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The Foods Stoners Stock Up On For 4/20

Anyone who observes the religious holiday of 4/20 will tell you that you need to stock up on very particular snacks to keep you going through the night.

The April 20 unofficial holiday is a perfect excuse for weed enthusiasts to get high without boundaries, but it is also an excuse to eat whatever the hell you want at the same time.

Everyone has their own strategy. You might make a quick run to Taco Bell and stock up on Doritos Locos Tacos or just walk to 7-Eleven and grab 20 bags of Cheetos. Either way, you know it will hit the spot.

A convenience store delivery service called goPuff hooked us up with some data to let us know what their users have been clamoring for the most on this haziest of days, and while some foods are obvious, others might surprise you.

Check out the snacks below and see if they fall in line with your 4/20 process:

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

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Nerds Rope

Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s


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Nacho Cheese Doritos

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Mexican Coke

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Kit Kat

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Laffy Taffy – Strawberry

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Grocery News Packaged Food Products Sweets

White Chocolate Twix Are Permanently Returning To Stores Nationwide

Last year, a seasonal, limited-time White Chocolate Twix arrived in stores that folks were raving over. To this day, people are still hunting down the coveted candy bars on sites like Amazon, hoping that they would return soon. It looks like those people are finally getting their wish.

Apparently, the limited edition version of White Chocolate Twix, pictured above, was so beloved that candy giant Mars decided to bring it back to stores. However, unlike last time, the candy bars will be making a permanent return to stores, Brand Eating reports. Food Drink & Franchise confirms this, as both their site and Brand Eating state that the new Twix will be hitting shelves starting next month.

The white-chocolate coated caramel candy bars will return in a variety of shapes and sizes. Single and double packs, along with bags of fun-sized White Chocolate Twix bars, will be available as part of the massive return. Additionally, a new dark chocolate Twix will also make its way into stores some time before the end of the year.

Now we just need a Ruby Chocolate Twix bar, and we’ll have every single chocolate type in the caramel candy bar form.

Fast Food Restaurants Sweets

Taco Bell Is Now Testing Kit Kat Quesadillas In The United States

Taco Bell has definitely been pushing the envelope when it comes to test items this year. Their newest creation, however, is definitely sweeter than the rest.

Stores in the area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin have been reportedly been selling Kit Kat-stuffed quesadillas called “Chocoladillas.” The $1 dessert item consists of a tortilla folded around melted chocolate and pieces of the iconic candy wafer. Currently available for an unknown amount of time, there’s also a Twix version of the Taco Bell treat available at some locations, Brand Eating reports.

Taco Bell Caramel Chocoladilla

This isn’t the first time Taco Bell has come up with Kit Kat quesadillas for dessert, however. Last year, the chain’s UK locations sold the same item for a limited period. Back then, they were called “Chocadillas,” and the internet easily fell in love with them once news broke.

Considering that they were a limited-time release in the UK, and that this is a test item in the US, the Kit Kat quesadillas likely won’t be around for long.

Fast Food Sweets What's New

7-Eleven Just Added A TWIX Donut Bar To Their Pastry Line-Up

There are four things we like to grab when we visit 7-Eleven: a Slurpee, a chocolate bar, a donut, and lottery scratchers.

Well 7-Eleven has combined two of those four things into a brand new item hitting stores. No, it’s not a Slurpee with a lottery ticket on the cup (though that would be pretty kickass). The retailer chain has announced the addition of a new TWIX Donut.

The new morning pastry features caramel icing and a generous chocolate drizzle, then topped off with chopped pieces of TWIX chocolate candy bars. A little from column A and a little from column B.

According to Foodbeast Managing Editor Richard Guinto:

“That donut was delicious.”

Now we won’t have to fumble juggling two sweets and fishing out our car keys from our pockets.

You can find the TWIX Donut at participating 7-Eleven locations for $1.69 for a limited time, through the next three months.

Now let’s revisit that Slurpee Scratcher idea…

New #Twix donuts from 7-Eleven are now available!! 🍫🍩 #foodbeast

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Fast Food

McDonald’s Is Testing A TWIX MCFLURRY In The US


A while back, McDonald’s started offering the Twix McFlurry at international restaurant locations. Now, it looks like they’re finally beginning to test the sweet dessert in US stores.

GrubGrade reports that the Twix McFlurry was spotted in Florida late last month. Made with soft-serve ice cream mixed together with chunks of Twix candy. Hopefully the new McFlurry sees a national release. There’s nothing we love more than a good Twix bar. According to Impulsive Buy, McDonald’s is also offering the sweet treat in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

A snack-sized McFlurry costs $1.79 and a regular size usually goes for $2.39.

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This Is a Giant Twix Bar You Can Make At Home [WATCH]


Three ingredients, no baking and a complete run time of under 30 minutes for a GIANT TWIX BAR THE SIZE OF A CAKE? I can get down on that.

Elise of My Cupcake Addiction YouTube channel is blessing the Internet with an amazing recipe for a GIANT TWIX BAR that requires no baking. Someone tie my hands behind my back and touch me where I’m warm because I’m going in head first:


Twix Ice Cream Bars


Recipe: Creme De La Crumb


Twix Now Available in Mini, Unwrapped ‘Bites’


It seems left Twix and right Twix have finally stopped fighting and instead decided to bless the world with a bunch of tiny naked Twix babies. Or something like that.

Like Snickers, Milky Way, and 3 Musketeers before it, Mars brand Twix has repackaged itself into grab bags of bite sized, chocolate caramel and cookie-filled nuggets. A perfectly timed release for a season where reaching into a bag of melted chocolate pieces is the least of anyone’s worries.

Available in packs of 2.83 and 7 ounces, they’re calling it the “biggest” innovation in Twix brand history. We’re not sure if pun intended.