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How These Food Storage Tips Can Save You Money

Avocados, man.

One blink and their Kermit-green hue has turned into a muddy brown. We can thank Ethylene for this one, a natural gas that fruits and vegetables emit which speeds up the ripening process. This leads surrounding produce to rot at a rapid pace.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Americans waste up to 40% of their food, meaning a whopping $165 billion is thrown away each year.  This is partially caused by failing to appropriately store produce in the kitchen. Remember those bananas you bought yesterday? Well they’re probably as good as banana bread by now.

Not to be the kitchen cop, but these three storage tricks will help you put a halt to wasted fruits and veggies. Watch this video to learn how you can avoid turning your kitchen into a landfill.


These Enormous Salads from Pizza Hut China Were the Height of Human Engineering


Behold: towering structures of cucumbers, corn and peaches tottering on a single bowl, courtesy of Pizza Hut. This, dear readers, is the height of human engineering. 

Pizza Huts in China are either take-out or pseudo-upscale, sit-down restaurants that offer steak. According to Kotaku, the latter also used to offer salad bars that invited customers to make their own DIY starter, with one catch: You only got one plate and one visit to the bar.

Knowing this, people began to get creative, stacking on the croutons and lettuce to make magnificent, gigantic vegetable structures. This quickly became the thing to do at Pizza Hut, with an entire method and art behind the process.

Eventually, Pizza Hut caught on and in 2009, the company announced that it was removing salad bars from its 440 locations in China. This spurred on a frenzy of tower-making creativity before they eliminated the feature. Here are a few pics capturing the phenomenon:



While  Kotaku‘s Beijing-based writer Eric Jou claims that there are still salad bars in his area, they are unfortunately void of any salad towers. Still, in case you wanted to learn from one of the best, here’s a how-to video:

Peek more salad architecture here.

H/T + PicThx Kotaku