Nothing Screams Romance More Than Mining From A Chocolate Mountain


For those sweating over Valentine’s Day plans, here’s a sweet idea. A department store in Japan is offering couples the chance to mine their own chocolate from a mountain made of the cocoa confectionary.

RocketNews 24 reports that the Isetan department store in Shinjuku Japan is offering a Valentine’s Day promotion where lovers can chip away at a miniature mountain range made entirely of chocolate.

Imagine feeling like a kaju with low blood sugar standing next to this wondrous beauty.

A single glass bottle of chocolate you mine will run you about 1,500 yen ($13 US). Not a bad price for a whimsical activity.

It’ll definitely something we’d remember doing years later.

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Sadly, the chocolate mountain special ends the day after Valentine’s. Wonder what they’ll do with all that chocolate if they can’t get rid of it?

We might have a few suggestions.

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Chocolate Ramen Just Became A Thing In Japan And We’re Drooling


We’re HUGE fans of combining saltiness with the the rich sweetness of chocolate. This includes chocolate-covered potato chips and more recently Japan’s McDonald’s fries drowned in chocolate sauce. Now, a ramen joint in Japan has unveiled another innovative dish: Chocolate Ramen.

RocketNews24 got a sneak preview of ramen chain Mensho‘s upcoming bowl of chocolate ramen. The Tokyo-based ramen spot is set to debut the new dish beginning Feb. 1.

Made with a soy broth, the base is infused with chocolate. The dish itself is then topped with more chocolate that dissolves as the meal progresses. The combination of sweet and salty is akin to how Mexican mole sauce combines sweet and spicy. It works magically.

Sources from RocketNews say that the best way to go at this dish is to mix the chunks into the broth to get a sharp and clean flavor.

The dish will only be available from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14, designed as a Valentine’s Day promotion.

Photo: RocketNews24


The 6 Craziest Food Stories Of The Week [THE KATCHUP]

Welcome to the Foodbeast Weekly Katchup! If you’ve been busy doing your job and doing your duty as a productive member of society, then this is for you.

Another week has passed on this big, weird, beautiful blue ball we call earth, and with it, a variety of odd, wild and amazing things YOU humans have accomplished in the food world.

Take a look at the video above to see Foodbeast’s take on all these wacky shenanigans.

1. Starbucks Valentine’s Day Frappuccinos


One bored Starbuck’s barista made these beautiful Frappuccinos, and we can’t thank him enough! These fun-to-look-at beverages come in Love Bean, Valentine and Java Bean flavors. Nothing says “I love you” to a loved one more than a colorful Frappuccino.

2. Cinnamon Bun Oreos


Oreo blew our minds this week with their new Cinnamon Bun Oreo flavor. Admittedly, those colors look funky coming out of an Oreo package, but we know not to judge a cookie by its cover. These bad boys are about to take our taste buds for a joyride.

3. Trader Joe’s Mini Sugar Churros



Everybody loves a good churro, but nobody goes crazy for all the preservatives and other junk found in them. So Trader Joe’s went out and worked tirelessly to bring these mouth-watering bite-sized treats to the front of the line, and nobody is mad about it.


4. Punchy Taco Bell Exec Sues Uber Driver


Once again, Taco Bell douchebag extraordinaire Ben Golden ends up in the news, only this time, HE’S the one suing THE DRIVER. Crazy, right? Here’s to hoping that the poor Uber driver involved in this story walks away with a W!


5. How To Have Anal Sex Explained By Fruits


Everybody wonders about anal sex from time to time, but is anyone ever brave enough to ask the necessary questions? Well, the brilliant minds over at Simple Pickup have found a fun, colorful and still slightly off-putting way to teach viewers the in’s and out’s (pun definitely intended) of anal sex.


6. Hexagonal Beer Pong Cups

Beer pong will never be the same again! Two former mechanical engineers decided to take their beer pong game to the next level when they came up with this crazy shit, and you can bet your ass we’re on board! Let’s see what these bad boys can do!

