5 Hacks To Perfect Your Oven-Roasted Vegetables

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Oven-roasted [insert your favorite vegetables here] are easy, healthy and oh-so-good! But if your vegetables have burnt edges (or turn out limp), read on to learn how to perfect this popular dish.

We love oven roasted vegetables! When cooked correctly, they’re sweet and tender, and you can use them for almost anything: power bowls, soups, salads or as a simple side dish. But if your vegetables tend to turn out limp, oily, burnt or undercooked, you might be making one of the mistakes below.

Don’t worry, though—each one has a super easy fix!

1. You’re Overcrowding the Pan

Even as a professional chef, I find myself cramming vegetables onto a single sheet pan to avoid dirtying up a second one. If the pan is packed too tightly, the vegetables will steam instead of caramelizing. The result is sad, limp, less-than-flavorful vegetables.

The solution: Give your vegetables some room to breathe. Arrange the veggies in a single layer, keeping at least a quarter inch of space between them. This may mean using a second sheet pan if you’re meal prepping or cooking for a crowd. But, trust us: washing that extra dish is worth it.

2. The Oven Temp Is Too Low

You might be tempted to turn the oven down if you’ve ever burned a batch of roasted vegetables, but we’d advise resisting that temptation. A low-and-slow cooking technique is excellent for vegetables like carrots, beets or potatoes that you plan to puree into soup. But, they’ll turn out soft and soggy instead of crispy and caramelized.

The solution: Turn the oven temperature up to 400°F to 425°F. The high heat will quickly coax out all those naturally sweet flavors while keeping the vegetable tender-crisp. Everything will be golden brown and delicious!

3. Everything Cooks Unevenly

Do you find that some of your vegetables are burnt while others are still undercooked in the center? Since smaller pieces cook faster than larger pieces, your vegetables will cook unevenly if they’re all different sizes.

The solution: No matter what cut you settle on—sliced, diced or chopped—make sure everything is roughly the same size. This is especially important if you’re mixing different veggies together to create a sheet pan supper.

4. You’re Using Too Much (Or Too Little) Oil

Too much oil and your veggies will turn out soggy and dense. But skimp on that oil and those vegetables will be too dry. Luckily, it’s easy to find Goldilocks’ just right amount.

The solution: Before hitting the sheet pan, place the vegetables in a large bowl and add a tablespoon of oil. (Which oil is best? You get to decide!) Give them a quick toss and add an extra tablespoon if everything isn’t fully coated. Then, transfer the veggies to the sheet pan using your hands, leaving any excess oil at the bottom of the bowl.

5. Some Vegetables Always Burn!

Okay, here’s where the frustrating part kicks in: You’re doing everything right, but some of your vegetables are still burning before others cook all the way through. It’s possible the fault lies with your oven. The easiest way to know for sure? Pick up an inexpensive oven thermometer (as it turns out, my oven runs 25 degrees under and it’s hotter in one of the corners).

The solution: Once you know how your oven handles its temps, it’s as easy as rotating the pans and flipping the vegetables halfway through. In addition to turning the sheet pan all the way around, I like to swap the pans if I’m cooking on two racks. Then, use a spatula to move the vegetables around. Make sure they settle back into a single layer, or you’ll accidentally overcrowd!

Learn more about our top secrets for roasting perfect vegetables, every time.

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Article by Lindsay D. Mattison for Taste of Home. View the original article here.

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Cup Noodles Doubles Down On Veggies In Their Latest Flavor

If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter studying for a tough exam, or worked into the early morning hours on an important project for work, you already know that Cup Noodles is the perfect companion to satisfy your hunger when time is of the essence.   

After unveiling a new recipe last year with 15% percent less sodium, no added MSG, no artificial flavors, and the same great taste, Cup Noodles continues to innovate their products in tastier ways fans love. This year, they’ve yet again revolutionized the concept of noodles in a cup in a very veggie way by adding a full serving of veggies**.

Cup Noodles has yet again revolutionized the concept of noodles in a cup, and is changing the game in a very veggie way.

Now, your favorite Cup Noodles flavors, like chicken, beef and spicy chicken, are packed with vegetables like broccoli, green beans, edamame, carrots, corn, and more. With this introduction, Cup Noodles Very Veggie is the first noodle cup on the market with a full-serving of vegetables.

Adding more vegetables to this affordable meal is something Leslie Mohr, Vice President of Marketing of Nissin Foods USA, said has been a long time goal for the company.

