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Rapper ‘The Game’ Shows How To Make A Takis Grilled Cheese Sandwich [WATCH]

West Coast rapper The Game channeled his inner-Tym Bussanich in the kitchen and whipped up a Takis Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Taking to his Instagram for the video recipe, The Game showed the step-by-step, as he smashed the Takis corn chips in a molcajete bowl, coated the bread in egg wash, then coated the bread with the Takis dust.


The Game then applied the cheese, heated up a questionable amount of cooking oil, and tossed the sandwich in there, which created a nice splash that could have burned the hell out of him.

Game even gives us a gratuitous #saltbae reference, as he used a splash of water to make sure the cooking oil was hot enough.


The end result looked, well, a little burnt, but you have to give him credit for trying. According to his Instagram caption, he was left home alone and had to fend for himself while watching the NFL playoff games.

He probably could have asked our boy Tym Bussanich for some advice, as he perfected the Cheetos-covered grilled cheese.

Ok you spoke!! You win!! No sound Cheetos and cheese sandwich

A video posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

Sorry, Game. Your sandwich looked kind of boo boo, and using those Mini Takis instead of a full sized bag was a weak move. But on the off chance you read this article, just know I grew up on The Documentary album and have always loved your music. Please don’t kill me, but also, please don’t let anyone eat that sandwich.

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How To Make A Picture-Perfect Grilled Cheese

Sometime in the last couple years, the “cheese pull” became one of the most crucial elements to factor when posting food photos on social media. There’s something about a string of hot, melted dairy that really gets Instagrammers to doubletap their screens.

Tym Bussanich, the fast food Da Vinci that made a cheeseburger-stuffed pizza, decided to share his secret to making the perfect cheese stretch.

Bussanich starts off with the fundamental components of a grilled cheese: bread, butter, and cheese. The mad genius then takes two slices of bread, cuts them diagonally, and butters them up.

The first bit of sliced cheese goes on top of the bread, followed by a layer of shredded mozzarella for stretch. Another layer of sliced cheese is placed on top of the mozzarella and the sandwich is cooked evenly on both sides.

Because he sliced the bread before cooking the sandwich, the cheese stretch is much more balanced than if he were to cut it after cooking. The result is a beautiful display of that we can only compare to a snowflake.

If you’re a fan of cheese pulls, there’s also a festival coming up that features plenty of explicitly melty items to get our hands on.

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Feedback: Top User Comments Of The Week [Sept. 16]

Welcome to another edition of our weekly Foodbeast “Feedback,” where we feature your Facebook comments, and respond directly to your views on our recipes and stories.

We saw some interesting things in the food world this week, as y’all gave your two cents on our stories this week, like a girl who ate ant-covered chips, thinking it was pepper.

Apparently there’s some anger toward our Gordon Ramsay coverage, as well.

Regardless of what you say, good or bad, we appreciate that you read our stories and take the time to add your own commentary on the web.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?


STORY: Gordon Ramsay Teaches Us How To Make Pancakes  

As my colleague Reach Guinto would say, “Gordon Ramsay is the Gawd!” It’s not all of a sudden, as Gordon has always been one of our favorite subjects to write about, and as long as he keeps being the bad-ass, shit-talking chef that he is, we will continue to write about him.


Story: This Drone is Designed To Follow You With Jerky

Thankfully the drone isn’t activated by the smell of jerky, so in theory, you could put bacon on top if you wanted to. Heck we could employ it with both beef jerky AND bacon. This thing needs to come out ASAP (drools).


VIDEO:Jeff’s Table: Behold the Simple Elegance of Eggo Waffles

Those first few seconds of melted, buttery goodness are everything. Jeff’s Table is one hell of a table, and we share your feelings.

STORY: This Shot Is The Result Of You Being A Jerk to The Bartender

We have to agree. Bartenders have so much control over your night. They are like puppeteers who can let you have a great night, or a terrible one. Don’t piss them off, they don’t deserve it, really.

STORY: Over $200K Was Donated To This 89-Year-Old Popsicle Vendor For His Daughter’s Funeral

It was beautiful to see people come together and help this 90-year-old man. We can’t hear enough stories like this.

Story:Madman Makes A McDonald’s Cheeseburger-Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

We’re going to have to respectfully disagree. There is absolutely an exact amount of weed that would make this seem appealing. We might just have to experiment and find out exactly what that amount is, then get back to you.

Story: Woman Accidentally Eats Potato Chips Covered In Dead Ants Thinking They Were Black Pepper

Why the hell are so many of you accidentally eating ants? My trust issues are climbing. I’m going to question everything I eat from now on.

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Lasagna-Stuffed Pizza Is The Italian Food Debacle That Should Rage In Your Mouth


If you’re unfamiliar with Tym Bussanich, he’s the Instagram chef putting together mashups you wouldn’t believe were real, if not for him recording them and posting on his account.

This time, Big Tym dropped his fiery mixtape to the tune of a lasagna-stuffed, deep-dish pizza.

Similar to his McDonald’s cheeseburger pizza recipe, he used pizza dough as the foundation. Bussanich then placed a fully cooked Stouffer’s lasagna over the crust. An additional pizza crust then went over the lasagna, giving it the deep dish feel. Then, he added the cheese and sauce, as the carb-heavy dish was set to go in the oven.

The finishing touch was a buttery topcoat that gave it a nice, golden glow.

By the time it was ready to eat, the cheese pull was second-to-none, as the layers of gooeyness shined as the real MVP in this recipe.

