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Lucky Charms Adds Unicorn Marshmallow To Their Cereal, Replacing The Hourglass

Every time we think the unicorn food fad is done and over with, somebody comes along and revitalizes it with a brand new item. This time, it’s Lucky Charms bringing the kaleidoscopic hues back to life with their new unicorn marshmallow.

unicorn marshmallow

Photo courtesy of General Mills

The new unicorn-shaped mallow replaces the hourglass in the Lucky Charms’s available shapes. It’s got a white background and the ever-familiar blue and purple notes that color the horse’s mane and horn.

In a press release, the company mentions that they asked kids to help them come up with the new shape. Given that unicorns have basically taken over the Internet, especially in the kid-dominant YouTube and Snapchat spaces, it makes sense that they would go with the popularity of the mythical horse.

Unicorn-themed food has been big on Instagram for years now, but it’s been pushed to the point of ridicule with items like unicorn pizza. General Mills, who owns Lucky Charms, is looking to capitalize on that trend at the retail level. They’ll be competing with Kellogg’s, who already has an official Unicorn Cereal in stores. With that in mind, we have to ask: is this just General Mills trying to get in on a trend, or is the shift to retail cementing the Unicorn’s status as a true trend?

One thing we know for sure is that the Unicorn will be a permanent addition to Lucky Charm’s marshmallows, so you can count on seeing them for at least a while.

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Unicorn Buns Are A Delicious, Instagram-Worthy Take On Dim Sum

Okay, I know that the unicorn gimmick is super played out. We’ve had sugar-laden, over-the-top creations like the Unicorn Frappuccino and Unicorn Pizza that have tarnished the reputation of this colorful Instagram food.

This steamed, delicious dim sum, however, provide a fresh, inspired take on the fad. Not only are Momma Fung’s buns succulent and scrumptious, but they’re also flashy without being too flamboyant, and colorful without going too far. They maintain a simple look, but retain an Instagram-worthy charm.

Momma Fung started their unicorn bun business as a way to “reimagine a dim sum favorite,” and they’ve been able to do that by painting humble dim sum with a modern image. We’ve seen this before with Koi Palace’s Five-Flavor Xiao Long Bao, but what sets Momma Fung’s apart is their ability to take the overdone unicorn food trend and spin their own fresh take on it. Instead of overloading it with sugar and not caring as much about flavor, these pork buns are the perfect intersection of mouthwatering and eye-popping.

If you’re itching to get some of these buns, they’re available at the 626 Night Market in Los Angeles. Your Instagram feed and stomach will both be thanking you.

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Someone Invented Unicorn Pizza And It’s Proof The Fad Has Run Its Course

Unicorn pizza exists and it’s basically a giant sugar cookie covered in fluffy cotton candy ✨🍕🦄 #cosmobites

A post shared by Danielle Tullo (@danielletullo) on

Listen, I was able to tolerate Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino and got down with its lemonade spinoff, and was even a huge fan of the trendy Unicorn hot chocolate. But this is just taking the multi-colored food fad way too far.

Cosmopolitan reports that New York City restaurant Industry Kitchen has invented what they’re calling a “Unicorn Pizza.” Officially dubbed the Pop Candy Land Pizza, it’s made with a rainbow dough and topped with polychrome vanilla icing, sprinkles, Pop Rocks, and an extravagant puff of pink and blue cotton candy.

While I’m not sure if this thing has more sugar than the Unicorn Frappuccino, you can tell right off the bat it’s a sweetness overload and purely meant for Instagram. And honestly, that wasn’t what the unicorn food trend was all about when it first began.

Cheers to everyone out there adulting today. We see you 👏🏽 📸: @eastcoastcontessas

A post shared by The End Brooklyn (@thendbrooklyn) on

The original unicorn latte that launched thousands of imitators across different foods was actually a health beverage that got its vibrant hue from a variety of natural colors. It wasn’t exorbitant, but it was beautiful to look at while also cleansing your body and tasting delicious at the same time.

This pizza just is layer after layer of sugar, though, and I can already picture the cloying sweetness of all of its elements sticking with me for hours after just one bite.

That’s not what the original makers of unicorn food intended, and this is pizza is further proof that THE GIMMICK IS DEAD.

If you’re down to try it, by all means, be my guest. I’m just praying that we’ll all be so done with unicorn food that these abominable iterations stop showing up.

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Gordon Ramsay Gives His Harsh Take On Unicorn Foods

We all know the colorful trend of unicorn food that’s been sweeping across the internet. The technicolor fad has been seen in drinks, cakes, treats, and more across many places, and even brought about the Unicorn Frappuccino and Unicorn Lemonade at Starbucks.

Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay, however, seems to have had enough of this trend and let the world know about his true feelings regarding unicorn-themed food in an interview with Popsugar.

“Unicorns are meant for children’s tales, not food. Period.”

I mean, we’re all technically kids at heart, Chef Ramsay, so does that validate our love for unicorn food in the slightest? Yeah, probably not.

This isn’t the first time Chef Ramsay has shut down a trend via his opinion on it, as he’s already rightfully stamped out the notion of putting pineapple onto pizza.

As cool as unicorn food looks on Instagram, we should probably heed Chef Ramsay’s words on this one.

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Starbucks Is Getting Sued Over The Unicorn Frappuccino, Here’s Why

Unicorn Frappuccinos hitting @starbucks tomorrow. Plan your commute accordingly.

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When Starbucks sold the Unicorn Frappuccino a couple of weeks ago, they may have made a critical legal misstep, and one cafe is vowing to make them pay for it.

Brooklyn cafe The End, who created the original Unicorn Latte a few months ago and has a trademark pending for the name, is suing the mega coffee chain for infringing on its trademark with the Unicorn Frappuccino.

The End claims in their lawsuit that Starbucks never approached them to see if they could use a “name deceptively similar to Unicorn Latte.” Neither the Unicorn Frappuccino or Unicorn Latte are made with coffee, but The End’s Unicorn Latte is a superfood health drink that only resembles Starbucks’ sugar-laden crap in terms of color. Apparently, some news articles also ran with the story that Starbucks’ drink was a Unicorn Latte, and the hashtag #unicornlatte was even associated with the beverage, causing even more confusion.

As a result, customers at The End even accused their OG beverage of being a knockoff and asked if they could get Unicorn Frappuccinos instead, which would definitely be an insult to a coffee shop claiming to have originated the Unicorn Latte.

Between all of these events transpiring while the Unicorn Frappuccino was in stores (and even when it was no longer available), the Brooklyn cafe feels that Starbucks infringed on its trademark and utilized “unfair competition” to push its product.

While Starbucks is no longer selling the mythical beverage, their press release did suggest that the Frappuccino may return at some point in the near future, and The End doesn’t want that to further damage their brand and cafe.

Thus, The End is looking for judges to permanently prevent Starbucks from using names like the “Unicorn Frappuccino” that are confusingly similar to the Unicorn Latte, and also want Starbucks to fork over “all gains, profits, and advantages” they obtained from selling the Unicorn Frap. On top of that, they’re asking for the coffee chain to put a statement on its website and in print media that corrects “the confusion as to the unlawful use of the mark and the origination of the UNICORN LATTE” for six months. 

In a statement to USA Today, Starbucks harshly countered the lawsuit, claiming it to be “without merit.”

“The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino blended beverage was inspired by the fun, spirited and colorful unicorn-themed food and drinks that have been trending in social media. The beverage was offered for a limited time in April and is no longer available in our stores.”

We’ll see if you’re right here, Starbucks. If you’re wrong, you could be out potentially millions.