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A Vegan Fast Food Chain Just Launched Their Version Of The Shamrock Shake

Viral sensation Monty’s Good Burger has been growing rapidly. Called a “vegan In-N-Out” by many, the LA-based burger shop has recently gone from plant-based icon to an official chain, with their second location opening up in Riverside, California.

Monty’s is also continuing to innovate their menu, with the most recent addition being a limited-time tribute to the iconic Shamrock Shake.

Photo courtesy of Monty’s Good Burger

The all-vegan shake has a mint flavor, and comes topped with a plant-based whipped cream and cookie topping. With the exception of an added chocolate drizzle, it looks pretty similar to the OG Shamrock you can find at McDonald’s around this time.

Monty’s creations do come at a slightly higher price, so you’re looking at dropping $7 to secure yourself this shake. They’ve proven themselves as a specialist in vegan indulgence, though, so those looking for a plant-based recreation of the legendary Shamrock Shake should find this worthy.

You can find the Vegan Shamrock Shake at both of Monty’s Good Burger locations in Los Angeles and Riverside, CA.