Horrific Shootout At Sports Bar Chain Prompts The Restaurant’s Permanent Closure


A massive biker-gang fight at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas, left nine dead and 192 in police custody. The incident occurred Sunday, May 17 at the mountain-themed sport lodge and bar, closing it down in order for authorities to secure the scene. Turns out, Twin Peaks’ corporate office in Dallas has no plans to reopen the location.

The fight allegedly began over a parking spot during a recruitment for new gang members. Police were already on the scene to make sure nothing went wrong before the brawl started in the restaurant’s parking lot. What began as a heated argument quickly led to fists, knives, chains and guns being drawn.

Officers opened fire as things escalated. A total of nine gang members were killed, 18 hospitalized and 192 arrested once things came to an end. Luckily, no customers or bystanders were injured at all.

In a public statement, the company said that the management of the location chose to ignore warnings and advice from corporate and the local police and wanted to keep certain gang members around. Because of this, which presumably led to the horrific incident, the Waco location will be shut down and the franchise agreement will be revoked.



Top 10 Veteran’s Day Free Food Specials 2013


In honor of those who have served or are currently serving our nation, we’ve collected a round-up of all the free specials offered on Monday, Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day. From donuts and coffee at Krispy Kreme to hand-crafted burgers at Champs, we’ve compiled the top 10 Veterans Day deals across the nation.

*Remember to check the company sites for any details listed, such as identification requirements, exact dates and locations where offers are valid, etc.


Krispy Kreme


Krispy Kreme will be offering all active-duty, retirees & veterans a free doughnut and small coffee, Nov. 11, 2013.




Shoney’s will be offering free All-American Burgers to all Vets and Actives Monday, Nov. 11.




Champp’s Americana is offering Veterans and Active Duty Military a free hand-crafted burger and fries all day Nov. 11.


On the Border



On the Border will be offering Veterans and Active a free meal from their “Create Your Own Combo” menu Nov. 11.




Paciugo Gelato Caffe is offering Veteran’s and those in service a free Gelatte for serving on Nov. 11.




Any Veterans or those in Active duty be sure to swing by Menchie’s for a free frozen yogurt on Monday, Nov. 11.


Little Caesar’s


Little Caesar’s is offering a free bag of crazy bread to those who have served or are currently on active duty Nov. 11.


Twin Peaks


Service Men and Women get a free meal on Monday, Nov. 11 at Twin Peaks Mountain Lodge.


Olive Garden

Olive Garden2

Service members receive a complimentary entree at Olive Garden on Nov. 11 from a special menu, which includes Venetian Apricot Chicken, Sausage & Peppers Rustica and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. Family dining with the service member receive a 10 percent discount on their meals throughout the month of November.


Red Lobster


Red Lobster is offering a free appetizer to all Veterans and those in Service from a list of 10 menu items which includes Crispy Fried Green Beans, Lobster Crab and Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms and Sweet Chili Shrimp from Nov. 11 through Nov. 14.


Hooters vs. Twin Peaks — Boobie-Food War Escalates

If restaurants like Hooters have taught us anything, it’s that great things come in pairs; wings and a ball game, great service and a smile, and of course, lawsuits and alleged corporate espionage.

The lawsuit hit Georgia Federal Court this week where a former Hooters VP and current Chief Operations Officer of La Cima Restaurants — the franchisee company of Hooters competitor Twin Peaks — Joseph Hummel is being sued under allegations that he took “sensitive business information” when he defected to La Cima. That information, according to the lawsuit, included plans related to management, distribution of sales and recruitment.  If that weren’t enough, Hummel’s departure also coincided with several other high-ranking Hooters executives’ withdrawal from the company according to the lawsuit.

The coincidences don’t stop there either. Both Hooters and Twin Peaks seem to share a lot in common. Both feature a scantly-clad all-women wait staff serving up delicious comfort food underneath massive hi-def TV’s that exclusively broadcast sporting events. But according to a statement by Twin Peaks co-founder and CEO Randy DeWitt released earlier today, he claims that the lawsuit is “frivolous and baseless.”

The entire rebuttal comes off as confident, full of subtle jabs and not-so-subtle ones at that.

Finally, some reports have left the impression that Joe Hummel was involved in the development of Twin Peaks. Scott Gordon and I founded Twin Peaks in 2005. Joe was not a founder. Scott and I have never worked for Hooters and only went there a few times as customers. We did not think the food was very good and the brand was stuck in the 1980’s, but not in a cool retro way. The fact that they employ an attractive all-female service staff is hardly a secret.Randy DeWitt / CEO of Twin Peaks

Seems like as much as Hooters loves serving up things in twos, this is one pair the company simply won’t abide.


Hooters CEO and Top Execs Leave Company to Invest in Rival Boobie-Food Chain

Twin Peaks, a texas-based rival chain to the longstanding Hooters brand, is on a decent expansion plan over the next 10 years, looking to open 35 new locations throughout six states. Who’s leading the investment stage? Former Hooter’s CEO Coby Brooks, the head of a franchise investment group that has just inked a 10-year agreement to facilitate the Twin Peaks expansion process.

In fact, less than three months ago, Twin Peaks named the former Hooters CEO Rick Akam to the position of COO, further poaching pieces of the Hooters puzzle. The bigger story here is the resignations of several of Hooter’s of America executives, all of which occurred in the last month. Here’s a look at the makeup of Cody Brooks’ investment team:

Joe Hummel, former Executive Vice President of Operations and Purchasing for HOA
Roger Gondek, former Vice President of Company Store Operations for HOA
Clay Mingus, former Vice President and General Counsel for HOA
Jim Tessmer, former Vice President and Controller for HOA
Patti Frederick, who served 17 years as Business Administrator to Bob Brooks, owner of HOA from 1984 until his death in 2006, and with the Brooks estate for the past five years.

For those unfamiliar with the Twin Peaks brand, imagine comfort food, cold beer and hot women in scantily clad clothing presented in a mountain-lodge setting. The branding pushes to be “the ultimate man cave.” To those who’ve frequented Hooter’s for years, does Twin Peaks have an opportunity to become the next Hooters, or is there room in the game for both?

Twin Peaks