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Starbucks Intros A Blacked Out ‘Phantom Frappuccino’ For Halloween Season

Starbucks has no problem dishing out colorful Frappuccinos, but this time they’re foregoing the color palette for something a bit darker.

Their latest drink creation is called the ‘Phantom Frappuccino’ and is covered in activated charcoal powder to give it its spooky black look.

Fans say it has a fruity flavor, which is probably not what you’re expecting from such a dark drink, but its ingredients include mango flavoring, coconut milk, and a dark green drizzle made of spirulina extract, lime, and lemon juice.


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Most of the promotion for the drink has been spotted around European Starbucks’, but there is at least one Boston location that promoted it, so there’s a chance it’s coming stateside, as well. It’s hard to tell as Starbucks likes to keep these type of launches secret until the morning of, which in some locations has already happened, but other locations are rumored to debut it this weekend.



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Reaching out to multiple U.S.-based Starbucks sources, it seems they have not received any ingredient shipments for a Phantom Frappuccino, but we can still hold hope that it shows up at some U.S. locations, while looking at the U.K. with jealous eyes.

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Baristas HATE The Unicorn Frappuccino And Want It To Die Already

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Some Starbucks baristas will bitch about having to make anything beyond a latte or iced coffee, so now that everyone’s flocking to the coffee shop for the new Unicorn Frappuccinos, it’s apparently hell on Earth for the employees.

A Colorado Starbucks barista named Braden Burson posted a video to Twitter showing strong disapproval of the new drink, as the orders have been nonstop, effectively driving workers crazy.


It doesn’t look like this new Frappuccino will win over the baristas any time soon. Even scrolling through Reddit, Baristas seem to agree that this Unicorn madness is stressful:

Me thinking about all the unicorn Frappuccinos I’m gonna have to make from starbucks


When corporate says we’re returning to our coffeehouse roots then launches unicorn frappuccinos from starbucks


Took this after leaving work today. from starbucks


There is no God… Unicorns killed Him. from starbucks

Luckily for them, this Frap will be long gone by Sunday. Though the battle scars might still remain for far longer.