This Bacon-Scented Spray is the Perfect Vegan Repellent


If there’s one thing we know about the smell of bacon, it’s that everyone loves the smell of bacon. In fact, if you ever meet someone who claims not to love the smell of bacon, chances are they’re possessed by evil vegans not someone you want to be around anyway . . . which is why this bacon-scented spray freshener from the scent-savvy folks over at McPhee is so perfect.

The next time a hemp-clad hipster in a PETA hat tries to make you feel bad about your food choices, just send a single squirt of this stuff their way and they’ll run for the hills — leaving you to happily enjoy your bacon-wrapped hamburger in harmony. And if it repels vegans, you bet your bacon-scented buttocks that it attracts like-minded carnivores. Spraying this stuff basically guarantees that you’ll be surrounded by people who love bacon just as much as you do, which sounds a lot like our version of a perfect world.

Bacon Spray Freshener $7.57 @ McPhee


Here’s a Graph That Shows What Vegans Talk About [HUMOR]



In a satirical effort to visualize what vegans talk about on a daily basis, creative agency Column Five has put together a graphic that defines the daily diatribe traditionally spewing from a vegan’s voice box.

To the vegans out there, don’t get too bent out of shape. According to recent figures, it looks like nearly 1 percent of Americans are following a vegan or vegetarian diet and tastemakers like James Cameron have already crossed over to a life without dairy and meat. Chances are you’ll live a bit longer than the meat eaters too, so take the funny infographic-jabs in stride. It’ll all be over soon!