What Happens When You Eat Pizza And Burgers For A Week


Eating two and a half times more calories than the recommended daily allowance regularly will undoubtedly lead to obesity, but it can also lead to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

That’s what a new study conducted by a research team led by Guenther Boden and Salim Merali from Temple University revealed. The study had six healthy male participants consuming 6,000 calories’ worth of food every day for a week while laying in bed and not engaging in any sort of movement or exercise. Merali told New Scientist:

“It was a regular, American diet, composed of pizzas, hamburgers and that sort of thing.”

Within two days of their diet, all of the volunteers developed resistance to the hormone insulin. After a week, they had gained an average of seven and a half pounds.

Resistance to insulin is known to threaten the health of the kidneys, nervous system and heart, and can lead to diabetes. Francis Stephens at the University of Nottingham in the UK told New Scientist:

“By definition, they all developed diabetes.”

The team also noticed that the volunteers were urinating increasing amounts of oxidised lipid compounds as the week progressed, which is commonly seen in individuals who have oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress weakens blood sugar regulation, which alters the structure of a protein that is usually in charge of moving glucose out of the bloodstream. This results in glucose not being removed from the blood.

While other mechanisms are probably still involved, the researchers pointed at oxidative stress and a damaged glucose-transporting protein as the potential causes for type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Stephens said that the participants’ seven-pound weight gain in a week is severe. He added:

“It will probably take them several months to get rid of it.”

Written by Riley Schatzle, Next Shark 

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It’s Official: Paula Deen Has Type 2 Diabetes

While news of Paula Deen’s plan to announce her diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes has been the subject of many “ohhh shocker” and “Didn’t see that coming” jokes, it wasn’t until yesterday that the chef officially told the world.

On the set of the “Today” show, Paula Deen admitted that he had the disease and has now become a paid spokeswoman for pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

The interview revealed that Deen had actually been diagnoses three years ago, but took some time to cope with the disease, consult her physician and reflect with her family. At the time of her initial diagnosis, her concern was that she had nothing to give her “fellow friends,” but now, in partnership with the pharmaceutical company, she’s offering recipes and information about the disease via a new website,

Her memorable line in the interview sets the tone of her life and career moving forward,

I’m here today to let the world know that it is not a death sentence. — Paula Deen

According to a recent interview with USA Today, Paula Deen said she gave up her favorite sweet tea, she’s exercising regularly on a treadmill and taking Victoza (Novo Nordisk non-insulin injected diabetes medication. This LA Times article also reminds that Deen has other vices outside of fatty foods, including a 50-year smoking habit (definitely a possible risk increaser for developing diabetes).

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Paula Deen Expected to Reveal That She Has Diabetes?

Reports from several sources claim that popular chef and entrepreneur Paula Deen will soon announce that she has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a disease often linked to obesity. If the claims prove true, it looks like Paula’s career of hawking fatty, butter-lathered dishes will have finally caught up with her.

The 64-year-old chef faces rumors of potentially signing a multimillion dollar deal to become the new face of a Novartis drug used to help treat the disease, but a Novartis rep told CBSNews that they hadn’t signed a deal with her.

While Dean has maintained some sensual and tasty cooking shows and recipes in years past, her two sons who have become food television fixtures themselves, have found their way to a healthier lifestyle (they’ve both trimmed up since their earlier years on television). Her son Bobby Deen currently has a series entitled “Not My Mama’s Meals,” a show on the Cooking Channel that transforms his mother’s Southern comfort food into lighter and lean dishes without compromising all the taste.

Our thoughts go out to Paula Deen and her family, and here’s to many more years of deliciousness from the Deen camp.