Watch as a Blade Gradually Reveals Geometric Patterns Hiding in this Chocolate Cylinder

Studio Wieki Somers and chocolatier Rafael Mutter have engineered a gigantic cylindrical block of chocolate that contains beautiful geometric layers with unique patterns.

Called ‘The Chocolate Mill,’ this artistic endeavor was undertaken as a retrospective of Gerrit Rietveld, a Dutch designer and architect. The Chocolate Mill is made up of ten layers and a crank-turned blade resembling a large cheese slicer reveals each underlying layer which contains a beautiful, unique pattern of chocolate shapes.

Watch the video above to see how each layer is unveiled.


Call it beautiful craftsmanship or a waste of chocolate but the question we have is.. who gets to eat all those chocolate shavings they sweep away?!

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Here’s a Cookbook You Literally Have to Slice Open to Read


Because knife skills are the first thing you learn in culinary school, Escuela de Cocina Carulla cooking school in Bogota, Columbia created this unique introductory cookbook to test their students’ knowledge, cut by cut.

Designed by Ogilvy & Mather Bogota, the cookbook makes students work for their recipes by requiring them to literally slice through their workbook pages. By following precise lines, the perforated guides help to ensure the students learn to make clean cuts.

Sounds easy enough right?

When successful, the student is rewarded with a recipe, ensuring they keep up with the rest of the class. If they somehow manage to completely avoid the knife guidelines,  a Rachel Green unintentional recipe mash-up might ensue.

English Trifles and Shepard’s Pies don’t mix kids.

Keep your knives handy, because of the immense popularity of this hands-on cookbook a second edition is on the way. Allez cuisine!

Learn more about the Slice a Recipe cookbook in the video below.

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Fortune Cookie Bandages

It’s like dessert for your injuries. Always keep your scratches sweet as candy with these Fortune Cookie Bandages. Urban Outfitters offers up a unique way to cover your boo-boos by telling the truth about your life, while protecting your cut. (Thx IncredibleThings)