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Behold The Toy That Slaps You In The Face With Whipped Cream [Unboxed]

There are few things more embarrassing than watching your boss quiver in terror as a tiny toy threatens to toss whipped cream in his face.

Enter said toy, The “Pie Face Showdown.” It requires two players to rest their chins on the toy while they furiously mash on a button in a fervent tug-of-war type of struggle, hoping not to get a creamy load to the face. Our own Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Chaney gave the game a shot, and didn’t know what to expect during the latest episode of ‘Unboxed’ for Foodbeast.

Maybe we got a defective one, but this game was a mess from the start as the little hand that’s supposed to slap you, came turned upside down. So not only does this thing slap you with cream, it backhand’s you.

In a bit of an anticlimactic scene, the toy didn’t exactly slap Elie. It just kind of slowly caressed his cheek. But that didn’t stop Elie from being terrified at the sight of the lever slowly making its way to his face.

Apparently others have had better luck with the game that we have:

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Maybe not quite the slap you’d expect, but folks still have a good time with it.

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Daym Drops Gives His ‘Super Official’ Take On Bugs [UNBOXED]

Daym Drops is a good friend of ours at Foodbeast, and is known for giving “Super Official” YouTube reviews about almost anything when it comes to fast food. He’s proclaimed KFC to have the world’s best flavored chicken and given hilarious reviews of items like the McSurf & Turf Burger.

So when Daym Drops came out to California for a bit, we decided to greet him in the craziest way possible: by feeding him bugs.

In the latest episode of “Unboxed,” our very own Elie Ayrouth and Daym came together to try a sampling of gourmet insect snacks. Bugs don’t sound like the tastiest things in the world to eat, but the team behind these insect delicacies knows what they’re doing.

The snacks that Elie and Daym tried are from Don Bugito, a small San Francisco-based company that makes snacks out of food-grade crickets and mealworms. Eating bugs, of course, usually comes with an ick factor that drives a lot of people away, but covering them with something like chocolate or spices to improve the flavor usually helps people out in trying these snacks.

If you’re down to try bugs, or just wanna see Daym Drops give some deep and hilarious thoughts on eating the critters, go ahead and watch the video. It won’t bug you out, trust me.

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We Tried The Most Disgusting Jelly Beans In The World [Unboxed]

You know it’s going to be a great day at your food writing gig when the video crew asks you to eat some jelly beans on camera. However, I quickly discovered that all jelly beans are not created equal.

In this episode of Unboxed, Rudy and I paid homage to former President Ronald Reagan, who apparently had quite an affinity for Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. In fact, more than 3 tons of Jelly Belly’s were sent to the White House for Reagan’s inauguration party in 1981.

The object of Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled game is to basically humiliate yourself, while trying really hard not to vomit all over everything.

I don’t care what political affiliation you represent, no one should have to endure treatment like this, nor should anyone want to eat jelly beans that mimic flavors of dead fish, moldy cheese or toothpaste.

Rudy did a really good job explaining the rules:

“Okay, so let’s say there’s two white ones, one tastes like something horrible, and one tastes awesome.”

Going into this challenge, I had no idea what I was about to get into. There is nothing that can prepare you for the scent and flavor of dead fish slowly oozing out of a chewy candy shell. Nothing.

There’s also a little flimsy spinner, which you use to determine your foul-tasting fate. Our first spin landed on toothpaste, which wasn’t that bad, but immediately afterward made me think if I should actually be eating toothpaste.

As this challenge progressed, the more and more nauseous I became. Look at the difference between before and during this challenge.


It didn’t take much to push me over the edge. Anyone that knows me personally, is pretty aware that I don’t really like fish, and the second jelly bean we ate was dead fish.

Although I didn’t ingest the awful tasting candies, the aftertaste was enough to keep me sick to my stomach the rest of the afternoon.

However, after completing this challenge, I plan on buying some of these jelly beans, not telling anyone about their foul nature and leaving them in a highly trafficked common area, where I can watch people helplessly shove a few in their mouth.

