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Eddie Huang Goes Vegan Amidst Amazon Rainforest Crisis

Photo: May S. Young on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Incase you’re living under a rock or somewhere off the grid like Tibet, you’ve probably heard that the Amazon rainforest has been on fire for over three weeks. In a time where climate change is a hot button issue, this news should alarm you.  The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, covering over 5.5 million square kilometers and producing more than 20% of all oxygen. To give you an idea of how significant 20% is, the Amazon is referred to as our planet’s lungs.  Suffice to say, it plays a major role in the fight against climate change.

There have been a reported 72,843 fires in the rainforest this year, the highest rate since Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) began tracking them in 2013. What’s really crazy about all of this is the fact that news outlets only began reporting on the fire this past Wednesday. Word of the fire set the internet ablaze as news spread throughout social media, with news outlets receiving heavy scrutiny for the three-week coverage delay.  

Photo: Unknown on Pxhere, CC0 1.0

Thankfully, information on how you can help is now reaching the masses. In addition to speaking out, one celebrity is taking it a step further in an effort to show solidarity. Announcing that he is going vegan in response to the environmental crisis, writer, host, chef and restaurateur Eddie Huang had this to say:

“After watching videos of the Amazon on fire this week, I’ve decided that this corned beef I ate at Junior’s last week will be the last piece of beef I ever eat,” he wrote on Instagram. 

As a famed restaurateur and former host of Vice’s HBO show “Huang’s World,” Huang is no stranger to eating meat. He continued, “[I love food] but I don’t love what food tv and more importantly what food has become in our culture: a drug.”

With a newfound beef with beef, he explained further, “I’m going to go vegan because it takes 20 times less land to feed a vegan than a meat eater and over 90% of the land cleared in the amazon rainforest since 1970 is used for grazing livestock, but if all of us just stopped eating BEEF it would solve huge problems.”

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After watching videos of the Amazon on fire this week, Ive decided that this corned beef I ate at Junior’s last week will be the last piece of beef I ever eat. I love beef, I love ox tails, I love Peter Luger’s, I loved growing up in a steak house cutting NY Strip on xanax. It was soothing but beef is fucking us. Actually, we are fucking ourselves on multiple levels and we need to make changes. Im going to go vegan because it takes 20 times less land to feed a vegan than a meat eater and over 90% of the land cleared in the amazon rainforest since 1970 is used for grazing livestock, but if all of us just stopped eating BEEF it would solve huge problems. Eat fish, eat chicken, eat pork until the next crisis but if all u can do now is quit beef, please do it. I know a lot of ass backwards people think vegetarianism or veganism is some uppity white girl thing to do but its not. There have been Asian Buddhist Vegetarians for thousands of years, Ital Rasta, Hindu as well, this is not some new age thing to laugh at. We are getting back to roots, healing the Earth, and ourselves. Ive eaten my last bite of meat. I wish I had planned this better and ate my mom’s ox tail soup but fuck it. There really isnt time to waste. Some things have to start today. I started to get these feelings shooting the last season of Huang’s World and fasted for 5 days because my producer David’s mom said I looked sick. She was right. The 5 days not eating fundamentally changed me and I shot the second half of the season while intermittent fasting. Ive made a lot of food videos because I love food but more than anything because food was fertile ground for exploring difference, but I dont love what food tv and more importantly what food has become in our culture: a drug. I had a really rough 2018- early 2019, got high and just ate myself to sleep watching Harry Potter a lot lol but Im getting back on my shit. Take a moment, think about it, and reexamine your relationship with food because it’ll make the Earth and ourselves very very sick if we keep abusing it.

A post shared by Eddie Huang (@mreddiehuang) on

Whether or not he sticks to his guns and truly switches to vegan, the stance alone is a powerful one. Oftentimes it takes celebrities speaking out to inspire action on a large scale and Huang’s actions are certainly commendable. You definitely don’t need to go vegan in order to help, but everyone should feel inspired to do something. It can be as simple as sharing a post. Let’s hope climate awareness continues to grow as the world comes together to save the Amazon. 

