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Study Shows Energy Drink Consumption Can Lead To Cocaine Use

Who knew that Monster energy drinks would be a bridge to riding the white horse? Well, that’s what a recent study believes, anyway.

A study conducted by the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health showed a strong correlation between energy drinks, cocaine use, prescription stimulants, and even alcohol use, according to UMD Right Now.

The study was posted in the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, and tracked 1,099 first-year college students up until age 25. The university monitored how often they drank energy drinks and concluded, “Such individuals appear to be at high risk for adverse substance use outcomes, and results suggest possible specificity regarding cocaine use…”

They even found that by age 25, these energy drinkers were at risk of developing alcohol abuse.

You could see some similarities between energy drinks and cocaine, albeit cocaine is probably a tad bit stronger. Then there’s the energy drink that just straight up called themselves “Cocaine,” adding a warning label that read, “Warning – this beverage should be consumed by responsible adults. Failure to adhere to this warning may result in excess excitement, stamina, fun, and possible feeling of euphoria.”

Also a disclaimer in this study, they didn’t find a direct link between energy drinks and stimulants, as it remains unclear why the correlation would exist, but they felt there’s enough there to cause concern and look into it further.

Energy drinks could be the problem, or it could be that they decided to survey a bunch of college kids who apparently have the money to afford drugs and alcohol, party all the time, and need energy drinks to get them through the semester… because they’re college kids.

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Students Are Eating Entire Heads of Lettuce In Bizarre Club [WATCH]

From sports to debate teams, college students have multiple outlets to show their competitiveness. There is a unique competition, though, in a different type of  school club: The Lettuce Club.

These clubs have been popping up across the country, and the latest has been spotted at the University of Maryland.

The students of UMD’s Lettuce Club held a lettuce eating contest last week, where students tried to eat entire heads of lettuce as quickly as possible, all for the right to become club leader, AKA, The Head of Lettuce, and plan the next meeting.

There were 40 participants at UMD’s contest, according to Reddit user Abcantel, and the winner finished his head of lettuce in under 10 minutes.

We’ve seen these clubs popping up throughout social media, but apparently it started at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics in 2016, according to Buzzfeed.

It has spread since, and has even hit high schools:


It’s pretty wild seeing people go crazy over lettuce, but it’s even wilder that this might be the healthiest eating contest we’ve ever seen.