Japanese ‘Twerk’ Pudding Is Confounding, Mesmerizing


Guys, I just – I can’t – WHAT.

For as long as we can remember, Japan has dominated the market for making weird sh*t for no apparent reason, so we can’t say we’re too surprised something like this exists. From Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos to Sailor Moon Bibs, it seems like nothing that anyone anywhere has even the faintest fascination in is safe from the Japan’s ever-vigilant merchandising machine — not even Miley Cyrus.

Behold, internet: twerking. f@#king. pudding.

Actually a DIY-mold featuring the anime character Shin-Chan — of Crayon Shin-Chan, a show known for its lightly inappropriate/potty humor — and not everyone’s favorite wrecking ball, this “butt-pudding” was discovered by youtuber bonobos25 earlier this month. It’s also available on Amazon for only ¥1,191 ($12 USD).

Or you could just enjoy these gifs, courtesy of tumblr user kinokorin. Can’t. Look. Away.


H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx kinokorin


Here is Cap’n Crunch Twerking on a Refrigerator [VIDEO]

A few short months ago, one of our writers surfaced a terrible truth: Cap’n Crunch of Cap’n Crunch Cereal fame was not actually a captain. In fact, his 3-striped arm would indicate that he’s actually a Commander.

What resulted was a whirlwind of press surrounding the issue — with fans of the mascot expressing both heartbreak and disgust at the lies they had literally and figuratively been fed ever since they were children.

Today, a few weeks after the hubbub had died down, Cap’n Crunch and his representatives randomly showed up at our office looking for some sort of truce. We told them we’d bury the hatchet if we could get a video of Cap’n Crunch twerking on our office fridge. Long story short, we’re good with the Cap’n now. The Cap’n is also a low-key creeper in real life — we weren’t paid to talk about this, so I felt obligated to tell you that.

Here are some stills from his visit:








 Photos and Video by: Marc Kharrat