World’s Smallest Chopsticks Transforms Into a Pen


How handy would it be to have a pair of chopsticks with you at all times for everyday situations? Sushi falling out of the sky? Boom. Chopsticks. A chow mien truck tips over? Chopsticks. Yuan Design has come up with an upgraded version of the classic chopstick concept of two wooden sticks with relatively equal length.

The design, called PenstiX, allows the metal pair to be hidden in a compact metal rod with a cap. Assembling it together, it looks like nothing more than an ordinary pen. You could literally carry them with you at all times.The “pen cap” once disassembled, acts as a chopstick holder allowing them to avoid touching a grimy table surface. They’re also reusable and easy to clean.


I’ve heard of many novelty chopsticks that claim to be the world’s smallest, but I kind of actually believe this one. Not too ridiculously small where they would be useless but small enough to carry around. Currently, PenstiX is sourcing funding at Indiegogo with a $38 donation being the minimum to receive a pair.

To quote Dirk Diggler in a recent blockbuster movie, “I don’t think it’s a pen at all! I think we found a Transformer.”

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Skull-Shaped Spoon is a Macabre Way to Count Calories


Skull-shaped Pancakes? Sure. Skull-shaped eggs? Definitely. Skull-shaped spoon? Take. My. Money. Right. Now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the utensil that finally has me pulling out my wallet is here. I present to you, the Sugar Skull Spoon. Created by design company Hundred Million, this morbid item on Kickstarter is meant to “gently remind you sugar is evil each time you make a tea or coffee.” Not to mention that it trumps all the other boring spoons in your kitchen.

Despite the holes for the skull’s eyes and nose, the spoon’s concave design allows you to take big scoops. This will no doubt cause your friends to be both impressed by your seeming defiance of physics and jealous for looking so damn stylish.

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Picnic Backpack Guarantees First Date Success


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about damn time we stepped our first date game up. Dinner at your go-to Italian restaurant isn’t going to make her swoon and watching Fast and the Furious 273 isn’t going to make him tumble head over heels.

No, it’s time to take things to the next level with the Picnic Backpack.

The canvas pack comes decked out with plates, goblets, utensils, cloth napkins, and a cozy blanket for you and your date to cuddle under. There’s a detachable wine cooler on the side for pinot noir or some bubbly, plus a large insulated compartment to keep your food cool.

Of course, the impressive part comes in the attention to detail, as the backpack also includes salt and pepper shakers, a wooden cutting board and a corkscrew (which you know how elusive those can be).

So, next time you’re trying to impress, invite your date to a modern-day picnic. Break out the wine and cheese plates, then follow it up with a steak dinner while soaking in Mother Nature. Might as well do it proper the first time around.


As you can see, we got ours personalized. Swag.






Picnic Backpack, $80 @Red Envelope


Spaghetti Fork, because Kids Have First World Problems Too

Spaghetti Fork

You know what stinks? When you’re ready to down a heaping bowl of spaghetti and it’s near impossible to slurp up the stuff with just a fork. Ugh, say it ain’t so! Well we have a reason to fret no more carb fans, because the Rolognese Spaghetti Fork exists.

Made by Donkey Products over in Germany, this genius utensil has a simple yet effective crank handle that helps eaters of wiggly pasta easily spin their forks. And you know what that means? More delicious ‘sketti eatin’.

Spaghetti Fork

While this product is featured in the hands of an adorable munchkin, let’s be real — us adults need the extra spaghetti help just as much as kiddos.

Rolognese Spaghetti Fork, $12.79 @Donkey Products

H/T Kid Crave + PicThx Donkey Products


Extending Freeloader Spork

If you’re the kind of individual who always under orders when you go out to eat just so you can nibble off other peoples’ plates, you are a certified freeloader. Don’t worry, you’re not being completely frowned upon here. In fact, we’ve just been brought up to speed on this 21″ extending Freeloader Spork. Now it doesn’t matter what type of consistency you’re freeloading into, this fork-spoon combo, plus the 21″ extendable reach, is just enough utensil for even the most tricky of foods you didn’t pay for. ($9.95 @ ArchieMcPhee)


Amber Bone Hobo Knife

Perfect for camping…or small hipster picnics. We’re looking at the Amber Bone Hobo Knife, a product of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., an ambidextrous pocket utility that’s seemingly fashioned after a pocket knife with three major utilities: fork, cut (knife) and spoon. Is your eating game ready to be stepped up this many levels? ($140 @ BlackBirdBallard)