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Smithfield Foods Enters the Plant-Based Race

Plant-based meat alternatives are on the rise with a new contender entering the ring almost daily. It’s been a pleasure trying out these new alternatives and experiencing the similarities and differences. The latest contender is Smithfield Foods and they’re wasting no time in making their intentions known by announcing a “plant-based portfolio” called Pure Farmland. This portfolio features an array of plant-based options suitable for every meal throughout the day. Alternatives include burger patties, meatballs, breakfast patties, and protein starters. They are soy-based, made with natural flavors, gluten/soy-free, and entirely crafted in the United States. 

Pure Farmland is catered to the “flexitarian” diet which is becoming more common as people are learning about plant-based alternatives. They chose soy protein over pea protein, which many brands use, because studies show that 59% of consumers prefer soy to pea protein’s 41%. John Pauley, Chief Commercial Officer for Smithfield Foods had this to say:

“We’ve been exploring the alternative protein space, and have taken our time to get it right. With this launch, we are bringing together our expertise in creating market-leading food products, our organizational commitment to sustainability, and our deep understanding of ‘flexitarian’ consumers, to deliver a broad variety of flavorful plant-based protein choices that consumers want and can afford at a great value.”

To further cement their mission towards offering quality protein products in an environmentally responsible way, Pure Farmland’s packaging is made of 50% recyclable material. They are also proud partners of The Farmland Trust, a national conservation organization dedicated to protecting farmland. You can find Pure Farmland’s products located in refrigerated sections of your local grocery store beginning mid-September.

The Katchup

Here’s Why PETA Uses ‘Shock Tactics’ To Freak You Out

No one enjoys being called a murderer or likes being shown images of goats being beaten to produce milk, but PETA has never had a problem with those approaches in delineating their message, and has a reputation for such shocking campaign tactics. Hell, who can forget the “Don’t swallow, ditch dairy,” campaign where they depicted a woman with a face full of, um, bodily fluid.

These guerilla tactics are very much done consciously, and it is something PETA feels is necessary to bring attention to their animal-friendly mission.

PETA Media Director Ben Williamson joined The Katchup podcast, Thursday, and explained these “shock tactics,” and why they are done.

“We have to shake people up and wake them out of their comfort zone, just so they have this conversation,” Williamson said. “That’s what PETA has done for many years, and has been very successful.”

Williamson told The Katchup that in order to compete with major corporations, sometimes they have to shock the system.

From veganism becoming ever popular to their old school fur campaigns, their ways of getting their message across may feel questionable, but they’ve certainly been effective in getting people to talk about them.

And that’s exactly what they want.

“We are probably imperfect, but we see the situation as too urgent, too dire,” Williamson said.

The Katchup’s Geoff Kutnick asked Williamson about PETA being opportunistic and taking advantage of the news such as immigrant children being put in cages, and equating it to the treatment of animals. (12:12 in the podcast)

Williamson responded by saying it is all done in the name of grabbing people’s attention, and often fighting fire with fire:

“It is hard to reach people, as we all know. We could stand on street corners and hand people vegan recipes, but how many people is that ultimately going to change? PETA’s creative teams use sex, shock tactics, they use controversial methods ’cause we’re competing with wealthy corporations.”

While the podcast got a little tense with these topics, it was interesting to hear straight from someone at PETA why they believe all these maneuvers are necessary.

The Katchup conversation also gave insight on common PETA myths and stigma, such as them throwing paint on fur, and general conversations on how vegan food has evolved over the years.

For the full Katchup podcast, click here, and subscribe for more food conversations you will not find anywhere else.

Celebrity Grub Humor

Stone Cold Tried Vegan Food For The First Time, And His Experience Was Gold

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a legendary professional wrestler best known for flipping people off, drinking beer, and taking down Donald Trump. He is a part of a lot millennial childhoods, as a generation of even casual wrestling fans remember the bald-headed, foul-mouthed redneck.

When you think about Stone Cold, you probably don’t immediately think, “vegan,” but his wife is actually vegetarian, and finally convinced him to try a vegan restaurant.

On  Austin’s most recent Broken Skull Ranch podcast he detailed his first vegan experience,and believe it or not, the “Texas Rattlesnake” actually enjoyed the meatless dinner. From buffalo cauliflower, to a “goatless” Greek salad, Austin said it was all “pretty got dang good.”

