GQ Just Crowned The Best Burger In The World, And It’s A Veggie Burger

Maybe the people over at GQ have all been dabbling with intense hallucinogens, or perhaps they haven’t had a real burger in a while. Or maybe…just maybe…they’re legitimately onto something here.

Gentlemen’s Quarterly, more commonly referred to as GQ, has walked out on a limb with this one in the eyes of American burger connoisseurs, most of which are not within reach of the burger. They have just announced that the best burger in the world is a…drum roll please…vegetarian burger! Kind of crazy, right? That’s similar to saying Caitlyn Jenner is the bravest woman in America: some people will agree, but the majority will think you’re batshit crazy.

However, the decision has received overwhelming support from vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike who have tried it. So WTF is in it you ask? Unfortunately, nobody is too sure.

Brooks Headley, the former hardcore punk drummer and current owner and operator of Superiority Burger in the East Village in New York City, has been hush-hush on the exact ingredients of the patty, divulging only the fact that it has nuts (in all likelihood so that nobody dies from an allergy, what a nice guy) and some grains. Everything else is a mystery, especially since Headley is constantly tinkering with it in order to perfect an almost perfect burger.

Headley, who is a self-proclaimed carnivore, says that he didn’t create this burger for health reasons, but did so to create a vegetarian burger that, simply put, doesn’t taste like cardboard dick.

As an enormous fan of cheeseburgers, I can honestly say that I’ve maybe…just maybe…had one solid veggie burger in the history of my life. So the fact that Superiority Burger doesn’t have a single negative review on it’s main page on Yelp legitimately blows my mind. One reviewer only gave it two stars, but even he admitted that it was only because the burger is too expensive and has nothing to do with the taste. The burger is $6, get over yourself, Yelp guy.

However in Yelp guy’s defense, the burger does weigh in as a featherweight fighter, being referred to as a “slider” by many of the 300 sq ft restaurant’s returning patrons and first time customers.

Still, vegetarian burger being given the title of “Best Burger.” That’s gotta mean something, right?

Image Source: Eat This NY, Grub Street, NY Times


Bloody, Medium Rare Veggie Burgers Now Exist


A wise man once told me, “All vegans try to do is make their shitty food look like it’s regular food.” Those words of wisdom hold true in this specific instance, as “Impossible Foods” has created a veggie burger that closely resembles a beef burger.

The startup company calls it the “Impossible Cheeseburger,” and one of the keys to its realistic look is the incorporation of vegetable blood. Well, it’s called heme, a molecule that comes from the roots of certain plants and produces a deep red coloring.

The heme allows the vegan-based burger to have a medium rare look which was one of the last steps in their ultimate goal of creating a veggie burger that both looks and tastes like a beef burger.

Impossible Foods has received funding from both Bill Gates and Google to the tune of $75 million.

Eat up, vegetarians. Taste the delicious, bloody fruits of their labor.

H/T Grubstreet, PicThx Impossible Foods


[ADVENTURE] Red Mill Burgers – Seattle, WA

Red Mill Burgers Sign

I had the chance to see what the Pacific Northwest had to offer, and I did not refuse! When I asked for the best Seattle had to offer, FOODBEAST friend and Seattle-Native Koichi immediately took us to Red Mill Burgers for a lunch that brought us a comatose sleep soon after.

We ended up eating lunner around 2-3 PM, and there was STILL a line out the door. And with only two locations opened in 1994 and 1998, the line definitely displayed the staying power of the concise franchise. I had the opportunity to order the biggest burger on the menu: The Double Bacon Deluxe w/ Cheese. And while the title of the burger doesn’t immediately stun, the burger did.

Red Mill Burger Ketchup

The crew ended up ordering more delicious burgers, hand battered onion rings and a great shake to dip the fries. Check out all the pictures in the gallery!

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Lisa Simpson Veggie Burger

Easily one of my favorite burger artists of all time, Char.L.Ton has given us yet another fun burger to gush at. This veggie burger, donning several different colored cheeses spanning two buns, comes together to form the iconic Lisa Simpson cartoon character. Funny…if you had to catch Lisa Simpson eating a burger, it definitely would be a veggie one.


Adventure: BOMBURGER (Huntington Beach, CA)

A few days ago my friend Marina and I decided to try out the new burger joint, Bomburger, in downtown Huntington Beach. Their burgers are sure to drop bombs on all our appetites. I was definitely satisfied with the taste, check out the rest of the post to find out how explosive these burgers are.


Pic of the Day: Bulgur Veggie Burger with Lime Mayonnaise

‘Most veggie burgers must have self-esteem issues, since they’re always pretending to be something they’re not. But this bulgur burger doesn’t try to hide it’s meatless nature and instead celebrate its grain-centric origins with wonderful texture and a hint of Middle Eastern spice. Add some earthy portabella mushrooms, some hearty kasha, and a fiery dollop of chipotle mayonnaise makes this burger even more irresistible’.