Fast Food

U.S. Marshal Arrested For Allegedly Pulling A Gun On A McDonald’s Employee



A U.S. Marshal was arrested early Saturday morning near a Brooklyn McDonald’s after allegedly pulling a gun on an employee over some overdue fast food.

According to Gothamist, 30-year-old Charles Brown got into a heated argument with a 25-year-old employee about the wait for his meal. Allegedly, Brown angrily left the restaurant, pulled out a gun, and pointed the weapon at an employee from the outside of the McDonald’s.

Police found Brown about a block away with a loaded .40-caliber pistol. He is being charged with menacing, a licensed firearm transgression, and harassment.

The U.S. Marshal appeared in court and was released without bail and the U.S. Marshal Service is currently looking into Brown’s employment status. As a result of the incident, Brown is required to stay away from the McDonald’s location.