer be tracked.


This Rare Hot Sauce Is Made From RED ANTS And TERMITES


Are you a hot sauce fanatic?

Most people go all over the world to try as many different kinds of hot sauce they can get their hands on. Whether it’s spicy, tangy, sweet, or savory, half the fun is in trying a completely new flavor. So how about one made from ants and termites?

According to National Geographic, there’s a hot sauce made in a remote Venezuelan visage that features just that.


In Kumarakapay, villagers make a special hot sauce they call kumache. While the base of kumache is made from yucca and hot peppers, what makes it special is the finishing ingredient of red ants and termites.

Before finishing the sauce, natives go out and break up ant hills to harvest the insects by hand so that they’re as fresh as possible.

The villagers have been making the special hot sauce for years, selling it to tourists looking to try something new and bold. However, the production of kumache is very limited, because yucca too expensive to harvest.