You’ve been warned.

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These ‘Cupcakes’ Are The Meatiest Way To Celebrate Anything [UNBOXED]

The Meatloaf Bakery has a protein-packed twist on the baked goods you know and love.

You don’t have to worry about a sugar rush with their cupcakes, because they are all made out of meatloaf.

In Foodbeast’s latest episode of Unboxed, the bakery sent a half dozen of their Meatloaf cupcakes, as Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Chaney dug in to see what these treats were all about.

The guys tried the Mother Loaf. While the base of the cupcakes are of meatloaf, in order to complete the cake’s look, there’s Yukon Smashed Potatoes used as the “frosting.”

Their Thanksgiving-inspired Herby Turkey Loaf is made with a blend of ground turkey with veggies, spices, red pepper, herbs, and aged Parmesan cheese. The “cupcake” is then topped with sage stuffing and dried cranberries.

The final verdict by both of our reviewers, was that both the meat cupcakes were pretty tasty.

“That’s so good!” Ayrouth said. “It’s crazy that this got delivered in the mail… and they came out like this.”

If you’re willing to take a leap of meaty faith on these, the turkey loaf costs $46.95 as of this writing, and the Mother Loaf is $51.95. For a dozen, that’s a little more than $8 per cake, so keep that in mind when you decide how much you really love the potential recipient of these cakes.

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Personal Fondue Mugs Are The Kitchen Accessories We Never Knew We Needed (WATCH)

When it comes to whimsical kitchen gadgets and items, hilariously ineffective is usually par for the course when determining their use and importance in the world. Besides the comedy of imagining the OD struggles portrayed in each As Seen On TV infomercial, one simply knows to stay away from any product in that realm.

However, its seems as if we’ve found some Fondue Mugs that transcend all that ridiculousness. Foodbeasts Elie and Rudy forge on in the latest episode of Unboxed to test out this kitchen contraption that we never knew we needed.

Watch the eureka moment unfold in the episode above, as Elie and Rudy successfully spark up their own personal fondue party with ease and relatively no hiccups or over-the-top faux struggle. The premise is simple yet effective and would make for some killer Netflix and Fondue opportunities.

Players and playettes, you taking notes for this Valentine’s Day?

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These Guys Drank Glasses Of ‘Sh*t The Bed’ Hot Sauce, Didn’t End Well [WATCH]

I honestly don’t know why my fellow coworkers keep trying insanely spicy foods, but it’s been a pleasure to watch them suffer, honestly.

My boys Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Cheney decided to drink a few Australian hot sauces, aptly called, “Bunster’s Shit The Bed Hot Sauces.”

Why they drank them out of wine glasses, I have no idea, but they went in head first to see just how spicy these sauces really were.

They drank a total of three different hot sauces, the first just being a tease, and not quite shit-the bed-worthy.

Just by sniffing the second one, though, Elie had to take a drink of water, saying it smelled like Paqui’s Fear the Reaper chip, which is considered the world’s hottest chip.

“This one is deep, and complex, and fu*ked up,” Elie said after taking a swig of the sauce.

Rudy said it felt like it was going into his brain, so the heat doesn’t necessarily just stay in your digestive system, apparently.

They actually said it might be worse than the infamous One Chip Challenge, because the heat just lingered in their bodies.

“I don’t even care how bitchy you sound right now, ’cause that wasn’t fun,” Rudy told Elie in the most serious tone.

The hottest one of the bunch, The Black Label Shit The Bed hot sauce, was THE epitome of shitting yourself. The label literally reads, “May cause anal leakage.”

I don’t even really know what anal leakage is, but I pray I never get it.

After taking a sip, they both frantically fidgeted in their chairs. Then there was a moment where Rudy just decided not to move.

“You guys are fu*ked up for this,” Elie said. “2017 is already fu*ked up. I’m so high right now.”

Yeah, this sauce just doesn’t seem fair. Good job, Bunsters. You almost killed my Foodbeast mates.

You can peep and order one of the three, or all three of the sauces at Bunsters Worldwide.