These USB-Powered S’mores Slippers Will Toast Your Feet


Slippers can play an essential role in your morning rituals. If it’s a cold one, slip into a pair and keep your feet nice and toasty until you’re ready to start your day. What better way to represent something toasty than a pair of s’mores slippers.

Sold at Smoko, the whimsical foot warmers are designed to look like the popular campfire treat. This includes the a smiling graham cracker, melted chocolate and masrhmallow core.

The slippers come with a USB cable that allows them to be heated if it ever gets too cold.

h/t Design Taxi

Fast Food

This KFC Keyboard From Japan is Real and We Want One Immediately


As part of a Kentucky Fried Chicken promotion, KFC Japan is offering this adorably ridiculous must-have fried chicken keyboard.

The brand is pushing their Twitter followers to tweet about the product using the hashtag #KFC, most likely to promote fried chicken awareness. They’ll then select one lucky individual to receive the keyboard, a fried chicken mouse and a fried chicken USB. Yep, as far as everyone knows only one exists.


While nothing more than a PR tactic, the keyboard and computer accessories are the pinnacle of fast-food novelty gifts. No word yet on whether or not this campaign will only be available to Japanese citizens. However, we are more than prepared to spam the Twitterverse until we get our hands on said fried chicken keyboard and accessories.


H/T Kotaku


This USB Powered Microwave Will Heat Up Your Sad Desk Lunch


Sad desk lunchers, there is a ray of sunshine on the horizon. Gone are the days of cold leftovers, soggy sandwiches, and soup heated up in the company microwave that’s only lukewarm because Jane from the cubicle next door kept giving you the stink-eye. Luckily, someone dreamed up a desktop microwave, and we need one ASAP.

Designed by Steve Gates, a London-based designer, the “Brainwave” is intended to help people focus on their work by eliminating a trip to the company mess hall. But for those of us who simply want a hot meal, it’s a great, compact way to heat up your leftovers.


Even better, the microwave is powered through a USB, so all you have to do is plug in to your computer, grab a napkin and get ready to chow down. The microwave recognizes the size of a frozen meal placed inside, and will heat it at the right level for the appropriate time. At the moment, the Brainwave is still in its ambiguous concept phase. No word yet on whether you can put a sandwich, some soup, or mom’s lasagna in there, but we’re definitely willing to give it a try.


H/T Behance


Here’s a Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet That Doubles as a USB Drive

OK, so the title is misleading…this Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet doesn’t actually dispense any real hot sauce, it’s just a wonderfully crafted USB drive. The drive, given to us during a recent visit to Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, is one of the neatest USB-accessories we’ve seen in recent memory.

It joins the ranks of the awesome Magnum Ice Cream Bar USB Drive, and the sauce packet even comes with a self-aware message inscribed on the front urging “Let’s go for a drive.”

Smooth move Taco Bell, real smooth. This bad boy fits 2 gigs, not quite the capacity we’d write home about (considering its size hanging from my keychain), but I’ll give Taco Bell the slight benefit that they’re not a tech company, and considering their primary focus is tacos and burritos, this USB drive is a welcome promo product.

As far as we know, these drives were made for promo and marketing, but I’m sure if you Taco Bell and USB fans (I know a few) caused enough ruckus, someone from their company will hear.

Here’s a look:


USB Heated Lunch Box

As the weather outside gets colder, so does your food inside your lunchbox, and despite it’s name being chili, it’s actually meant to be served at reasonably high temperatures. There’s no point in trying to combat the cold with food succumbs the the cold weather before lunch. Thankfully, you can keep your lunch nice and toasty at the office by plugging this bad boy into your computer. Utilizing the electricity from your local USB, this lunchbox will keep its contents nice and warm. It seems like where there’s a USB port, there’s a way. ($61 @ Japan Trend Shop)


USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

Here’s the situation. You’re a nerd. You’re at a party. The hottest girl in the mix comes up to you and asks you for a bottle opener. You pat yourself down for what seems like 20 minutes, only to come back to reality with nothing but a hand full of pocket lint and a portable USB drive.


USB Cup Cooler and Heater

Are you tied to a desk for a majority of your day? Are you a fan of flaunting your laziness or extreme utility-maximizing products? This GreenHouse USB Cup Warmer & Cooler might be the right product for you. Plugs into any USB port, and quickly switches between warm or cool settings. Designed with portability in mind, the item is small and comes straight from the minds in Japan. Don’t let that coffee get cold before it was meant to, and don’t let the chill escape that margarita you’re sippin’ on during business hours. Thirsty? ($45.99 @ AudioCubes)


USB Burger Warmer Mouse Pad

This USB Burger Warmer Mouse Pad is perfect for those times when you gotta use your mouse, but you don’t know how to take your hand your hand out of your pocket or out of your glove without it turning into icicles. This warmer + mouse pad combo is USB powered, weighs about 108 grams and is approximately 230 x 230 mm. Completely plug and play, without an driver installation. Available for $13.00 at Brando Workshops!