Fast Food

Get Your Girlfriend This Whataburger Ketchup Bundle For Valentines Day If You Want To Break Up

Whataburger Ketchup Bundle Valentines DayGents, just in case you need any last minute gift ideas for Valentines Day, this post shouldn’t help at all. Whataburger, the Texas-headquartered hamburger chain with 750 locations in 10 states, announced that the Whataburger Ketchup Lover’s Bundle is available for purchase though its website and includes a 20-ounce bottle of Whataburger Fancy Ketchup, Ketchup Blanket, Ketchup T-Shirt, Ketchup Mouse Pad and a Ketchup Reusable Grocery Bag. I’m not only impressed by the sheer amount of ketchup items in one bag (who knew?), but more importantly the fact that I was able to use Ketchup in a sentence six times. Personal record. Here are the pros and cons of getting this for your significant other.


CON: Everything is Based on A CONdiment

What’s the best way to say I love you? By telling your girlfriend that you know how much she likes to eat. And specifically that she likes to eat so much she’s willing to sport it on five everyday items. Either she’s going to break up with you or keep you abstinent for years.

CON: Not Boys II Men or Brian McKnight CONcert Tickets

Hopefully you don’t have a girlfriend that’s expecting chocolate, roses, a $$$$ Yelp dinner, and a Boys II Men concert opened by Brian McKnight. But just in case you do, this lover’s bundle probably shouldn’t be the gift opening OR closing your night. As much as I’ve dreamed about wearing my Whataburger Fancy Ketchup T-Shirt while singing Although we’ve come, to the END OF THE ROAD, I realize I may be in the minority. But still I can’t let go. It’s unnatural. You belong to me Ketchup. And I will always belong to you.

PRO & CON: Ketchup Stain-PROof Products

Why is the blanket, t-shirt and mouse pad red? For Valentines Day? NOPE. Because it matches the Ketchup Bottle?! Probably, but here’s the best reason: because you can spill ketchup all over these items and they look better. Eating the six french fries at your desk because you ate the rest on the car ride? That mouse pad sure looks like a good place to place to squeeze your ketchup. You’ll be able to eat fries and greasify your keyboard without leaving your desk. And if your girlfriend wasn’t completely offended by the initial surprise of this ketchup lover’s bundle, she might be when she figures out you gave her the ketchup-slob-proof t-shirt and blanket.

PRO: Not A PROmise Ring

You’ve seen the gleam in her eye. But you’re unsure if the gleam was from the reflection of diamonds from the jewelry store window or if it was the portal to her soul hoping for an eternal future with you. Sure, you tried to lure her away from the window by offering to purchase a chocolate-covered candy apple. But it didn’t work. And now you have to get her something. I’m sure this Ketchup Bundle will almost mean as much. And Whataburger offers free ground shipping? Where do you sign?

PRO: Keeps Her Standards Low, PRObably

She already knows that you’re nothing like the guys from the movies. But with this gift you can ensure that all you’ll need for the next Valentines Day is a package of mustard related products. Rotating condiment gifts? A lot cheaper than jewelry. Bonus: your fridge will be stocked.




23 Valentine’s Food Fails That Will Never Get Re-Pinned on Pinterest


Some of us are lucky enough to date modern-day Casanovas, guys or gals who remember every inside joke we’ve shared or have even memorized our favorite brownie recipes. Everyone else . . . let’s just focus on the positives, shall we? As anyone who has attempted any pretty Pinterest craft knows, even the most loving, most thoughtful boyfriend or girlfriend’s best intentions can oftentimes melt into an indistinguishable quagmire of burnt “chocolate.”

So we poked around for some of the best Valentine’s and couples-themed food fails to help remind us all that this weekend, well, it’s the thought that counts.


