Subway Held a Fashion Show with Outfits Inspired by Lettuce, Onions and Tomatoes


Subway recently held a fashion show for students at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The aspiring designers were challenged to create outfits that were inspired by the veggies found on a Subway sandwich. This includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and other fresh goodies.

The event was judged by a panel of celebrities including Nastia Liukin, Bella Thorne, Russell Westbrook and Johnny Wujek. Outfits from the event included dresses that looked like peeled onions, ruffled lettuce and bright yellow banana peppers. Though not as ridiculously obvious.

Because this was a competition, the winner received a $1,000 prize of cash. Her original design will also find its home on display at a Subway restaurant in New York City. I mean, it’ll be something to look at while I’m sharing a Footlong, I guess.

H/T NY Daily News Picthx Diane Bondareff


This App Tells You When Your Groceries Are Expiring


Sometimes it can be tough keeping track of all the stuff in your fridge. You’ve have no clue when you bought those mangoes and those tomatoes have been hiding in the back of the veggie crisper since last year’s 4th of July party. Either start throwing out the unquestionables, replace that baking soda, or get an app to keep tabs on everything.

Looks like there’s one for the latter. Aptly named “The Fridge,” the new app keeps track of your perishable foods so you’ll have an idea of when they’ll go bad. Provided you don’t mind taking the time to log everything, you can have complete awareness of the freshness of your food. Also, might as well use it as an excuse to clean out your refrigerator while you’re in there.

The Fridge app comes from Steven Masuch of Zanopan Design Corporation and is available to purchase for $1.99 at the iTunes store.

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This Website Calculates the Calories in the Fruits & Vegetables You’re Juicing



The toughest thing about juicing, other than cleanup, is keeping track of how much fruit and veggies you’re throwing into the machine. Sure, it’s easy to go nuts with it, but in the end, it could do you more harm than good if you don’t keep tabs of what you’re juicing. Especially with the sugar content.

The website Simply Smarter Juicing is a pretty nifty tool that gives folks the nutritional information of various fruits and vegetables most commonly used when juicing. Some of the foods included (along with some health facts) are apples, carrots, strawberries, spinach and ginger. All one has to do is drag the individual ingredients over into a slot. The animated juicer starts shaking and boom, instant nutritional facts. The site also creates a customized recipe based on your ingredients scaling the portions to fit the juice. It also suggests other juice recipes based on your choices.

Now if only there was a site that counted the caloric content of breakfast pizzas.

Picthx Simply Smarter Juicing


Mini Beer-Battered Veggie Corn Dogs


Recipe: Cooking Stoned


These Animated Images of MRI-Scanned Fruits & Vegetables Are Hypnotizing

Sometimes, there can be nothing more magically terrifying than watching an MRI. The haunting images of an inside-look at your brain makes you question what’s going on in that head of yours. So if the human brain is interesting enough to view or hours, what other organic material could translate well through an MRI? Maybe my lunch.

The images below were taken by MRI technologist Andy Ellison. Using a Philips 3 Tesla MRI from the Boston University Medical School, Ellison took a close, intimate look at every day produce. The results, as you can see, are pretty damn breathtaking.
























Picthx Inside Insides


Take Your Food to bed With These Cuddly Oversized Produce Pillows


Yes, that is a giant carrot and yes it is indeed a body pillow. Sure, it’s a little weird but admit it, you’re into it. This Giant Carrot Body Pillow aka “4 Foot Stuffed Carrot for Loneliness” as its creator calls it, is being sold on Etsy by Jumbo Jibbles. Just as the name suggests this gigantic carrot is made for your comfort.

Do you still long for the carrot that got away? Its earthy smell and soft, fluttery leaves? When you were together, you felt so grounded. It was a healthy relationship. But now it is over.

The pillow is made with orange fleece stuffed with polyester fibers and bean bag filler so it’s soft enough to hug while it molds to your body. If you want to tone down the creepy factor that comes with spooning a giant carrot, the pillow can also be used as an Easter prop for an equally giant bunny. From leaf to tip the carrot measures 6 feet tall making it the perfect bedtime buddy.

If veggies aren’t your thing, Jumbo Jibbles also offers oversized fruit pillows including a somewhat questionable looking giant kiwi pillow…I’ll just leave this here:

kiwi pillow

Giant Carrot Body Pillow, $88 @ Etsy


In Case You Missed It: Porn Sex vs Real Sex, As Told by Food


WARNING: If you have just eaten, are eating now, or ever plan to eat again, you may want to put this reddit vid on hold. Particularly if your preferred food stuffs include, but are not limited to: guava, papaya, strawberries, apples, leafy greens, pancakes, Nutella, champagne, whipped cream, and, of course, bananas.

Also, gentlemen, you may want to skip seconds 0:08-0:12 altogether. You’ve been warned.

Anyway, now that all that unpleasantness is out of the way, onto the good stuff! Namely sex. But not porn sex. Because that is different from the real thing, as this short, uncomfortable (possible euphemism? Who knows?) video from KB Creative Lab tries to explain. Why they chose to use food, we’ll never know. All I know is that I’ll never again be able to enjoy a banana-Nutella sandwich ever again.

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End Your Rotten Luck: ‘Food Huggers’ Keep Leftover Fruits & Veggies Fresh


Spoiled veggies got you down? Well that rotten luck is a thing of a past with Food Huggers.

Besides having a cute name, this kickstarter funded product does just that and literally hugs your chopped produce, forming a tight seal to prevent your favorite veg from rotting. They also double as the perfect can covers and help keep your veggie odors from spreading in your fridge, because onion milk isn’t cool kids.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 8.51.27 PM

These nifty little dodads come in a variety of shapes so you can safely keep kiwis to onions to grapefruits. Already surpassing their original $26,000 goal with nearly $100,000 raised, creators Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicolas will also be creating Avocado Huggers as part of their stretch goal. These specialized Food Huggers help keep your avocados protected from the air so they won’t turn that nasty brown color.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.04.29 PM

For a more in-depth look at Food Huggers check out their video here.

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