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7 New Foods To Try At Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Every year, thousands make their way to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights for a spooky fun time. While you’re probably trying to squeeze in every maze and ride you can, you usually make enough time to grab a bite or drink in between.

If you are making the trek to Hollywood to check out all the Stranger Things, Ghostbusters and Us mazes, here’s your guide to the new delicious goodies that accompany those attractions:

Kotton Kandy Cocoon Doughnut

This raspberry-filled doughnut is a sugar rush that excites the senses. Topped with pink vanilla frosting, pink cotton candy, and a straw to suck out the jelly with, the Killer Klowns-inspired treat will surely indulge your sweet tooth.


Zuul’s Egg Sandwich

There is no Dana, only Zuul’s Egg sandwich. Named after the Ghostbusters demon, this Eggslut-like sandwich is a bit of an out of body experience, and arguably one of the tastiest things at the park. Within the brioche bun is a fried egg, turkey sausage patty and cheddar cheese topped with a chipotle aioli and caramelized onions.


Slimer’s Dog

Another one that’s inspired by Ghostbusters, the Slimer Dog is a quarter pound hot dog with “green slime,” that’s actually just green colored nacho cheese, and roasted peppers.


Eleven’s Waffle Sundae

OK, so a lot of these items are diabetes waiting to happen, but I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna scarf down a Stranger Things-themed sundae. Within the cup is a serving of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, jelly beans, Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips, and of course, mini waffles. Would it even be an “Eleven” sundae without waffles? Nope.

Firehouse Hot Chicken Bites

If you complained about all the sweets on this list, here’s something savory. The breaded Nashville chicken bites lie on a bed of coleslaw and are topped with pickles, with a piece of toast as its sitting vessel. The firehouse, of course, is known to house the Ghostbusters, and can now house your tastebuds. If you’re lucky, this thing will be hot enough to make you forget how scared you are at the park.


Mind Flayer’s Milkshake

The “Mind Flayer” shadow monster is a bit of a dick, but this milkshake makes up for all the trouble it caused in Stranger Things. The chocolate milkshake is topped with strawberry sauce, chocolate whipped cream, crumbled Oreos, a black waffle cone and black licorice that kind of looks like the Mind Flayer’s tentacles.


Spooky Cocktails

Universal released a trio of cocktails, and if you just scared yourself shitless at a maze and need a drink, they’re the perfect remedy. The “Ecto Slime,” “Frankenstein Skull” and “Zombie Butterfly” cocktails all come in an awesome transparent skull cup sthat light up, and the drinks themselves change color. The Ecto Slime consists of Crystal Head Vodka, blue Curacao, citrus sour, passionfruit and orange juice. The Frankenstein consists of Three Olives vodka, butterfly pea tea, apple syrup, pineapple and lemon juice. The Zombie Butterfly also has Three Olives and butterfly pea tea, but has citrus sour, blueberry syrup and lemon juice.
These are all excellent choices to munch on this Halloween and if you do try them, be sure to snap a pic and tag Foodbeast for a possible feature.

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Costa-Rican Inspired Food and Tiki Drinks Highlight The New Jurassic World At Universal Studios

The day that Universal Studios announced that they were going to be shutting down their longstanding Jurassic Park: The Ride was a day that I poured out a little liquor for a legend gone. And though I could have wallowed in that sorrow for a bit, all was alleviated with the announcement of the shut down only allowing for a refurbishment of the ride. Thankfully, what soothed my dino-loving self was news that the whole Jurassic Park experience at Universal Studios was getting upgraded into a whole Jurassic World motif.

Besides the ride itself being reformatted, the new Jurassic World encounter comes complete with new dining options in the form of Isla Nu-bar and Jurassic Cafe.

At Isla Nu-bar, adventurers can cool off with flavorful tropical-themed Tiki cocktails that are served in fun, collectible Tiki cups. 


