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If You Love Wine and Road Trips,There’s a Job Opening With Your Name On It

If one of your aspirations in life is to get paid to sip wine all day, meet new people, and travel to places you’ve only seen in postcards, would you believe me if I told you that such a job actually exists?

Photo By: Betsy Newman

Well in 2017 — where Instagram modeling and getting paid to be an influencer (whatever that means) is a thing — you can be a full time ‘Canbassador‘ with Union Wine Co.!  Based out of Oregon, their ‘Canbassador’ position allows you travel, sip that good stuff, and kick it with rad people you meet along the way.

Photo By: Betsy Newman

You can also travel in a pimped out old school 1972 Citroën mobile wine bar for an extended amount of time, hitting up all the dope music festivals across the country while sharing your passion for wine with everyone you come across.

Photo By: Jules Davis

This adventure of a lifetime could be yours! All for the low price of the minimum required qualifications! Of course you’ll have to be at least 21 years-old (among other things). Hurry up with that resumé and cover letter though! They’re only accepting applications until May 7, 2017!

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This Wine Now Comes In Cans, So You Can Go Ahead And Put Your Pinky Down

There’s this general notion that sippin’ on wine is this bougie, high-class experience that can only be enjoyed out of an aged bottle into a fancy tall stemmed glass. Fuck that, right? What if you just want to drop all the formalities and sip casually, without all that “pinkies up” bullshit?

Underwood Wines in a Can from Oregon’s Union Wine Co. is telling you to put your pinkies down ’cause they believe that having wine doesn’t have to be associated with a pretentious undertone.

It’s exactly the same wine you would find in a larger, less portable bottle, so why not just can it? All puns intended.

Embodying the Union Wine Co’s philosophy of just crafting great wine without all the pretenses, they decided to pack in about half a bottle of wine into a single can… because you know, its nice to share (or not, if your plan is to get wine wasted on a Wednesday night watching Netflix).

Sold as four-packs or 24-pack flats equivalent to an entire case of wine, Union offers you five different body types to get behind: Rosé, Rosé Bubbles, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and the Bubbles.

If you’re the type to venture where other wines won’t go, Union’s got that wine t0-go.  While its only currently available on their website, your next tailgate or outdoor exploits will get an upgrade when these begin to hit shelves in Oregon, Southern California, Chicago, New York, D.C. (and more) early June 2017.