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ORBIT Gum Debuts a Peppermint Scented, Gum Dispensing Holiday Sweater

Tis the season of ugly sweaters, and ORBIT gum understands the assignment by debuting one that smells like peppermint, is bedazzled, and dispenses ORBIT gum.

Other features of this wildly ugly sweater are:

  • An ORBIT Gum dial dispenser for on-the-go fresh breath
  • A built-in mistletoe for kissable moments
  • Silver-to-blue flip sequin lips

Truly this is the sweater to rock at your next ugly sweater function. To snag ORBIT’s Smooching Sweater fans can visit to enter for a chance to score one of our sweaters now through November 30th. 


Chipotle London Offers Free Burritos to Ugly Christmas Sweater Wearers



You know that ugly Christmas jumper your mum knits for you every Christmas? Well, now it can finally serve a purpose other than sheer embarrassment and humiliation.

For those of you who love a bloody good burrito, pop into any of the six Chipotle Mexican Grill locations in London on any Saturday in December wearing your lovely festive knitwear and you will be entitled to a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad or tacos.

Mind you, the freebie is only available on Saturdays between 4 pm – 6 pm, so don’t faff around too much. It would be an absolute nightmare to miss such an opportunity to put a holiday jumper to good use.

Chipotle, which hails from the States, opened its first restaurant in Europe at Charing Cross Road in central London back in 2010. It has since rescued the Brits from what was previously, quite a grim and limited Mexican food offering.

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