Jurassic World_Isla Nu-bar

The new Jurassic Café is serving up a delectable selection of Costa Rican-themed cuisine, inspired by the location of the Jurassic World movies.  Park goers can look forward to Citrus Glazed Chicken, Fresh Roasted Mahi-mahi, an Isla Burger, Pomegranate Guacamole with plantain chips, and an assortment of desserts like a Vanilla Bean Tres Leches Cake. To hone in on the Costa Rican vibes, all entrees will be accompanied by fresh green papaya salad and the country’s national dish, Gallo Pinto – which is a traditional rice and beans.

Check out the pics below for mouth-watering details of the new dishes being served up at the Jurassic Cafe within the new Jurassic World experience at Universal Studios Hollywood.


Jurassic Cafe_Isla Burger





Jurassic Cafe_Citrus Chicken



Jurassic Cafe_Mahi



Jurassic Cafe_Guava Pound Cake



Jurassic Cafe_Vanilla Bean Tres Leches Cake

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All The ‘Stranger Things’ Foods To Eat At Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween is less than two months away, and I for one am chomping away like a famished zombie for the brains of the spooky season.

This year, in honor of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Universal Studios is offering up dishes inspired by the ’80s phenomenon at both their Hollywood and Orlando locations.

The menu was created by each park’s executive chef and culinary teams to compliment the enthralling experience of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Each park will also feature an entirely new maze for guests to experience the terror of the Upside Down inspired by the first season of the show.

Behold, Universal’s Stranger Things menu. If you’re looking to try them, or experience the ghoulishness of Halloween Horror Nights, the event begins Friday September 14 at both parks.


The Upside Down Burger

Inspired by the Upside Down dimension, this burger is loaded with spicy queso and crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on a potato roll. Guests can enjoy this hearty take on the dark realm with a side of tater tots.

Demogorgon’s Totcho

The show’s season one villain, the Demogorgan, haunted our dreams well into the second season. These inspired tater tot nachos, piled with spicy queso, chili, sour cream, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, are worthy of anyone with a monstrous appetite.

Eleven’s Waffle Extravaganza

If there’s one thing Eleven loves, it’s Eggo Waffles. Eleven’s Waffle Extravaganza stacks three Eggos with a layer of whipped cream and topped with candies like Reese’s Pieces, jelly beans, and chocolate chips.

Benny’s Burgers

A classic burger named after the gruff diner owner with a heart of gold, who takes Eleven in after she escapes Hawkins Lab. These juicy patties are served on potato rolls with a side of tater tots.

Benny’s Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Another ode to the beloved Benny, this Chicken and Waffle Sandwich features grilled chicken served sweet and sour onions, sage-maple aioli, all between two Eggo Waffles. If I’m a sucker for anything, it’s chicken and waffles.


Fudge Dipped Waffle On A Stick

When you’re being chased down by inter dimensional monsters, you don’t really have much time to sit down to a meal. These Fudge Dipped Waffles on a Stick let you take your sweet snack on the go as you’re running from Demogorgons and other creatures of the night.

Waffle Ice Cream Pocket Sundae

For the guest who loves waffles a la mode, this pocket sundae puts an Upside Down spin on the dessert. Two chocolate chip waffles are stuffed with strawberry ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles, and whipped cream.

Triple Decker Extravaganza

Triple Decker Extravaganza is Universal Studios Orlando’s version of the aforementioned Eleven’s Waffle Extravaganza. Essentially a dessert lasagna, layers of whipped cream and candy are inserted between beds of Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles.

Syrup & Waffles

It wouldn’t be a Stranger Things menu without tons of waffle items. This refreshing take Eleven’s favorite food features a blend of non-alcoholic syrup flavors that are topped with whipped cream and tiny waffles. Perfect to keep you cool and satisfy those maple cravings.

Christmas Tree Lights Cupcakes

Christmas lights played a major role in the first season of the series as a medium for Joy Byers to communicate with her missing son Will. At Universal Studios Orlando, Christmas lights also play a major role in communicating with my sweet tooth in these jelly bean topped cupcakes.

11 Mini Donuts

Eleven’s telekinetic powers often led to nosebleeds the more she exerted herself. The 11 Mini Donuts are coated in powdered sugar and topped with red frosting inspired by those nosebleeds. Is it weird to want to try one — or three?

Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza

Fans will remember in an early episode that fan-favorite Dustin once offered his crush Nancy Byers a slice of pizza topped with sausage and pepperoni. Guests can’t go wrong with a savory slice featuring two of our favorite pizza toppings.

Benny’s Burgers

Universal Orlando will also feature a Benny’s Burgers locations where guests can sit down to a variety of burgers and chicken sandwiches.

All Photos Courtesy Universal Studios
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Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Adds Butterbeer Ice Cream And New Lunch Menu

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

With all that summer magic in the air, there must be something brewing at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, right? Not too long ago, we sat down to a Great Feast at the Three Broomsticks, nestled in the heart of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Harry Potter-themed wonderland.

Our spirits itching for some more magical grub, we returned just in time to catch some new dishes that would enchant any witch or wizard.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

New food items have arrived at the park, including Butterbeer Ice Cream Packages. Wizarding fans may be aware that Universal Studios Orlando offers Butterbeer Ice Cream as soft serve. At the Los Angeles location, the ice cream is now featured in cool hard packs kind of like something you’d see in a grocery store.

Guests can find them outside the Three Broomsticks eating area.

“Full-flavored, tasted like a caramel swirl… that must be the key ingredient in Butterbeer,” Sour Patch Wizard and our man on the ground Elie Ayrouth reports. “Given the summer weather, letting it chill in the warm breezy air for a few minutes before eating it was the absolute perfect texture for eating.”

Ayrouth asked the head chef what the Butterbeer ice cream was made of.

“Butterbeer, of course,” the chef said with a wink.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

Also new this season are three menu items offered at Hogsmeade’s premier tavern for magic folks: The Three Broomsticks.

The Ploughman’s Lunch features an imported selection of ham, salami, country pate, English cheese, homemade pickles, and a scotch egg with bread, cranberry chutney and grain mustard. Great for sharing among your magical peers.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

You won’t find Cheese Toastie with chicken with your head buried in a spell book. The dish features grilled English cheddar cheese with chicken, crispy bacon, mustard, and sliced tomato topped with a sunny side egg. It’s served with either a salad or potato wedges. Definitely something to step out of the library for.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

Finally, there’s the Sunday Roast Sandwich. This enchanting baguette is filled with warm prime rib and topped with English Cheddar, caramelized onions, horseradish sauce, and homemade garlic pickles. Hearty enough to lull a three-headed hound into a food coma.

Hungry witches and wizards will want to check this new menu soon at Universal Studios Hollywood. Though we recommend going on some rides before filling your bellies. Motion sickness charms are hard to cast.

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We Held A Great Feast At Harry Potter World’s ‘Three Broomsticks’

Attention all you witches and wizards out there hungry for some magic. Prepare to gorge on the most lavish platter of luscious meats and vegetables the Wizarding World has ever seen.

Surely this must be some kind of sorcery.

We were invited to the Three Broomsticks restaurant, located at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood, to join in on the Great Feast.

The Great Feast Platter featured succulent meats of roasted chicken and BBQ spareribs, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and a garden salad. Each platter feeds a wizard family of four, with an additional charge to add a lingering Muggle or two.

So as your arms burn with the righteous pain of the Dark Mark, eat and strengthen yourselves for what’s to come.

Voldemort is returning to power and he’ll need as many brave witches and wizards available to join his noble cause.

Also, don’t forget to wash down your meal with plenty of Butter Beer.

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Theme Park Food Isn’t All Crap Anymore [The Katchup Podcast]

Theme park food has come a long way from corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Now, it seems like every theme park is coming up with legit but tasty food specific to their content, from poutine flatbreads at Disneyland’s Beauty and the Beast Red Rose Tavern to gigantic Pink Donuts in Universal Studio’s Springfield (a Simpsons-themed area of the park).

In the most recent episode of Foodbeast’s podcast “The Katchup,” Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth brought in Foodbeast’s managing editor Reach Guinto, contributing writer Raphael Madrid, and video producer Michael Priestley to go deep into all of this awesome food you can get at amusement parks.

