Qdoba Worker Unknowingly Spreads Life-Threatening Disease


It looks like a pretty bad trend is starting among major fast food Mexican joints as they keep getting people sick.

Just last week, Chipotle got hit with an E. Coli outbreak that closed down at least 43 stores, now Qdoba’s wrapping up an unusual Typhoid Fever scare that affected three people in Colorado, according to Yahoo.

While typhoid is classified as a “Life-threatening illness” by the CDC, all three of the affected people recovered. The usual symptoms for Typhoid fever include a constant high fever, spotted rashes, and oddly enough, a steady heart rate.

The incident occurred back in August, but the information’s barely coming out because the infection is so rare, it takes weeks to properly diagnose.

The outbreak appears to have started with an employee who was handling food, and unknowingly was carrying the disease. It’s not totally his fault because you can go weeks without even feeling a symptom.

While the infection is rare in the US, only affecting about 5,700 a year, over 21.5 million people are affected with Typhoid fever in underdeveloped countries.

Thankfully these cases weren’t deadly, and as tragic as it might sound, maybe we should stay away from burritos for a while.