“We believe in listening to our consumers, and following our recipe change last year, the number one consumer request was more vegetables — so that’s what we’ve done,” Mohr said.

“We’ve taken our beloved Cup Noodles product and kept the noodle amount the same – we’ve just added more vegetables! We all know we need to be eating more vegetables, and we’re thrilled to be rolling out a product that allows consumers to do that easily.”

Cup Noodle fans can now find Cup Noodle Very Veggie at Albertson’s/Safeway, 7-Eleven, Food Lion, Shoprite, BJ’s and 99 Cents Only stores. So be sure to stock up, and slurp away!

***One package of Cup Noodles Very Veggie contains ¼ cup dehydrated vegetables, and when prepared in accordance with package directions provides 1 serving of vegetables (1/2 cup equivalent).

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Original Cup Noodles


10 Things To Grill This Summer That Aren’t Meat

Summer is creeping up on us faster than a cell phone salesman at the mall kiosk and we’re going to have to figure out what to cook once we fire up those grills.

While burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and chicken are always a safe bet, sometimes guests will want something a little more than just meat.

We dug around and found 10 different things you can throw on the grill that doesn’t require any meat. Happy grilling, everyone!


Photo: Bush’s BBQ Boot Camp

Yeah, you could steam your veggies and they’ll probably be slightly healthier for you. OR you could throw them on a white-hot grill and get a satisfying char to them as smoke and fire come together to create one hell of a vegetable dish.

A little lemon juice and salt also goes a long way here, BTW.


Grilled corn is a pretty big staple when it comes to barbecue. The ears cook until about half of the kernels are browned and blackened. Then you just allow a pat of butter to melt directly onto the surface.

Growing up in a Vietnamese household, we were also partial to this green onion oil that we would just slather onto grilled corn. It was divine.


If you’re a fan of wood-fired pizza, you can actually create a makeshift wood-fire oven with your grill. If you’re worried about your pizza dough melting through the grate, however, YouTuber DaveHax came up with a solution to keep this from happening.

Simply take a cupcake tin and let your pizza sit on top of it as you grill. The dough should hold steady and the prevent any spillage. The result: a nice and smokey pizza deserving of your tastebuds.


A post shared by Laouida Pratt (@weezygy) on

Even though a thick mushroom cap can’t compare to a juicy cut of steak, it’s still a pretty decent alternative to meat. You can grill up a bunch of small white button mushrooms or a few slices of portobello at once.

Once they’re browned, drizzle a little olive oil on top with a tiny pinch of salt and you’re ready to cut into these aromatic fungi.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

They don’t call it grilled cheese for nothing. While the majority of the world makes their grilled cheese straight up on the stove top, culinary guru Alton Brown actually grills his grilled cheese.

While a tedious process for such a simple dish, Brown claims this will drastically improve your cheese sandwich. Check out the video above to see a step-by-step rundown.


Need a meatless substitute to get your protein fix? Slice up some tofu bricks and light them up. Just make sure to properly grease your grate, or your tofu will end up a sticky mess. Keep it cooking until it’s nicely charred and brown. The crispy exterior will add a nice texture that complements the soft interior of the tofu.


Avocados are one of the most addicting fruits around. We can throw them on pretty much anything and it’ll taste better. Recently, we had the pleasure of tasting oakwood-smoked avocados and it was one of the best variations of the fruit we’ve had the pleasure of putting into our mouths. If you don’t have the equipment and patience to smoke an avocado, however, grilling it may be the next best thing.

Chile Relleno

Photo: Bush’s BBQ Boot Camp

A different take on the classic chile relleno: simply mix together some corn, beans, peppers, and cilantro inside a hollowed out chile. Before adding the stuffing, char your pepper a bit to give it some flavor. Now you can fill it with your medley of ingredients and some cheese on top.

Toss it on the grill just long enough for your cheese to melt, encompassing your beans and peppers. It tastes pretty damn good.

Watermelon Slices

As a quick and easy palette cleaners in between all the heavy BBQ items this summer, you can toss a few slices of watermelon directly onto the grill. You’ll only want them on long enough to get a nice sear and a smokey flavor. Sprinkle a little sea salt on your melon and enjoy a refreshing bite.


Looking for something a little sweet to close out your backyard BBQ? A while back, Foodbeast came up with three different desserts that could be made directly on any grill. We’ve got banana boat s’mores, chocolate churro quesadillas, and strawberry shortcake kebabs.

