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Pop-Tarts Called The Cops On A Man Who Puts Mustard On Their Product

Turns out the folks at Pop-Tarts have a breaking point.

FOX News reports that Pop-Tarts came across a man who had a very unconventional way of enjoying his toaster pastries. In a now deleted tweet, the guy said would spread yellow mustard onto his Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Latte-flavored Pop-Tarts.

Gross, but to each his own.

After seeing this, however, Pop-Tarts retweeted the post and then tagged the Illinois State Police.

To which the Illionois State Police replied:

Talk about putting a guy on blast.

The original poster has since deleted his image featuring the breakfast pastry covered in mustard. Hopefully he know’s this is all in jest and the cops aren’t actually after him.

Still, Pop-Tart aficionados, be aware of what photos you post on social media involving Pop-Tarts. Chances are you’ll get called out if they think you’re doing it wrong.

Looks like I’ll be eating my Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts and anchovies away from social media.

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Everyone’s Now Learning That MoonPie Is Actually Savage On Twitter

If you take a casual look at MoonPie’s Twitter account, you’ll immediately notice smart-ass posts and responses to other users, and basically a really well run account for a snack brand that is more than 100 years old.

Recently, Wendy’s has received plenty of social media buzz due to their hilarious burns and great interaction with other Twitter users, but little by little, other stuffy companies with cookie-cutter social media profiles are starting to understand that you have to actually try and be engaging on social media.

So here comes MoonPie, the old school graham cracker cookie that’s filled with a marshmallow center and covered in chocolate, showing people how it’s done.

MoonPies have a modest 44 thousand Twitter followers, and probably aren’t the first brand you think about when it comes to savvy social media interaction, but they have been getting a little more attention as of late, with folks starting to realize that MoonPies is a must-follow on Twitter.

It’s not like MoonPies are burning up the market with ridiculous “stunt foods” or creating jaw-dropping new flavors. They’re just a solid snack who has been doing their thing since 1917, and are still keeping themselves relevant.

MoonPies are more beloved in the south than anywhere else in the U.S., but at least their Twitter is reaching out to a wider audience, reminding us that they still exist, which is crucial, because I totally forgot about them, but am now craving one. Well played, MoonPie. Well played.

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Papa John’s Flips Off Neo-Nazis On Twitter, Not Everybody’s Buying It

Papa John’s really, REALLY doesn’t want to be linked to Neo-Nazis anymore.

In a fiery trio of tweets, the pizza giant came out with an explanation regarding the events of the past couple of weeks. For those who need catching up, Papa John’s caught some shade for blaming the NFL’s handling of players’ national anthem protests on their drop in sales. The alt-right later made the chain their official pizza, something that Papa John didn’t want even a miniscule part of.

Papa John’s full response to their ongoing controversy is below:

Still, not everybody is buying Papa John’s apology, even if part of it flips off Neo-Nazis. Several responded to the pizza purveyor’s tweets by throwing some shade of their own.

While fans may not be completely buying Papa John’s apology, it has yet to be seen if the shareholders feel the same way. As of press time, Papa John’s stock was down 0.85 points, or 1.43 percent, on Wednesday morning.

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KFC Sent This Epic Portrait To The Guy Who Spotted Their 11 Herbs & Spices Gag

A few weeks ago, an eagle-eyed fan spotted something curious about Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Twitter page. The account only followed 11 people: 6 dudes named Herb and 5 Spice Girls. Eleven herbs and spices. Brilliant.

For that fan who Sherlock’d this gag, KFC had a special treat.

The fried chicken chain commissioned this epic portrait of @edgette22 being carried by the late Colonel Sanders. Truly an epic sight.

The painting is said to be made by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the same folks who worked on the Old Spice commercials.

Man, we hope KFC does another low-key gag soon. We’d love to hang a custom portrait like this over our bed. Gives us something to stare at while thoughts of extra crispy thighs sing us to sleep.

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DiGiorno Savagely Clowns On Papa John’s Falling Stock

DiGiorno and Papa John’s might be in different pizza markets, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a good ol’ fashioned rivalry.

Papa John recently spoke on the NFL’s wave of protests, attributing the pizza company’s plummeting stock to the NFL not handling the issue immediately. Papa John is known for working closely with sports teams, particularly the NFL, but he recently pulled some ads, even though he’s always had a man crush on Peyton Manning.