He detailed his dinner experience as only Stone Cold could, and it was pretty hilarious, as you can imagine.

For one, he didn’t know that there would be zero meat options at the vegan restaurant. I know you’re thinking why in the hell would he think they’d have meat? But his reasoning was reasonable. He thought since most standard restaurants have a few vegetarian options on the menu, a vegan would have a few meat options for non-vegans.

That’s not how veganism works, unfortunately.

Then came a dish suggestion with plantains, and Austin had no idea what a plantain was. In a panic, Austin used his WWE impromptu skills and told the waiter, dead in the eye:

“I’m a plantain activist, and I do not believe in the harming of plantains.”

As ridiculous as that sounds, Austin said the waiter actually apologized for even suggesting a plantain-based dish.

The former WWE Champion was clearly out of his element, but thankfully he found some IPAs at the bar that he enjoyed, and he was back in his comfort zone.

Stone Cold doesn’t seem to venture out much in the food and drink world, which was evident the first time he tried “girly” cocktails, but damn, it’s amazing when he does.

I could watch or listen to Austin experience new food all damn day, and that’s the bottom line…

Hit-Or-Miss Opinion

This Woman Seriously Just Compared The Vegan Struggle To The Holocaust

I’d like to think this girl’s YouTube channel is satirical, and she’s not serious, but nothing makes sense in the world these days. There’s a terrifying chance that this woman actually believes the nonsense she’s spewing out.

Could not eating meat actually be affecting her mental health, because she seriously compared veganism to the holocaust and slavery. I’d like to think we can mostly all agree that that’s bullsh*t, right?

Our country’s in a fragile state right now, so I just want some reassurance that I’m not weird for thinking this girl’s bat sh*t crazy.

Sorsha Morava has a YouTube blog where she gives some vegan recipes, talks about her vegan lifestyle, and says meat-eaters support the holocaust.

Morava draws you in with her purposely cleavage-filled thumbnail photos, and outlandish video titles, and right when you think she might explain herself with a valid point, she ends up just putting down others for the sake of animal love:

“It simply means that the same exact oppression that happened during slavery, is happening this very second… When you consume animal products, you’re supporting exploitation, torture, rape, enslavement, and slaughter,” she said in her video titled, ‘I’m a racist privileged vegan bitch.’


Nope. You DO NOT get to make a point by showing someone being hanged next to a pig.

You do not have to highlight another people’s oppression in such a disgusting way to get your point across.

If you want to say that we are equal to animals and swear by it at the top of your lungs, that’s fine, but it is unnecessary to bunch it together with the historical struggles of others.


I’m being extremely nice about this, too, and trying to understand her point of view. Her videos could easily be ripped to shreds in a harsher way, but I’m trying to take the emotion out of this, and calmly point out the blatant lack of compassion for her fellow man.

What’s the point? You want to convince people that your belief is right, but you do so by hurting others, defeating the purpose of trying to preach kindness to all beings. Congratulations, you played yourself.

Then she goes on to say that Hitler modeled the Holocaust after the meat industry, so of course, it means that meat-eaters support the Holocaust.

It’s a great way to get page views, but again, what are you really achieving?

By her logic, since Pamela Anderson is vegan, that means all vegans support the making of shitty TV shows. If you don’t want to support the making of shitty TV shows, eat some meat, please.

I’m done with this world.


Gratuitous Food Porn: Vegan Edition

Gratiutious Food Porn Vegan Header
The vegan lifestyle has become crazy popular in recent years with proponents advocating it as “kind” lifestyle. With restrictions on animal products of all kinds it seems crazy to a carnivore like myself that sustaining a vegan diet could be possible, I mean c’mon, you can’t even have cheese. What kind of life is that? After much deliberation and a considerable amount of time searching through vegan food blogs I managed to round up alternative recipes that even I would eat. Some of these recipes sound so delicious that you might not even miss the meat or dairy. Maybe. Let’s not get too crazy. Either way this post goes out to the vegans out there livin’ that kind life and helping to save those animals one meal at a time.


Mac & Cheeze

Mac and Cheeze
Mac and Cheese without the cheese. Isn’t that just Mac then?

