Gordon Ramsay Has The Best Reason For Catching The Ugliest Fish Ever

Last week, Gordon Ramsay took us noodling — also known as catfishing — in Oklahoma. Ramsay showed us just how difficult noodling is, but admitted that the freshest catfish must be caught by hand.

It turns out Gordon has some advice for catching a conger eel, too. Gordon claims this type of eel is a very delicious fish, but explains that it’s not a popular dish because it’s, “fucking ugly.”

Watching Gordon wrestle with the conger eel’s elusiveness is surprising, because Gordon seems like such a natural fishermen. The conger eel lives in British waters, according to Gordon. However he says the appearance drives people away from consuming them regularly.

Once the eel is wrangled, Gordon causally slices the fish’s spinal cord and the boat heads back to the galley to make some conger ell puree.

Making the puree seems to really change the aesthetics of this dish. The conger eel may be ugly, but Gordon we’ll take Gordon’s word for it when he says it’s “fucking delicious.”


French Supermarket Sells Ugly Fail Vegetables to Combat Food Waste


As anyone who’s ever claimed to love artisan foods can attest to, “ugly” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad.” From sloppy carne asada fries to frill-free cups of coffee, sometimes the best foods aren’t exactly the most #foodporn worthy. Just take it from French supermarket chain Intermarché.

In Europe, a reported 300 million tons of ugly fruits and vegetables get tossed by distributors each year. So in honor of the EU’s designating 2014 as the European Year Against Food Waste, Intermarché launched a clever print, radio, and video campaign to sell these fail pieces of produce in stores.

Starring a Grotesque Apple, Disfigured Eggplant, Ridiculous Potato, Failed Lemon and more, the Inglorious campaign asked growers for their deformed harvest and sold them for 30% cheaper than their more airbrushed brethren. To convince shoppers the ugly produce tasted just as good, Intermarché even offered soups and juices made exclusively from the misshapen goods, which resulted in 1.2 tons average sale per store in the first two days, says the promotional video, below:

Moral of the story? Never judge a tuber by its growths.

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Hamburger Crocs Are GQ-Worthy Food Swag


It takes a strong individual to be willing to wear Crocs in public. For the shameless food lover who couldn’t give a rat’s derriere what people think, Japan just launched a collection of hamburger-styled rubber sandals that really do manage to be more garish than the original.

With a light brown rubber upper and two wavy layers of red “ketchup,”  green “lettuce,” and dark brown “beef” inner and midsoles, the Crocband Hamburger Clogs will be available starting tomorrow from the Crocs Japan online store. There are even special mini burger, french fry, and soda Jibbitz to help you really up the something-something ante.


$49 buys yours. Fries and soda, sadly extra.

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