DiGiorno wasn’t buying what Papa John was selling, though, and basically Tweeted out Wednesday that Papa John’s should just focus on making better pizza.


They didn’t stop with the snarky tweets though, as they upgraded their pettiness to reflect on their Twitter bio:


This isn’t the first time DiGiorno has gone after Papa John’s as they seem to be an easy target. There was a time in 2015 that Iggy Azalea tweeted out a complaint about Papa John’s, and DiGiorno was right on top of it.

Papa John’s tried clapping back with a dad joke-like Twitter bio that probably won’t go over as well. I kind of get what they were getting at, but the execution wasn’t that funny.

Not helping Papa John’s case, Pizza Hut execs came out to say that they’ve felt no impact over protests, and their sales have been just fine.

Whether protests really are the reason Papa John’s is suffering, or the fact that their crust is pretty mediocre, DiGiorno seems to be the high school bully that won’t let them live anything down.

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Strawberries On Pizza Is The Ridiculous New Trend That’s Topping The Pineapple Debate

If you were against the notion of putting pineapple on top of your cheesy, savory pizza, you might be mortified by its strawberry counterpart.

A carefully crafted tweet sent out by user @MoonEmoji showed a cheese pizza topped with strawberry slices. The caption simply read, “Strawberries>pineapples” and that was enough to spark a new, and equally heated, debate.

Suddenly, everyone who ranted and raved over the pineapple on pizza debate, had a new topic to dig in to.

Can strawberry on pizza actually be good? Some were actually intrigued by the idea:




But for the most part, people were not amused by the idea of the sweet fruit being combined with the salty, cheesiness you usually get from a pizza.





Even DiGiorno took notice of the hot debate, and while they didn’t pick a side, they did instigate that pineapple pizza is “likely offended.”

This is probably something we didn’t need in our lives, and should probably be burned to death, but it will forever live on the internet, and somehow, it’ll likely become a legitimate trend — because it’s 2017 and the world is ending.

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How Your Next Instagram Food Pic Can Literally Feed Hungry Children

While most hashtags on social media do nothing more than promote, Virgin Mobile and and Feeding America has teamed up to create a hashtag that will actually do some good.

“One hashtag=one meal,” seems to be the slogan they’re going with, and if you use the hashtag #DonateMyPlate on your upcoming food photos for both Instagram or Twitter, Virgin Mobile will donate “the money equivalent of one meal” to the Feeding America network.

Proud to #DonateMyPlate and help @virginmobileusa and @feedingamerica to end hunger in the US

A post shared by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on

I looked up and down for a catch, but you don’t have to sign up for anything, you don’t have to do a survey, or even buy anything from Virgin Mobile, you literally just have to use the hashtag on your food photos, and Virgin Mobile will do the rest.

There are no restrictions on the food content, either. You can put up a picture of your ordinary Cup Noodles, or that lavish once-in-a-lifetime dinner at a steakhouse, and they all count the same towards the donations.

It feels like they legitimately just want to raise awareness, and do some good.

If you don’t trust them for whatever reason, you can check out more info for yourself on Virgin Mobile USA, but it literally would cost you nothing to type down a hashtag and help the fight to end hunger. I know I will.

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Everyone Relax, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Aren’t Going Anywhere

You probably saw a disgusting story on your Facebook or Twitter feed that claimed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were being discontinued by the end of 2017.

Hopefully you didn’t fall for it, but if you did, I’m here to calm your nerves and confirm that the story was written as a prank gone terribly wrong, or right, depending on how you look at it.

There is a prank site called Breaking News 365 that actually lets you create your own fake stories, and that’s where the Reese’s story originated. You can give your faux story a headline and photo to support it and make it sound legit. It’s basically a blog, but with a somewhat legit sounding url.

If you look at the picture below, you can see that it is really easy to create these fake stories:

The story included a false quote from an alleged press conference. They didn’t bother saying who conducted the so-called press conference, but not all satire sites can be at the caliber of Kayfabe news or the Onion.

You probably also saw it on a satire site called Action News 3, who could have been responsible for the other “report” as well, as it’s the exact same copy and pasted story.

Still, while it was clearly a joke, it didn’t stop people from freaking out over the false news:









While Reese’s didn’t feel the need to publicly address the fake story, it seems they did respond to a concerned Twitter user, who posted a photo of an interaction with the candy company:

Hopefully everyone can calm down now. Reese’s isn’t going anywhere, and we can still fill childrens’ bags with them this coming Halloween.