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These Alcohol-Infused Cherries Will Get You Low-Key Drunk

For quite some time now, people have been infusing alcohol into food and beverages, namely fruits and desserts. One particularly common practice in the south is to put fruits into moonshine mason jars and let them soak up all the moonshiney goodness. It’s not just fruits either. Hell, I ate a cocktail weenie infused with Everclear once and it was horrendous, although it was supposed to be.

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Larry Trachtenbroit, a beverage industry expert for over 15 years, created Twisted Cherries, a jar full of alcohol-infused cherries used as a fun way to spice up anything from desserts to drinks.

Each canister is filled to the brim and sealed tight using recycled plastic materials. These cherries boast an impressive 6% ABV while also sporting an easy price tag of just $8.99 per canister.

The hand-picked cherries come in two different flavors, “Original Cherry Bomb” and “Balls of Fire,” the latter being mixed with cinnamon-infused alcohol to create a spicy, flavorful kick.

Trachtenbroit’s creation has been doing so well lately that he even made it onto the acclaimed show Shark Tank in order to show off his delicious creation in the hopes of receiving some financial backing from some of the biggest names in business.

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Craving: Red Licorice

red licorice

Maybe I don’t spend enough time at home because without knowing my mother purchased a tub of licorice from Costco and it’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for a week unopened. I think I knew it was there but just hadn’t broken into it yet. But today was different, and the 25 pieces I just had proves it. A can of coke goes greats with adding to the stomach ache I’m going to have in an hour.