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How To Recreate The Regular Show’s EPIC Ultimeatum Burger At Home [WATCH]

Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show is notorious for creating some insane eats. This Ultimeatum Burger might just be the most epic of them all.

From the episode in which it appears, we know that the item is burger inception at its finest. The Ultimeatum consists of a burger stuffed inside of a patty that has two deep-fried burgers as the buns. Additionally, the entire creation also features a special Himalayan ketchup. While it may seem hard to recreate at home, YouTube channel Binging with Babish has our backs with this top notch recipe.

Host Andrew Rea walks us through the construction of this monstrous burger step by step. He then kicks it into overdrive and adds a few personal culinary twists to the Ultimeatum. These additions, such as pastrami and smashed burger patties, make a glutton bomb like this massive sandwich taste ethereal.

If you’re looking for an ultimate cheat day burger recipe, or just want to pig out on ground beef, the Ultimeatum is the sandwich for you.