Chili Chocolate Chip Cookies

O, how times have changed. If you would have described some of the dishes you see today to your grandparents, or actually offered it to them, they would probably think you’re going crazy… I wouldn’t blame them though, Bacon Wrapped Chocolate Covered Oreos & Chocolate Covered Mac & Cheese?

In the case of these Chili Chocolate Chip Cookies, we get to explore both savory heat and tooth-aching sweet in one complete bite.

This particular recipe calls for a mixture of different spices including chili powder, cinnamon and even cumin or paprika if you’re feeling extra adventurous! Alongside the spices are basic ingredients for a cookie like sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips and butter! Maybe a little bit of heat with a chocolate chip cookie doesn’t sound half bad? Throw in some cold vanilla ice cream too? Brilliant! (Thx RockRecipes)