Chinese Man Claims Drinking His Own Urine For 23 Years Has Saved Him From Sickness


There is an active group in Mainland China that believes in the healing power of pee. Members of the organization drink a supposedly “healthy” dose of their own urine as part of their daily pee-drinking sessions.

Established in Hong Kong back in 2008, the China Urine Therapy Association is bound by the belief that drinking urine leads to longer life and better health with claims that it is also an effective cure for cancer.

According to the group’s website, their belief in the powerful benefits of drinking urine comes from the understanding that the fluid comes from the circulation of blood which absorbs nutrients in food and is therefore a “genuine metabolic product.”

“Urine comes from blood. Its chemical components come from blood and equal those of blood. The urine from a healthy person is sterile,” the website reads.

The thriving group, which claims to have an active membership of 1,000 people, is unfortunately not officially recognized by China’s Ministry of Health.

An old man from Chengdu, who was identified as the group’s chief managing director, revealed In an interview with Chengdu Economic Daily (via Shanghaiist) how obsessed he is with drinking piss.

“It’s been 23 years. I’ve been drinking urine since I was 48. Urine can cure all illnesses, like back problems, emphysema and farsightedness,” he said. He further stated that his daughter almost disavowed him after learning of his obsession.


The chief’s daily routine shows that his “urine regimen” might be bordering on addiction.

Waking up around 5 to 6 a.m. every day, his first order of business includes drinking a concoction of water and a kilo of monk fruit that he prepared into a porcelain jar the night before

He starts drinking large amounts of pee at certain intervals only after 5 p.m.

“I drink 500 to 1,000 ml of urine five to six times a day,” he said. Drinking too little water, he said his pee gets a more sour taste.

His fascination with his pungent beverage began way back, in 1993, when he purchased a book about the subject after a urine therapy campaign arrived in his neighborhood. The information he learned from the book enlightened him to start drinking his own pee.

In just three months of pee-drinking, he claims that his eyesight became better and he no longer needed to wear glasses when playing mahjong. He also claims that the urine therapy has made him a healthier man.

Unfortunately, the curative effects of human urine have never been officially backed by science as there has not been any medical or scientific data to support urine’s medicinal value.

Interestingly, however, while the practice has been widely regarded as pseudo-science by scientists, there have also been popular celebrities across the globe who have also embraced a pee-drinking habit.

British actress Sarah Miles claimed to have drunk her own urine for over thirty years to protect herself from allergies. Mixed martial arts fighter Lyoto Machida and Boxer Juan Manuel Márquez have also been vocal about their love for the yellow liquid.

Written by Ryan General || NextShark


Spoiled Rich Russian Kid Offers Strangers Money To Drink His Pee Or Get Naked

Meet Grigory Mamurin. He’s the 16-year-old grandson of Igor Neklyudov, a Russian multimillionaire property developer and media magnate.

Recently, Grigory has been getting massive scrutiny online for uploading a video on YouTube where he pays people to perform humiliating acts on camera. In the video above, Grigory goes up to strangers offering between 10,000 and 15,000 roubles (roughly $204 – $307) to drink a glass of his own urine. He also got a woman to strip down to her thong in public for roughly $300.

At one point in the video, one bystander got so offended at Grigory’s offer that he punched him in the face.

In the end, Grigory bought two jars of caviar for about $47 and proceeded to film three homeless men eating it.

Naturally, the video drew a lot of criticism online. However, Grigory defended his video by saying that he was trying to prove what society “is ready to do for the sake of money”.

In a statement through a personal press officer, Grigory said:

“I don’t understand why people are so negative about me. We have seen similar shows on MTV, various practical jokes. I can say that every fourth person agreed to do something crazy like this. The video is genuine. I should have been at least Spielberg to stage something like this. I don’t want to prove anything to anybody. I did not expect it to become such an online bomb. But it did work. My granddad got to know and father and mother. I should say they do not approve of it. But they don’t stop me. I can go on with this project. This is a rule in our family – even if you do not approve of something, you must respect what the others do.”

Grigory says that he didn’t notify his parents about the project and insists that he didn’t spend their money making it.

“Of course, originally this is their money but this is also my savings. I got the money from my parents for my birthdays and saved quite a lot. It is also a joint project, the money of my friends is here too. It is not like Granddad, give me 100,000 roubles and I will make people drink urine. He promised a follow-up in which ‘a girl who agreed to lick the bottom of his boot from one end to the other for 10,000 roubles. I do not criticize these people. I think each of them has problems which makes them do this. We don’t know what we would have done if we had had the same problems. If to talk about me – I don’t think I was ever in a situation when I would drink urine.”

Spoken like a true spoiled rich kid.

Article written by Sebastian Dillon of Next Shark || Source: DailyMail


Virgin-Boy Urine Soaked Eggs are a Springtime Delicacy in Dongyang, China

Virgin-boy urine soaked eggs?! We’re not quite sure what to think about this one on so many levels…To the western palate a dish like this seems almost unimaginable. There’s a very strange process that goes into making these eggs that involves soaking and cooking eggs in urine from boys, preferably under the age of 10. And how does one go about getting all this prized urine? Apparently they collect buckets of them from primary school bathrooms!

According to tradition, these eggs are believed to decrease body heat and promote better blood circulation. Although there’s no proof, the delicacy seems to be so popular that the government has considered them an intangible cultural heritage. Curious about how they taste? Many claim them to be “fresh and salty.” Yum…