Check out the video to see how we whipped up these desserts.

Cravings Culture Humor Technology Video

How To Make Thanksgiving Dinner With A Drone [HUMOR]

A drone has many uses when it comes to capturing breathtaking video and images, but did you know that the robotic flying machine can also help you prepare Thanksgiving dinner?

Autel Robotics released a hilarious commercial that shows how to practically use a drone to cook Thanksgiving dinner. In the video, it’s used for various tasks like peeling potatoes, beating eggs, whipping various foods, and flying some holiday meat into a deep fryer.

Obviously, the results weren’t the most appetizing. In fact, it was a downright disaster.

The video highlights end with the fact that their new X-Star Premium model was meant to capture stunning 4K Ultra HD footage rather than slaving away in the kitchen. You can buy the drone for $699 online.

Seriously, drone owners. Do not try this at home.

Art Health

10 Of The Top Vegetarian-friendly Cities In The World

There are plenty of places for meat-eaters to bite into when traveling the world, that’s for sure. Though if you’re a vegetarian looking to go on an adventure with your closest carnivorous buds, you’re probably stuck scrambling and scrolling through Yelp trying to find some greens in this mad, meaty world.

Luckily, Travel Supermarket created this infographic that shows where the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the world are. Compiling data from hundreds of customers’ reviews around the world, the colorful table lists the top ten cities that are home to the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

The graphic covers the percentage of 4-5 star restaurant reviews, the number of vegetarian options compared to the city’s population, and overall average ratings. The chart even throws in a few restaurant recommendations for you to try out.

World-traveling vegetarians, behold your bucket list.


Infographic Reveals Brain Foods That Will Make You Brilliant, And Why


There’s a ton of food out there that’s said to boost your brain power. Your mom might serve you a dinner of salmon the night before a test, or you might devour a bowl of fruit before a big presentation.

BlueBrainBoost crated a Brain Food Pyramid that highlights every food that will help improve your brain. Naturally, the fruits and veggies are the clearest solution to boosting your brain. Then, it’s proteins and other smaller bites.

The pyramid details all the major foods that help improve your body overall and details the effects of each item. It also sections off the ones you should eat the most of from the ones you should eat the least of. Y’know, like a regular food pyramid.

Check out the awesome infographic below and start prioritizing you brain food.


Photo: Brain ProTips


Lean Up Your Breakfast With These Beef And Egg Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Bored with the everyday breakfast burrito? There’s a cooler (and sexier) alternative: Kyle Marcoux’s Grilled & Stuffed Beef Poblano Peppers. This ingeniously impressive recipe consists of protein-packed lean beef and eggs, fried veggies, and spicy seasonings to put some pep in your step. And, all these goodies are conveniently contained within a plump fire-grilled Poblano pepper, making for one gorgeous and 100 percent edible package. Don’t be shy—get to the grillin’ so you can get to the stuffin’ (your face, that is)!

Make sure not to sleep on our other beefy, breakfast recipes in our series including this recipe for Chimichurri Green Eggs & Steak, and these Breakfast Pockets filled to the brim with ground beef, onions mushrooms, eggs and cheese.

Beefy Breakfast Pablano

Grilled & Stuffed Beef Poblano Peppers

Serves 4

Total Recipe Time: 50 minutes

1 lb. Ground Beef (93% lean or leaner)

4 medium poblano peppers

1/4 cup diced onion

1/4 cup sliced mushrooms

4 oz low fat cream cheese

4 eggs

Salt and pepper

Hot Sauce (optional)

1. Roast the poblano peppers over an open flame until the skin becomes charred. Remove from flame and let them cool.

2. While the peppers cool, cook the Ground Beef, onions and mushrooms in a frying pan. Strain off any fat, and season with salt and pepper.

3. Lightly scrape off the charred skin from the poblano peppers with a spoon. Cut a small slit down the middle of one side of the pepper. Be careful and try not to cut through the pepper as you will be filling the pepper up!

4. Fill each pepper with equal portions of the cooked beef and veggie combo. Put 1 oz of cream cheese in each of the peppers and wrap them all in tin foil. Return to the grill for 10 minutes on low.

5. While the peppers are cooking, scramble your eggs. Remove the peppers open up the slit, and stuff your eggs inside. Top with a small pinch of pepper, or a dash of your favorite hot sauce to kick it up!

Recipes created in partnership with Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. Funded by the Beef Checkoff. 


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