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McDonald’s Singapore Has an ‘After Dark’ Menu that Includes a Burger Topped with Egg


Singapore McDonald’s is catering to the munchie-inclined demographic with their new Twilight Menu. The menu is featured as an “after dark” option for McDonald’s patrons, including two burgers, two desserts, a new beverage and a salad. Naturally, they will only be available in the evening hours until right before the sun comes up.

The Grand Twilight Burger is made with a beef patty, caramelized onions, mustard relish, two slices of American cheese, steak sauce and an egg on a sesame bun. The Classic Twilight Burger is a beef patty paired with onion slivers, tomatoes, lettuce, an American cheese slice, nacho cheese sauce and turkey bacon on a sesame bun.

The desserts consist of the Midnight Delight and Sunset Dream, which are essentially brownies and apple pie a la mode. The Delight features mini chocolate brownies topped with vanilla soft serve. The Dream is made with deep-fried McDonald’s Apple Pie, served with vanilla soft serve and topped with vanilla syrup.

The salad option is essentially the same as the garden salad served in the US, with the addition of corn and Japanese sesame dressing. The menu also features the Grapefruit Fizz, which is a combination of grapefruit juice a Sprite.

McDonald’s Twilight Menu will be available from 6 pm to 4 am at participating Singapore McDonald’s locations.

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Bella Italia Mushroom Ravioli [OUR LOOK]

Bella Italia Mushroom Ravioli is an entree that was made famous through Stephanie Meyer’s, Twilight Saga. The dish was originally a special item on the menu of remote Bella Italia Restaurant in Port of Los Angeles, Washington when Meyer was inspired to write the scene where Edward and Bella went on their first date. Because many of us aren’t as lucky as Bella to be romantically involved with a 100 year old vampire that glitters in the sun, Bella Italia Restaurant lets us live vicariously through her by bringing the frozen version of their famous Mushroom Ravioli to our local markets.

Straight out of the box…

7 minutes in the microwave…and we get ravioli soup?

I couldn’t bare to eat it out of the container —

So was it good? I would say it was decent…It didn’t hit the spot, but it was fair. The dish had a good earthy mushroom flavor in the sauce and filling, however, the béchamel was on the bland side. I guess white and pasty just isn’t my thing($10.99 MSRP)


Edible Twilight Book Made with SPAM

We see a lot of edible things that look like other things, usually made from cake. But never before have we seen a book constructed SPAM Musubi style. Taking the art of bento making to the extreme, this tasty creation was found just in time to get ready for the next Twilight movie. It took blogger, Pikko, from, 6 hours to make this bad boy. Check out how this good looking book is made!



Video of the Day: Twilight With Cheeseburgers

Just a quick heads up, it’s kind of disgusting.