Peep the vid below and bask in the glory of the Lasagna Pizza:

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This Dude’s Version Of Bite-Sized Jalapeño Poppers Is LIT

We’re huge fans of jalapeño poppers. Any incarnation of those cheesy, deep-fried wedges of heat we can get our hands on, we’re more than happy to pop into our mouths. Big Tym, also known as the infamous Tym Bussanich, created a miniature version of the iconic appetizer.

Bite size jalapeño poppers!!!

A video posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

Taking fresh jalapeños, he slices them up and neatly smears cream cheese into the now hollow pepper. The pieces are then breaded and submerged into white-hot oil. As it resurfaces, it’s reborn as a delicious bite-sized snack with a 1 to 1 cheese to heat ratio.

This was a perfect combination when it comes to jalapeño poppers. Check out his video above, for the incredibly straightforward recipe.

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This Guy Turned His In-N-Out Meal Into A Bong [WATCH]

A video posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

It’s not unusual to catch a stoner at In-N-Out Burger, as one of California’s most potent cures for the munchies is the cheesy, toasty, secret sauce-filled Double-Double.

While In-N-Out can hit the spot after a relaxing smoke sesh, Instagram chef Tym Bussanich disrupted the order of things by combining the meal and his bong hits — at the same damn time.

The In-N-Out Bong is just as ridiculous as it sounds, as Bussanich stuffed his drink cup with fries, made somewhat precise cuts along the cup and through the burger, stuffed the makeshift bowl with his choice of weed, and proceeded to smoke his burger-loving heart out in the middle of Venice Beach, California.

In-n-out bong!!!! Animal style Watch previous video

A photo posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

Tym said it was his first trip to In-N-Out and he sure made it a memorable one, or forgettable one, depending how strong that green was.


Why We Totally Should Be Stuffing Onion Rings



The United States is a country that thrives on innovation in a world that demands transformation. We owe it to ourselves to push forward and evolve. That’s why it’s so dumb when people think onion rings should just be onion rings.

When did we become so uninspired? When did we become so satisfied with the same, year after year? When did we become a species that looked at onion rings and thought, “Good enough?”

See, that’s why we should fear The Singularity. Because once that happens, and the robots take over, they’re just going to do everything we always dreamed of. Oh, you thought it was a big deal we went to the moon? Listen, when the machines are running things, they’re straight up going to Manifest Destiny the whole solar system, and they’ll be stuffing onion rings all damn day while doing it.

Now, to be fair, a few people/certifiable geniuses, most notably Instagram chef Tym Bussanich, have figured it out.

Onion ring dog!!! Watch previous video

A photo posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

– There’s mac ‘n cheese-stuffed onion rings. All you have to do is add mac ‘n cheese to onion slices, freeze them on a tin foil tray, and then, after 30 minutes, coat them in beer batter and panko crust before finally putting them in the deep fryer.

– There’s burger-stuffed onion rings. To get wild accordingly, take a thick onion circle, cover it with something (some people use bacon), and fill the middle with your burger patty or crumbles. Then throw on some batter and deep fry that thing.

– There’s green bean casserole-stuffed onion rings. In a slight, but awesome, variation, stir together a casserole filling of green beans, soup, egg, milk, fried onion rings and salt/pepper in a bowl. Layer three onion rings on a cookie sheet and fill the stack accordingly. Then bake at 350 degrees for roughly 20 minutes.

You guys, we pretty much just have to wrap stuff in onion and then deep-fry it. This isn’t mathematics. We don’t have to measure the diameter of an opening and then compare that to the desired stuffing interior. I mean, come on, were you always the person in group projects in school who tried one thing and then quit while you waited for the smart girl to finish everything out of furious spite?

We’re dreamers! What happened?

I was raised in an era where being offered onion rings as a fry alternate was a thrill.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you correctly. What was that about onion rings?” I must’ve repeated a dozen times as a child at take-your-pick of casual dining restaurants and mediocre steakhouses (my parents saved the fancy places for evenings they had a sitter).

“You can have onion rings instead of fries,” a dozen college students in tacky waiting gear told me in return.

“Whoa ho ho!” I’d exclaim, rubbing my grubby, freakishly long hands together.

And that was, like, two decades ago. These days, I should be asked things like, “Would you like your onion rings stuffed with blue cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, or more onion rings?”

That’s the country I believe in. That’s the world I want to live in.


Burger King Is Releasing Mac N’ Cheetos And It’s Already Breaking The Internet

Update: Burger King has announced that Mac N’ Cheetos will be officially released at participating locations for a limited time starting  June 27, 2016. 

Burger King has been introducing all types of new menu items lately. Grilled hot dogs recently found a home at the BK Lounge, last week we showed you exactly what a Whopperito, the combination of a Whopper and a burrito, looked like, but nothing prepared us what The King released today.

Mac N’ Cheetos.

mac n cheetos 3

There’s nothing quite like a giant Cheeto Puff, stuffed with warm macaroni and cheese. Burger King was silent about the drop for this menu item, and it was rumored that Southern California was the only market where BK was testing the Mac N’ Cheetos. Luckily, our local Burger King in Santa Ana, Calif., had them on deck.

This combination of snack foods is straight out of a Tym Bussanich wet dream. Even though the Mac N’ Cheetos are available at Burger King for a limited time, we can’t wait to see the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos version of this cheesy combination.

Photo by Isai Rocha of Foodbeast