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Pizza Hut Addresses Rumors That It’s Adding Vegan Cheese To Its US Locations

Pizza Hut has addressed rumors about adding vegan cheese to all of its locations nationwide in a statement given to Foodbeast.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

The story began with the Vegan Herald, who first reported on an apparent e-mail exchange they had with the pizza giant. They announced that Pizza Hut had stated that they plan to have vegan cheese available in all locations across the USA this summer, with a target date set for August. Following that report, plant-based news sites across the internet ran similar stories on their own pages.

It certainly would have been a monumental move for the plant-based fast food movement. While vegan cheese is already available at chains like Blaze Pizza and Pieology, Pizza Hut would have easily become the biggest ‘za chain in the country to add their own plant-based variety. Since they already have it as a permanent option in the UK, it also is in line with what the company has been doing.

However, Pizza Hut shut down those rumors in a statement, telling Foodbeast that “while we’re proud of our dedicated vegan menu in the UK, the report is inaccurate and we have no plans at this time to carry vegan cheese at our US locations.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean Pizza Hut wouldn’t consider utilizing a vegan cheese in the US sometime soon. Considering how well plant-based foods are doing for chains like Burger King and Carl’s Jr., it also makes sense for somebody like Pizza Hut to be the next to enter that space.

Either way, it’s eyes front on Pizza Hut to see if and when they will ever bring a plant-based cheese substitute to the United States.

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The Best Vegan Replicas Of Animal Products You Can Buy, According To A Meat Eater

I’m certainly not vegan by trade, and have consumed many steaks, nuggets, what have you in my lifetime. However, I’ve also tasted a ton of what’s out there in terms of plant-based alternatives that claim to be substitutes to animal products.

To be frank, some plant-based meats are just downright dreadful to taste, but there are a tastemaking geniuses out there putting together solid replicas to the OG food. In some cases, you could be bold enough to say that it tastes just like the original.

If you are looking to move away of meat, but still yearn for its familiar taste, texture, and aroma, these products are the best way to do it.

Best Burger Patty Replica – Impossible Burger 2.0


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The original Impossible Patty was already pretty close to beef, but their 2.0 version is the best replica of beef in the burger world. The 2.0 is even better in terms of beefy flavor, doesn’t have much of an aftertaste, and comes with an improved formula that delivers on micronutrients like iron. I seriously can’t wait for this to drop in grocery stores, because when it does, it’s going to change how we all buy “beef” as we know it.

Best Fried Chicken Replica – Gardein 7 Grain Crispy Tenders

When it comes to vegan fried chicken products, it’s hard to pick a favorite. A lot of different brands have solid flavors to back them up, and deliver on texture as well. What makes the Gardein tenders stand out, though, is the breading. It tastes like it has more seasoning and aroma behind it than KFC’s famous batter, giving it a strong edge over the rest of the market. The texture isn’t identical to that of chicken, sure, but when it comes to chicken tender replicas, nothing comes close, from a flavor perspective.

Best Egg Replica – Follow Your Heart


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There are really only two competitors in the vegan egg space: JUST Egg and Follow Your Heart. JUST is a great scrambled egg substitute, but it doesn’t have the product versatility that Follow Your Heart’s vegan egg powder does. It’s a little more complicated to set up, as it requires hydrating prior to using, however, the applications it excels in are numerous. I’ve used it to make everything from carbonara-style pasta sauces, to shortbread cookies.

Best Ricotta Cheese Replica – Kite Hill


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Kite Hill’s ricotta cheese impresses in that it mimics the function of ricotta to perfection, something that’s hard to pull off. Ricotta isn’t really a cheese that melts, but it is perfect as the base for lasagnas, cannelloni, stuffing for pancakes, etc. Kite Hill’s product can accomplish all of that easily, making it a great plant-based alternative for those not quite ready to give up some of their Italian favorites.

Best Fish Replica – Gardein


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Fish is one of the trickiest animals to replicate in plant-based form, mostly because of its aroma. While no current vegan product in stores can replicate it, Gardein comes closest in terms of texture, appearance, and taste. This will probably be the best alternative until Impossible Foods comes out with its plant-based fish, which it is rumored to have already cracked the code in terms of flavor.

Best Sliced/Shredded Cheese Replica – Follow Your Heart


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The biggest problem with vegan cheese is that most of it struggles or completely fails to melt, however, Follow Your Heart’s varieties come closest, as seen in the above video. Their American and Pepper Jack slices can retain a somewhat gooey texture and have solid flavor, and the Parmesan actually helps make dishes more creamy rather than just dissolving into a pasta or risotto.

Best Milk Replica – Oatly


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Shoutout to The Boba Guys for exposing how good oat milk can be. In terms of creaminess, no other plant milk can really stack up. It has a neutral flavor that makes it ideal for just about any application, savory or sweet. There’s a reason this brand is virtually always sold out in stores and impossible to track down. Silk has an alternative that just came out if you’re looking for oat milks and can’t get hold of this gold standard.

Best Sausage Replica – Morningstar Farms


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Morningstar Farms is a long-running brand in the world of plant-based products, and their breakfast sausage patties are a big reason for that. They deliver on salty and savory flavor while having a texture akin to that of cooked sausage meat. I’ve been consuming these since I was a kid, and love them just as much as regular breakfast sausage (which I’m a huge fan of). My personal favorite way to eat them? With soy sauce and rice.

Best Shrimp Replica – New Wave Foods


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Vegan shrimp is a new arena companies are starting to innovate in, and the closest reproduction so far comes from New Wave Foods. Their plant-based shrimp is made from algae, and while it still has some grittiness to address from a texture standpoint, its sweetness and flavor are almost exactly to that of shrimp. Their fried shrimp product is spot-on in all regards, and makes for a great substitute for those looking for a vegan shrimp solution.

Best Yogurt Replica – Kite Hill


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Kite Hill impresses in the cultured dairy category, and their almond milk yogurts are no exception. They are arguably just as creamy and tangy as a standard cup of yogurt, and can come in a variety of flavors as well. It’s also a double-health bonus since you also get the probiotics used to culture Kite Hill’s signature, and it’s already ubiquitous enough that you can find it many stores nationwide. Out of all of the plant-based substitutes out there, this is the one you’re most likely to find, and should definitely pick up.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Grocery Store Claps Back After Angry Customer Goes On Anti-Vegan Cheese Rant

Certain people get triggered when vegans name their alternative meals after familiar, non-vegan products. They get all pissy about “vegan burgers,” “vegan chicken nuggets” and even “vegan cheese.”

A customer at a British grocery store called Sainsbury’s got really upset after seeing a new vegan cheese alternative being introduced to the store. The commenter went on a rant, talking about how cheese is made from milk, not coconut, and the vegan version should not be called “cheese” at all. The customer then said it should be called “Gary, or something,” anything but cheese.

With that brilliant naming strategy in mind, Sainsbury’s clapped back, by advertising its new cheese-like vegan product. Now the store is selling some high quality, all-coconut vegan Gary.

It seems to be catching on, as there’s even a Facebook page called, “It’s not vegan cheese, It’s Gary.”


There you go, random customer. You wanted the store to stop calling it cheese, so now vegans can enjoy their own “Gary” or something.

h/t distractify