Following the successful launches of trending content featuring tons of theme park food, including a viral video about the themed eats at Universal Studios, the Foodbeast squad sat down to talk about the experience and what the best food different theme parks had to offer.

Here at Foodbeast, we regularly cover a lot of different treats, and typically get to go and try it ourselves. We’ve definitely had a lot of experiences with the good and bad when it comes to theme park food, and bring all of those to light in this discussion on this week’s episode of our Katchup podcast.

The group also talked about which theme parks have been producing legit and amazing food, as well as which ones are slipping and need to step up their food game.

If you want to know where to go to get the tastiest theme park food to enhance your entertainment experience, make sure to listen.

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You Can Now Eat The Most Iconic Food In The Simpson’s Universe In One Place

The zany town of Springfield is the host of a colorful (mostly yellow) population of characters that have had all of us quoting them in our conversations for the better part of almost three decades.  But our favorite characters aren’t the only icons to come out of The Simpson’s universe.  Our desire to be part of their wild world was not only fueled by the daily hilarious antics, but also through the one-of-a-kind food that intrigued our Homer-sized appetites.

At Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA you can stop by Springfield for a bite to eat at one of the many recognizable establishments that have made the town special.

Photo by Peter Pham

A ‘clogger’ of a burger is no longer a part of your cartoon dreams.  This real Krusty Burger location serves the burger you only thought was animated… but trust me when I say this patty is ‘eeexxxxxcellent’ (Mr. Burns voice).

Photo by Peter Pham

Or you can hit up Moe’s Tavern. There you can join your fellow degenerates for a glass of the legendary Flaming Moe and specifically grab a Duff beer with everyone’s favorite inebriated friend, Barney.

Photo By Peter Pham

For dessert you can pop inside the Kwik-E-Mart or Lard Lad’s Donuts to grab Homey’s favorite donut.  Large enough to share, but good enough where you’ll want to devour it yourself, finishing this bad boy in one sitting is a feat in itself.

Springfield inside Universal Studios Hollywood is a land of both comic mischief and culinary wonder.  Experiencing this place and taking a tour of the exclusive cuisine is worth the visit all on its own.  And as you leave, you might even catch yourself saying “Thank you come again!”

And you will.

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The Ultimate Guide To Eating Well At Universal Studios Orlando

Whenever I think about the food one would find at an amusement or theme park, my mind gravitates towards stale pretzels, nachos with fake cheese, artificially colored cotton candy, and a lack of alcohol. I’m happy to report that the food situation at Universal Studios is as far from my preconceptions as possible.

While Universal has some pretty solid food options within the park, the real star of the culinary show is CityWalk, the strip of restaurants and entertainment that lies right outside the park entrance. I’m not exaggerating when I say you could literally live happily for months without leaving the area, especially if your hotel is on property. CityWalk is home to a handful of upscale restaurants, a movie theater, more bars than your liver would know what to do with, and even QSRs, for when you’ve had your fill of the good stuff and are just really feelin’ Qdoba.

Because there are a mind-boggling amount of ways to feed yourself at Universal Orlando, here’s where you should be eating, and what to order once you get there.

The Cowfish

Whats Shakin’ Tuna Bacon Sandwich
This thing is a monster. Inside two spring roll wrapper buns filled with sushi rice and kani, a type of crab commonly used in sushi, you’ll find applewood bacon, blackened yellowfin tuna, jalapenos, tomato salsa, iceberg lettuce, slaw, and spicy mayo. Once you figure out how to fit this thing in your mouth, you’ll be happy you ordered it.

Jen’s Fresh Find Roll
The Cowfish is known for both sushi and burgers. It kind of seems like a strange combination for a restaurant, but they really do excel at both. While there are nearly twenty rolls on the menu, I had a clear favorite. The Jen’s Fresh Find Roll is filled with cucumber, tuna, and green onion and then topped with avocado and salmon. Not to mention, the whole thing is served with a side of poke. This just goes above and beyond.

