Brilliant Designer Creates Amazing Type Using Everyday Foods


We’re suckers for awesome typography. The beautiful details that go into those designs are make us appreciate the hard work typographers put into their craft even more. So when someone uses food to create different kinds of stunning typography, we’re more than impressed.

Ilona Samcewicz-Parham is a Austraila-based designer. On her Instagram, she posts tons of colorful food typography that will make your mouth water. The account features food-inspired phrases like “Full of Beans” made with ground coffee beans and “Super Cheesy” featuring a pizza topped with cheese text.


Check out more of her stunning work below. More can be found at @spilenka.


This Bakery Creates Gorgeous, Hilariously Offensive Cakes


When you’re scrambling to get a last-minute birthday cake for someone, you definitely want it to say the perfect thing. The letters inscribed in icing can make or break any relationship, be it coworker, loved one or significant other. Sarah Brockett doesn’t care about that.

The graphic designer is responsible for the Bold Bakery, a Michigan-based bakery known for selling beautifully offensive cakes. Brockett’s business is described as the perfect place to cater to anyone deserving of crude or offensive messages, while featuring gorgeous typography along with a, presumably, delicious cake.

Definitely something you wouldn’t want to buy for Grandma, but would make a funny birthday memory for a close friend or an asshole coworker.

Check out some of the hilarious sweets the Bold Bakery has to offer.



Bold-Bakery-Love Bold-Bakery-Shit-2 Bold-Bakery-Shit Bold-Bakery-TaintBold-Bakery-Whore

H/T Design Taxi Picthx Sarah Brockett


This Woman Trades Beautiful Hand-lettered Menus for Food


Lauren Hom is a designer by trade. Her project Will Letter for Lunch, is an endeavor which utilizes her artistic abilities in exchange for food. Hom hand-letters a restaurant chalkboard menu, asking nothing for payment other than the dish she inscribes on the board.

The 23-year-old New York-based illustrator noticed that many restaurants have less-than-appealing menu boards displaying their daily specials. Hom believed she could do much better, thus her Will Letter for Lunch was born. She goes from restaurant to restaurant personally illustrating chalk and blackboard menu signs.

Hom describes the experience as “complete fair barter,” according to Grubstreet. Since everything she writes she gets to eat, when she letters an entire menu, she returns multiple times to feast. Hom currently has no plans to charge money for her services as she feels money would take the fun out of the experience. Hom has a freelance job that pays her bills while she works on this passion project.

Currently Hom is working on her sixth restaurant menu design. Her dream gig would to be to hand-letter for a sushi restaurant.

H/T Grubstreet


Literal ‘Egg Font’ Is the Most Delicious Typography Ever

A few weeks back we came across “Taste the Font” showcasing what some popular fonts would look like in food form. Well, now the tables have turned as Handmade Font has brought food into letter form. Ladies and gents, you can now type with Egg font. Like, the real deal.

The Estonia-based company created these designs with actual eggs (1,000 of them, to be exact), all complete with picture perfect yolks. It only took three hours and a few burnt fingers to complete the whole typography set.

Egg font is now ready for purchase over at Handmade Font for $70. Sure it’s a little steep for a font, but can you really put a price tag on sunnyside up emails? (Nope.)

Eggs Font, $70 @Handmade Font

PicThx Handmade Font


‘Comic Sans’ & Other Classic Fonts Re-Imagined as Food

comic sans

A recent exhibit, “Taste the Font,” showcased a series of work visualizing what types of foods our favorite fonts would be. Design studio primprim created the curious art for Vilnius Design Week 2013, using paper sculptures to recreate font-to-food pieces, such as roasted marshmallows for Comic Sans and “traditional” fried eggs for Times.


ttf galutinis-gamybai


However, I’ll have to disagree with the designers’ choice to go with “marshmallowish letters” for Comic Sans, as they actually look quite rough in paper form. I always imagined the playful font to be more of a donut, round and available in a spectrum of vivid colors.



ttf galutinis-gamybai


As for the idea that Gothic 821 Condensed would be a cup of “[s]oft, bold and smooth letters,” again, I’ll have to disagree. Its thick, bold style is more similar to a harrowing pile of pancakes doused in ungodly amounts of maple syrup. A quiet cup of “milk foam” hardly does the outspoken font justice.

Of course, for those of you who think I’m completely off my rocker, you can head over here for the full series and decide for yourself.

H/T Design Taxi, PicThx primprim