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Here’s How The Twinkie Came From A Strawberry

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The canary yellow sponge cake filled with creme have been around for decades. Have you every once taken a moment, as you bite into its soft buttery shell and sink your teeth into the sugary white center, where this convenient little cake came from?

Let’s take a trip back to the 1930s, in the time of the Great Depression.

In Josh Chetwynd’s book, How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun, we learn that the creation of Twinkies can be attributed to the strawberry.

In 1930, Continental Baking Company baker James Dewar, thought it would be practical to make the most of the machines the factory used to create cream-filled strawberry shortcakes. Because the strawberries were out of season, the machines sat idle for months.

Dewar created a brand-new snack cake with another fruit, the banana, which was more easily accessible throughout the year.

The new item was dubbed the Twinkie, named after a billboard he allegedly saw on a road trip for Twinkle Toe Shoes. Denwar shortened it to make the cake more marketable to children.

During World War II, bananas were pulled from the ingredients due to food rationing. The ingredient was shortly replaced with vanilla, which caused Twinkie sales to skyrocket.

The rest is history.

Now, it’s safe to say that Twinkies have become a cultural food icon synonymous with nachos and the Big Mac. Hostess sells hundreds of millions of cakes per year. Films like Zombieland even focused a major plot point on the delightful little sponge cakes.

There you have it, the story behind the beloved golden sponge cake.

We’ve seen many variations over the years from blue raspberry, Ecto-Cooler, to even the original Banana versions. Though, to be honest, nothing beats the classic vanilla.

Behold, blue Twinkie.

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TWINKIES ICE CREAM is Now On Grocery Store Shelves


Twinkies are one of the most beloved snacks out there. The only possible way to make them better is to jam a bunch of them into ice cream form.

Well, it turns out that Hostess, the company who makes Twinkies, has teamed up with Nestle to do just that. Thankfully, that ice cream is now starting to appear in grocery stores.

CSP Daily News confirmed that this mashup was happening towards the end of 2016, and that convenience stores and Dollar Generals would begin carrying the products some time between February and May of this year. The Twinkies ice cream is part of a product line of Hostess Desserts ice creams that includes CupCakes and SnoBalls, as well.


Photo: The Impulsive Buy

It seems that some stores have gotten the ice creams a bit ahead of schedule, as The Impulsive Buy picked up a photo of the Twinkies ice cream from a fan, who found the ice cream at a Riesbeck’s grocery store.

There’s no telling if the exciting new dessert has made it elsewhere yet, but we’ve reached out to Hostess regarding the product release and are waiting to hear back.

Stay tuned to keep posted on this exciting ice cream and Twinkies mashup.

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An Australian Restaurant Is Serving Nutella-Stuffed Fried Twinkies

It seems like every year, Australia tries to put us to shame with their larger than life dessert creations, and the trend keeps chugging along with these Deep-Fried Nutella Twinkies.

Piccolo Me in Sydney created these ambitious little Twinkies, injecting them with Nutella, breading them with crushed Weetbix (An Australian cereal), and deep frying them, of course. Then they drizzled more Nutella, topped it all with crushed Oreo cookies, and served it with a scoop of ice cream.

Yeah, we know, it sounds amazing.

This isn’t Piccolo Me’s first time making headlines with its Nutella creations. In January, the restaurant introduced the Maltella, a fried ice cream and Nutella-filled ball that made us drool.

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The restaurant will have these Nutella-filled Twinkies on its menu starting next week.


Your Childhood Just Exploded With This Ecto Cooler Fried Twinkie Recipe

Some good did come from that awful-looking Ghostbusters remake, as without its heavy promotion, the Key Lime Slime Twinkies and Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler drinks would have never made their way back on store shelves and into our 80s-loving hearts.

The green slime-inspired products look like they’d make a perfect couple on Love Connection, so our buddy Nick Chipman from Dude Foods found a way to masterfully mix the two for a ghastly recipe that’ll leave your tongue green with envy, and food coloring.

We first saw this recipe come to life on Tastemade’s All Nighter show, as our own Elie Ayrouth strolled into Chipman’s Wisconsin home and watched the man put it together. As Elie spent the night trying to figure out what the night life is like in Milwaukee, it only seemed natural to visit the Frankenfood King at 4 a.m.

Chipman essentially made a neon green Ecto Cooler batter, dumped some Key Lime Slime Twinkies in it, and dropped it into the fryer like my mixtape. As an added bonus, Chipman added some mint custard, seeing how it’s a big deal in Wisconsin.

Sure this dessert looks a little gnarly, but it beats out that garbage Ghostbusters trailer, any day.

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Deep-Fried Twinkies Are Now Available At Walmart

Deep-fried Twinkies are now something you can binge on from the comfort of your own home and I can hear my arteries starting to clog now.

Hostess has answered our deep-fried prayers as they just brought to market one of the original, sinful fair snacks. The dream begins at Walmart’s across the nation tomorrow, August 16th.

“How consumer trends tell us to focus on both products that are healthy and overindulgent – those “sometimes” foods that are so good they’re worth the calories.” –Walmart’s John Pearson

The brand is hoping that THIS is the snack that consumers will reach for when they feel like indulging.

According to Walmart, the product will be available in two flavors, original and chocolate.

But will they taste the same as the fresh-out-the-fryer, doused-in-powered-sugar, deep-fried Twinkies that state fair food stands have stolen our hearts with for years?

We’ll definitely be finding out for ourselves!


Photo Credit: Aaron Bogert

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Twinkies Adds Ghostbuster-themed Flavor To Hype Upcoming Film


The new Ghostbusters movie is a little more than a month away and promotions are starting to kick into gear for the franchises’ reboot. Hostess, best known for their iconic Twinkies, teamed up with Sony Entertainment to release these rad looking Key Lime Slime Twinkies.

Almost identical to a regular Twinkies, the new flavor boasts a bright green, lime-flavored creme filling.

You can find the limited-edition Ghostbuster Twinkies available at grocery stores nationwide. You’ll probably want to hurry, though. Whether or not the movie does well, these spooky-scary Twinkies look pretty damn cool.

Ghostbusters hits US theaters July 15.

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It’s Hard Out There For a Twinkie: OG Twinkie Factory Shutting Down


Hostess fans nationwide were offered snack food salvation after their beloved Twinkies returned to store shelves last summer. Though your favorite junk food sweets are safe, their birthplace is not.

Thanks to the slew of impostors and copy cats that flooded the market in Hostess’ eight month absence, the original Twinkie factory is shutting its doors for good. The Schiller Park, IL based plant gave birth to the Twinkie back in the 1930’s and closed up shop in 2012 during Hostess’ bankruptcy. The plant reopened in 2013 but even “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever” couldn’t save this OG Twinkie factory.

With Hostess fighting to stay “highly efficient and technologically advanced to compete” coupled with the fact that demand for Hostess goodies is down, the plant that employs nearly 400 workers will officially close up in October.

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