The Three Broomsticks

Fire Whisky
Okay, so this isn’t food, but it’s important to know that The Three Broomsticks sells Fire Whisky. Universal gets this made by a local distillery and The Three Broomsticks is the only place in the world you can find it. This whiskey is super potent. It’s kind of like Fireball on crack. I tried to take a shot of this and nearly died, so sip slowly.


Chocolate Banana Gooey Cake
Mythos was rated the #1 best theme park restaurant six years in a row. That’s a pretty big feat considering the amount of places you can find high quality food at Universal alone. Their savory items are pretty great, but this chocolate banana gooey cake steals the show. This dessert comes with a molten chocolate lava cake, banana chip, fresh bananas, homemade caramel sauce, and a perfect scoop of ice cream on top. If you get one dessert at Universal, it should be this one.

NBC Grill & Brew

Grand Slam Burger
NBC Grill & Brew is any sports lover’s paradise. There are a ridiculous amount of TVs in the place, and they even have a big screen on the exterior of the building where they show notable events like the World Cup and the Olympics. They mostly serve sports bar-type food, but on crack. The Grand Slam Burger has two patties topped with cheddar cheese, butter bibb lettuce, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, BBQ ranch, and crispy tabasco onions on a brioche bun. They also have a pretzel that’s literally bigger than any normal human’s face, so you should get one of those for the table (or yourself) as well.

Strong Water Tavern

Rum Flight
Strong Water Tavern, located in the the Loews Sapphire Resort, is any rum-lover’s dream. They have two pages of their menu dedicated to an impressive rum inventory that is divided into multiple categories: Spanish Island, British Island, Spiced & Flavored Rum, French Island, Mainland, and the good ‘ol USA. The best part is they sell rum flights, where you can choose three types of rum from any category to sample.

Arroz con Pollo
The food at Strong Water Tavern is just as impressive as their rum collection, if not more so. Their menu is inspired by several cuisines of the Caribbean, including Jamaican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and more. Strong Water’s secret weapon, in my opinion, is the Arroz con Pollo, made with bone-in chicken, garlic, peppers, onions, and tomatoes cooked into yellow rice. I basically gorged myself with this stuff and have absolutely no regrets.

Tchoup Chop

Lobster Seafood Toast
Tchoup Chop is yet another testament to the caliber of food found at Universal, as the restaurant is owned by Emeril Lagasse. The lobster seafood toast with citrus aioli is an item on the appetizer portion of the menu, and it would be a crime to travel all the way to Tchoup Chop without eating it.

Anuenue Chirashi
While this chirashi bowl is a tad out of character in comparison to the other items on the menu at Tchoup Chop, it was so incredible that you just gotta go for it. In this dish, you’ll find sushi rice, salmon, ahi, cucumbers, kamikana, spring onions, avocado, unagi glaze, and spicy mayo. It’s kind of like a deconstructed sushi roll, but the key to the deliciousness of this dish was the super fresh fish.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Pork Belly Sliders
Toothsome is Universal’s newest restaurant on CityWalk, having opened just a few months ago. They specialize in sweets, as the name would suggest, but their savory menu is immense and incredible. One of my favorites was the pork belly sliders, because they garnish each mini burger with a piece of chocolate dipped bacon. If you’re wondering, this is literally the way to my heart.

Toothsome has clearly hopped on the extravagant milkshake trend. I would say majority of their dessert menu is comprised of crazy milkshakes, some of the more impressive flavors being Red Velvet, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Banana Brain Freeze, and Key Lime Pie. Even though a lot of places are serving milkshakes like this, Toothsome sets themselves apart by using unique flavors of ice cream, like sour cream, and excessive garnishes like an entire red velvet cupcake, slice of key lime pie, or chocolate covered banana.

The moral of the story when it comes to the food at Universal Studios Orlando, is that there is something for anyone and everyone. You can go an entire stay without needing to eat at the same restaurant twice, and you can definitely go an entire stay without hitting all the places Universal has to offer. When you do book your trip, feel free to experience all the park has to offer on a culinary scale, but make sure to hit up our favorite restaurants here, or live your life full of regret.

Photos: Analiese Trimber