Irish People Try Sushi And Other Japanese Foods For The First Time

There are so many Japanese dishes out there that just make our mouths water. From sushi to ramen, we’re more than happy to try any and every kind of Japanese food we can before venturing into the great beyond.

In a new Facts. video, a group men and women from the beautiful country of Ireland try various Japanese dishes for the first time. This includes savory items like miso soup, unagi (eel) rolls, tempura, sashimi and gyoza.

Damn, is it lunchtime yet?

Watch how they react to some of Japan’s beloved dishes. Some love it, some hate it, but all of these ladies and gentlemen are trying these dishes for the very first time.


Here’s Why People Are Suddenly Throwing Butter On Their Sushi


A new trend in Japan has people enjoying thick slices of butter on their sushi. Specifically on unagi, also known as freshwater eel.

Jinen, a Japanese restaurant chain, has added the new unagi butter sushi dish to its menu. Featuring vinegar rice topped with a slice of unagi, a generous pat of butter and held together with nori seaweed.

RocketNews24 reports that this might be the richest sushi ever. Fans of the traditional unagi sushi dish will know that the freshwater eel is already rich in flavor. Now, combine that with a heap of butter.

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Apparently, when fused, the warm eel and butter just melt in your mouth. Sources say that most of the diners who have tried the combination of butter and eel have been delighted with the taste and instantly hooked.

The more we hear about it, the more we want to run towards our nearest sushi spot with a tub of Country Crock.

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Adorable Unagi Pastries Are 100% Eel Free

Unagi Pastry

According to Japanese tradition, Doyo no Hi (July 29) is a day dedicated to eating eel because of its supposed stamina-boosting powers. But not everyone is a fan of real unagi, so various bakeries and 7-Eleven stores around Japan have come up with a delicious alternative — unagi pastries.

Made with 100% eel free ingredients, these sweets have come in all forms around the country, from white chocolate unagi bread to cream-filled and unagi-shaped donuts and chocolate eclairs.

Unagi Pastry

Unagi Pastry

Unagi Pastry

Even if you’re a fan of traditional eel dishes, finishing off your meal with one of these adorable desserts takes the holiday to a whole new level of deliciousness.

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