This No-I-Love-You-S’More


PicThx Buzzfeed


This Heart-Melting Surprise


PicThx Buzzfeed


This Boo Who Remembered Red Velvet is Your Favorite


PicThx Epic Pinterest Fail


This Suzy-Homemaker Who Forgot How Cupcakes Work


PicThx Mal’s Food Porn


This Fan of Anatomical Correctness


PicThx Epic Pinterest Fail


This Un-Berry-Bly Cheesy Romantic


PicThx Squamish Baby


This Squishy Risk-Taker


PicThx Pinterest Fail


This Guy Who Was Hoping You’d Get All Choked Up


PicThx Craft Fail


And Then There’s This Asshole


PicThx Two Blue Fish


This Mushy Sweetheart


PicThx Clever Housewife


This Boyfriend Who Understands All a Girl Needs is Rice Krispies and Norman Reedus


PicThx gooobyplss


This Bacon Lover Who Just Can’t Keep It Together Around You


PicThx Pinterest Fail


This Brownie Lover Who’s All Bent Out of Shape


PicThx Domestic Superhero


This Big Softie-On-The-Inside


PicThx Wendy Nielsen


This . . . Whatever This Is


PicThx Pinterest Fail


This Boob


PicThx Pink Texas Chick


This Aussie at Heart


Because  . .  . it looks like a boomerang?

Picthx Cara Lee 83


This Jumbo Kinder Surprise Egg Maker


PicThx imgur


This Girl Who Definitely Doesn’t Have It Covered


PicThx Healthy Way to Cook


This Gamer Who’s Just Playing on Super Low-Res


PicThx Healthy Way to Cook


This . . . Whatever This Is Pt. 2


PixThx Healthy Way to Cook


This Orc Spawn


PicThx Craft Fail


This Drunken Iron Chef


PicThx Pleated Jeans


(Full disclosure: not all of these are confirmed to have been made for Valentine’s, but don’t pretend you didn’t still go “aww!”)


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: BOGO Any Drink for Valentine’s Day


Here’s a fast food Valentine’s Day deal you might actually enjoy/won’t make you look like the worst boy or girlfriend in the world. (McDonald’s for Valentine’s? Really?)

On Friday, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is cashing in on all the couple-themed lovin’ by offering a buy one get one free deal for any drink on the menu. Go splitsies with your boo or best gal friend, or simply shower some extra affection on your absolute favorite person in the world: you.

The offer is only applicable Friday, February 14.

CB&TL + U = <3 5EVA

Fast Food

Lotteria Releases Chocolate and Honey Mustard Burger for Valentine’s Day


For pairing with their chocolate dipping sauce fries, Japanese fast food chain Lotteria is launching the totally eyebrow-raising but kinda-sorta incredible-sounding “Chocolate and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken” burger, starting February 6.

According to the press release, the burger features a grilled chicken thigh patty, daubed with Lotte-Ghana milk chocolate sauce and spicy French and grain mustard with honey. We’re hoping it tastes something like a sweeter mole poblano, though we wouldn’t be totally mad at a burger that just tastes like chocolate. ‘Tis the season, after all.

H/T Kotaku + Picthx Lotteria


Do Valentine’s Day Right with This DIY Mini Alcohol Bottle Bouquet


The quickest way to ruin a 90’s kids’ day is to remind them of all the subliminal subtext in their favorite childhood cartoons. The reason only Angelica could understand the babies? They were just her imagination. That weird hooker toy in the first Toy Story movie? Oh God, why. Chemical X in the Powerpuff Girls? Totally meant alcohol!

Which is partially why this mini alcohol bottle bouquet is so dang cute. When images of a similar arrangement made its way round the interwebs early last year, the whole display, while creative, was sadly still missing something. A feminine touch, if you will. Like sparkles. Or Malibu.

But this version, made for my friend’s 21st birthday by her boyfriend and best friend, is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. Just set styrofoam at the bottom of the basket, tape some alcohol to sticks and decorate to desired frilliness. This Valentine’s Day, give your girl a gift she’s sure to enjoy. Quite possibly, for hours longer than she should.

H/T + Picthx justinerio