Recipe: Vegan Yum Yum


Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup

Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup
The “cream” is really cashews soaked in water. Apparently it’s the same thing as milk. Kinda.

Recipe: Joy the Baker


Sushi Roll Edamame Salad

sushi roll salad

Basically a sushi roll that’s been unrolled, chopped up and thrown together minus the fish and topped with Foodbeast’s favorite condiment, Sriracha.

Recipe: Shutterbean


Vegan Big Mac

vegan vegetarian big mac recipe
Yes, even vegans sometimes miss the taste of an American classic, a McDonalds Big Mac. Revamped with some vegan friendly substitutions including American “cheese” this seems like a suitable alternative. Or you could just break down and get a real one. Your call.

Recipe: Veggieful


Spaghetti No-s With Mini Lentil Meatballs

Spaghetti Nos
For your inner child that used to eat meat this is the 100% animal product free version of that canned classic you know and love.

Recipe: The Post Punk Kitchen


Bulgogi Steak-less Sandwich

Tofu marinated in Asian flavors, sliced thin and dressed up to look like beef in this Korean sandwich.

Recipe: Manifest Vegan


Mexican Pizza

Vegan Pizza
Seitan chorizo and soy cheese are used to mock traditional toppings on this fiesta pizza.

Recipe: Vegan Good Things


Grilled Mac ‘n’ Cheese BLT

Mac and cheese blt_resized
Vegan or not if I hear the words “mac and cheese” in the same sentence as “BLT” chances are I’m about it.

Recipe: Vegan Yack Attack


Raw Molten Lava Cake With Goji Berries

Raw Chocolate Vegan Molten Lava Cakes

Completely raw and vegan these impressive no bake chocolate lava cakes have all the frills and thrills of the real thing, including the chocolate oozing out of the middle. *drool*

Recipe: This Rawsome Vegan Life


Peanut Butter Cup Pie

Another no-bake dessert that brings together the sinfully delicious combo of peanut butter and chocolate into a vegan friendly dessert.

Recipe: Lunch Box Bunch


Peaches and Cream Donuts

Peach donuts topped in a dairy free vanilla glaze and garnished in chopped pistachios. Vegans might have the right idea if these is the kind of sweets they’re turning out.

Recipe: Keepin It Kind

Humor Leads the Wave of Hilarious ‘F*CK YOU’ Gangster Veganism

Let’s be completely real with ourselves, educating ourselves on healthy and delicious foods has never been “gangster” or “cool.”

In August of 2012, a Tumblr blog by the name of Thug Kitchen launched its first blog post, a hilarious image (see below) that uses some real hip-hop, “fuck you” type dialogue to talk health…and it caught on with the underbelly of the Internet, like wildfire. If you ever had the inclination that being Vegan wasn’t “gangster,”  (guilty as charged), this might just change your entire perception on respecting fruits and vegetables.

ThugKitchen’s Facebook presence continues to grow, with 121,000+ fans and counting at the time of this post.

Here’s one of my favorites from ThugKitchen as they talk about “tiny ass fucking tomatoes” protecting you from “dick cancer”:


…and then they went on to give people a recipe for “Agua Fuckin Fresca” in exchange for putting down “that soda shit” :


Oh yeah, and did you know that Strawberries are a “holy fucking hand grenade against cancer cells“? How about Avocado’s being “nature’s butter”? Learn:









Celebrity Grub

Ne-Yo’s New Year Resolution: ‘I’m gonna try to go Vegan’

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions? Eating better and more healthily — which, for some, means going on a new diet.

And it seems that singer Ne-Yo is definitely in that camp.

On New Year’s Eve, the star took to the Twitterverse to announce that he would shun all animal byproducts and go vegan.

“What’s everybody’s New Year’s resolution? I’m gonna try to go Vegan. Discipline test. NOT looking forward to it. Wish me luck!!” he wrote.

And he’s not the only one. This R&B crooner will be joining the ranks of other famous vegans, including former President Bill Clinton, comedian Ellen DeGeneres, singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and rockstar Ozzy Osbourne. Maybe these other celebs can give him a few tricks on how to stay vegan for the rest of the year!

H/T Foodista