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This Unicorn Cake That ‘Bleeds’ Sprinkles Is Innovative Use of Unicorn Food Trend

Just when you thought the unicorn food trend had peaked, this new visually impressive cake puts a unique enough spin on it to breathe in some innovation to the stale pastel-hued movement.

On the surface, this Unicorn Cake from Playa Provisions in Playa Del Rey, California is already worthy of placement in a lot of Instagram feeds. But besides the kaleidoscopic array of colors, there’s other details that help it stand out from the other unicorn food out there, like an actual “unicorn horn” and “ears” made with an ice cream cone and sugar cookie dipped in white chocolate and painted in edible gold. It ain’t guac, but it sure is extra.

But that extra-ness doesn’t stop at surface level as the hook here is the army of sprinkles unleashed once you cut into the cake. It’s a veritable unicorn party that’s one Lisa Frank marker set short of a unicorn festival. This Unicorn Cake’s appeal can also be found in its quality as well, with an uber moist vanilla cake as the base and a luscious Swiss meringue buttercream frosting embracing the whole affair in vibrant colors like electric purple and lime green.

Such a fun creation is from Playa Provisions’ pastry chef Jennifer Hsiao, a mastermind at crafting whimsical and playful desserts that channel the inner child in all of us.

So just when you thought you were over the unicorn trend, in comes this massive Unicorn Cake that bleeds sprinkles to resuscitate interest within all who are craving a little more extravagance and fantasy on their culinary radar.