Craving: 4th of July Barbecue


Happy 4th of July! Celebrate it with some good old fashion barbecue! Grill up some Cajun chicken and a Porterhouse fillet with some veggies and you got yourself a feast! O yeah, and don’t forget the bacon! (PicThx NicnBill)


Super Sexy PETA Banned Superbowl Ad

This PETA commercial, which states that eating more veggies will result in better sex, will not see the light of day during Superbowl XLIII. Watch where you stick that asparagus my friends, because it may not be network-safe. Just sayin’.


Sonic Drive-In: Grilled Chicken Wrap

Usually when going to get fast-food, we don’t think to eat “healthy”. But SONIC is trying to make you think differently. Why not eat something you want, but have it be good for you at the same time? Thus, Sonic Drive-In brings us the Grill Chicken Wrap, a wholesome wrap filled with white meat chicken and veggies. Lettuce, tomatoes and light ranch mix great with the grilled chicken, but if that is too healthy for you, get your chicken breaded! If you want some more choices from SONIC, check out their Everyday Value Menu.