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This New Foodie Clothing Line Just Might Be The Most Punny of Them All

Once upon a time, fashion and food were in two entirely different business lanes. The only people who bought restaurant-related shirts with only a logo plastered on the front were tourists who visited In-N-Out for the first time and realized how superior it is to all other burgers (Don’t @ me).

But ever since McDonald’s launched their first official clothing line back in 2015 and had consumers climbing all over each other for the exclusive apparel, other food companies have taken a page out of their book. Cheetos, KFC, and Taco Bell have all followed the business model of producing limited-time only apparel, and have all been equally met with interest and praise from the public.

Sure, exclusivity has a huge part of how well these clothing items are selling, but another big aspect of it is that, well, they actually look good. Instead of just throwing a logo on the shirt and calling it a day, designers have really worked to create something that’s not only creative and inclusive, but also wearable in public.

Now if you crave something that incorporates food, fashion, and even music into the mix, look no further, That Food Cray !!! has you covered.

What first started off as an Instagram account centered around food and hip-hop, That Food Cray !!!  has now evolved into a community where people can find all things food-related, including delicious recipes and guides to the best eats around the world.

So when That Food Cray !!! dropped their first season of clothing, cleverly named “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” it was only right that they represented what they started from and where they are now. The line features five graphic shirts and a tote bag that flips some of your favorite lyrics with the help of a series of hand-drawn designs.

You may recognize some of the popular lyrics from Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West cheekily made into punny graphic tees like “Bish Butter Have My Money” and “1-800-Hotcake-Bling.” There’s even an adorable tee that couples will love that takes on John Legend’s romantic lyrics of “All Of Me” into “Cause Olive Me Loves Olive You.” Food and love? Sounds like #relationshipgoals to us.

Exclusively sold at Urban Outfitters, you may want to grab a piece of this collection before they sell out.



Too Cool: Urban Outfitters Opening First In-Store Coffee Bar


Things we wish we could erase from our collective consciousness: cronuts, Miley Cyrus’s tongue, the word hipster (see also: 20-something and millennial). You could download the new Chrome extension that swaps out every appearance of the word with “my internalized misconception of the youth,” or you could pray this in-store Urban Outfitters coffeehouse goes nationwide. We might never have to see another hipster internalized misconception again.


Sneaking into the lower level of an UO location in (where else?) Manhattan, right next to the lomo cameras and Banksy books, the purported cold brew-swiller will open its Pinterest-ready-doors next Monday, reports New York blog Sprudge. They’ve partnered with Wisconsin’s Kickapoo Coffee Roasters to roll out a whole line of espressos, hot coffees, cold-brews, drips, and specialty pastries, all compiled by a dedicated barista staff – so no one need worry about any misguided temps mixing up their Costa Rican Blends with their Argentinian.


With any luck, all the internalized misconceptions out there will soon realize Urban Outfitters has become a swankier Wal-Mart, complete with all the clothes, trinkets and nourishment any aspiring-anything will ever need — and just move in there. Will the streets feel considerably less pretentious and considerably less well-dressed? Probably. But at least we can stop making awful hipster jokes.

H/T Grubstreet + PicThx Sprudge


Tegan and Quinoa: Whole Foods Now Selling Vinyl Records In Store


Why do hipsters do anything? Why do they buy record players when they already have iPhones? Why do they wear t-shirts for books they’ve never read and bands they’ve never even heard of? We could keep asking forever, but we’re also willing to bet if we had that much excess disposable income, we’d probably be just as nauseatingly #cultured too.

Following the footsteps as such other hipster bait retailers as Urban Outfitters and Starbucks, Whole Foods has just rolled out record stores inside five Southern California locations out of the chain’s 340.

“This launch isn’t just about stocking our shelves with something new and different,” Mike Bowen, Whole Foods’ executive coordinator, said in a press release. “— it’s about listening to our shoppers and giving them access to the things they want — whether it’s their favorite cheese or their favorite way to enjoy music.”

According to TIME, the artists available include Frank Sinatra, Daft Punk, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and Tegan and Sara, among others – more than half of which, yes, sue us, we ourselves happen to like listening to from time to time. But then again, we work in news, so we’ll just be over here snacking on Taco Bell and listening to KROQ.



Beer Nutrition Pint Glass

With the new law stating that calories must be listed on menus here in California, everyone is becoming very aware of calorie counts and general nutrition facts. Since you’re already blowing that diet by eating terribly and drinking on the daily (I assume, unless you live vicariously through this site, which I applaud), you might as well look health informed while doing it. Look on the bright side though, no matter what you put in that glass, it will always have 0 grams of fat. ($8 @ UrbanOutfitters)


Fortune Cookie Bandages

It’s like dessert for your injuries. Always keep your scratches sweet as candy with these Fortune Cookie Bandages. Urban Outfitters offers up a unique way to cover your boo-boos by telling the truth about your life, while protecting your cut. (Thx IncredibleThings)


Donut Handle Mug

Everyone has their favorite mug, whether it’s from some far off location you visited, or something your child crafted in 1st grade that you can’t bare to get rid of no matter how hideous it is. I can imagine this being a cop’s new favorite coffee mug, with a real feeling sprinkled donut as the front and a plain donut feel on the back. Leave it to Urban Outfitters to come up with something ingenious like this. (Thx IncredibleThings)


Slang Flask

This thing is perfect for all you drinkers that become asshole’s when drunk. Oh wait, that’s most of us. Atleast you’re owning up to it while drinking out of this, right? Urban Outfitter’s should make a see-through flask with a dashed line in the middle of it and it should read, “I’m a little bitch if my alcohol level is above this line”. (Thx CM)