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We Reviewed Edible Sex Toys, From Gummy Penises To Candy Bras

In case you’re looking for some delicious inspiration to spice sweeten up your love life this Valentine’s Day, we here at FOODBEAST have got your back.

On an unsuspecting day, I walked in on the dudes Elie and Rudy eating out of a bag of dicks. You heard me.

For this episode of UNBOXED, we try a variety of sexually suggestive sex toys that are pretty much edible. These include a bag of gummy penises, edible panties, a tasteful edible bra, and flavored condoms.

If there was any horrifying opportunity to get a glimpse into Elie and Rudy’s sex lives, this was it. Watching Elie eat the candy bra off my hairy co-worker’s bare naked chest will forever haunt my dreams.

Still, the things we do in the name of discovery. Mad respect, fellas.

Check out the latest episode of UNBOXED above. The clock starts now in case you need to plan out your Valentine’s Day.

Note: Do NOT eat the condoms. Those were just for flavoring only. 

Hit-Or-Miss News Restaurants

Japan Gets Into ‘Naked Eating’ With Their New All-Nude Restaurant

With the ever-growing trend of naked restaurants, it’s no wonder that Japan wants to join in on all the nude, sweaty fun.

A few weeks ago, a restaurant called Bunyadi opened up in London and specializes in catering to the naked. This all-nude restaurant was made to bring people back to their primal roots. Is there anything more natural than eating in the nude? Although you are encouraged to let your loose, floppy, hanging skin droop all over the place, there is also a clothed section for people who aren’t particularly interested in penis-watching.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.06.02 PM

The food is grown locally while the men are imported from Sweden or an Ivy League College.

Well, in order to keep up, a similarly-themed restaurant called The Amrita is opening up in Tokyo, Japan, on July 29th. This restaurant, however, varies from the English counterpart in that not all are welcome. The Bunyadi invites anyone of any size or age to enjoy their food free from all the trappings of the modern world, while The Amrita requires that you meet certain…expectations.

According to Rocket News 24, The Amrita won’t be a totally nude restaurant. As is typical in Japanese culture, hygiene is taken very seriously, so guests will be provided with “paper underpants” as opposed to letting their junk rub up on everything, which would be a way cooler restaurant in my opinion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.59.28 PM

The “paper underwear” I imagine guests are given at the door. Kinda hot TBH.

The details surrounding this new restaurant are murky at best. Many of the packages and options available range widely from 12,000-80,000 yen (or $122-$563). The rules that you’re required to follow would cause a nationwide riot if we tried to apply them to an all nude restaurant here in the states.

Firstly, you cannot be overweight to eat at this restaurant. If you are 33 lbs. or more overweight (according to the standard BMI measures applied based on your height), you will be rejected at the door with no money back. Secondly, only people between the ages of 18 and 60 are allowed in, and will require their ages to be verified at the door. Roughly 3.5% of Japan is considered obese, while we here in America are closer to the 30% range, so these rules might not be as restricting to potential guests as we might think. Still, getting turned away at the door for being too fat certainly won’t feel good.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.07.29 PM

The variety in prices makes me think these men are for sale. Is that legal? Also, anyone wanna split one with me? Could be fun.

The restaurant will also be providing a show with the dinner, and considering the overall theme, it’s likely to involve some nudity. The website, still being regularly updated, even has a tab that displays all of the scantily clad male servers that will be working at the restaurant, although it currently has a stock photo where their images are supposed to be.

I don’t know what it says, but the English words I found were still pretty entertaining.

As of now, the restaurant seems to be open for only 3 days, July 29-31, and of those three days, two of them are already completely sold out. Only time will tell if it will be worth it for these naked nibblers to visit.



Photo Credit: The Amrita, Ali Baba


These Sexy Panties Are Exclusive Only To Water Bottles


It’s crazy how often one sees a completely naked bottle of water out in public. Luckily, Japans is offering a solution.

Novelty producer Kitan Club created a unique line of underwear designed specifically for water bottles. The panties are made variety of different designs including stripes, polka dots, leopard skin, strawberries and plain.

For those that think this is simply another useless novelty, the panties actually act as glorified coasters. They’re able to absorb beads of water as the cold bottles begin to moisten and prevents tables from getting ruined.

Available online, the panties can be purchased for 200 yen ($1.60 US) through the club. Unfortunately, you can only get them for 500ml bottles.



Sexy Underwear-Wearing Peaches Will Make You All Kinds of Uncomfortable


There’s no denying the fuzzy, subtle cleft of a peach can sometimes look a little, ahem, suggestive, but leave it to Asia to take it to the next level, by tossing some sexy panties on those cheeky sonumbitches.

A novelty souvenir for the upcoming Qixi Festival in Nanjing, “Ripe Fruit” peaches reportedly come from the Yangshan, Wuxi region of China, an area renown for its lingerie industry, according to Kotaku. Delicately placed in a satin-lined gift box, each butt peach comes with its own set of sheer and lacy underwear. Seriously, these things are trying harder than I do on a Friday night. A set of nine goes for 498 yuan or approximately $80 USD.


Supposedly the peaches from Wuxi taste pretty good, which is almost enough to justify the price. What you decide to do with the tiny leftover lingerie is up to you. We won’t judge.

H/T, Picthx Rocket News/IncredibleThings


How to Make Bacon from Scratch

I came across an amazing article about making the best bacon ever, from scratch and I will tell you it’s quite a process. The beginning of the article is so well written that I just have to quote it: “Bacon. It has a wonderful place in human history. Humans have eaten it for thousands of years, traded it as a staple of economies, and most recently, turned it into an internet craze. It’s no mystery why we have a love affair with Bacon. It’s the Christina Hendricks of meat products. The smell of bacon soothes a crying infant. Vegetarians make exceptions for bacon. Bacon is the closest we can get to empirically proving the existence of God. Bacon, for lack of a better word, is The Shit”. Check out how to make this after the jump:


Beef Jerky Chanel Bag

Design student genius, Nancy Wu at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, created this 100-percent Beef Jerky Chanel bag project as a commentary of sorts on designer accessories. Why carry beef jerky around in your purse, when you could just chew it right off your bag! Can you imagine seeing a well-dressed women just knawing on her purse at lunchtime, it would be funny and gross at the same time. Also check out Nancy’s Louis Vuitton Jerky Wallet and closeups to the purse after the jump. (Thx Gigglesugar)