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A Schwifty First Look At Rick And Morty’s Ice Cream Pop-Up

It’s been brutal waiting for the fourth season of the cult animated series Rick and Morty to arrive. Luckily, fans of the franchise will have something to tide themselves over with until the Cartoon Network show’s inevitable return.

Immensely popular ice cream chain Afters Ice Cream has announced that December 1 will be the start of their Rick and Morty pop-up. The collaboration will feature two unique ice cream flavors based on the series, clothing, merchandise, and in-store decor at all 25 Southern California locations.

Here’s your first look at this weekend’s launch:

Caramel Portal Ice Cream

Boasts a Rick and Morty interdimensional portal. The green-colored caramel ice cream houses dehydrated marshmallow, and green apple popping isotope candy.

Dark Matter Brownie Batter

A black brownie batter that’s topped with brownie bites and black galaxy sparkle sugar.

Last August, Afters co-founder Scott Nghiem revealed on The Katchup Podcast, the plans to collaborate with Rick and Morty. If you haven’t given the most downloaded episode of the Foodbeast podcast ever, it’s a good one to jump into the series on.

The first 50 customers to arrive for the 6 p.m. launch and purchase the ice cream, will receive a free Afters Ice Cream/Rick and Morty T-shirt.

There will also be an interactive Rick and Morty experience, exclusive to the Pasadena location.

Not gonna lie, when we heard about this pop-up, we were hoping for a “Pickle Rick” flavor. Ah well, maybe at the next collab.

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The Shocking Tale of The ‘Pizza Bomber’ Case Is Netflix’s Latest Must-Binge Documentary

I checked my watch. 3:3oAM.

Around me, three friends with faces all fixated on the TV, either with mouths slightly agape or brows furrowed in morbid fascination. We’re three episodes deep in a four-part true crime documentary that innocently started at midnight as a plan to catch just the first episode. Earlier that evening I’d been gushing about how Netflix’s latest hit series, Evil Genius, was a binge-worthy addition to their running list of shows, so much so, and in such convincing fashion, that it stoked enough intrigue in my friends to delve into it that very night.

This very scenario is just a sample-size of the level interest and fervor Evil Genius has incited thus far after releasing on the streaming giant earlier this month. And who can blame the masses for being gripped by this diabolical tale of a pizza delivery man, Brian Wells, who robbed a local bank with a bomb collared around his neck. What’s more, he was equipped with a cane fashioned into an actual working gun and then instructed to go on wild goose chase filled with different stops and tasks he had to complete in time or else the bomb would discharge.

But Wells would never get as far as completing this scavenger hunt. Moments after stepping out of the bank after committing the robbery, he was stopped by local police. With guns drawn on a then seated Wells, Eerie, Pennsylvania law enforcement were now faced with the challenge of how to tackle a scenario seemingly pulled straight from the Saw movie franchise. They didn’t have too much time to think, however, as the case now became a murder mystery the very moment the bomb suddenly detonated, killing Wells instantly. The footage of his death, though disquieting and horrific, is the initial grip on the audience, dropping jaws and captivating them with a vice-like hold that’s painstakingly applied by the wrought storytelling of Evil Genius’ director, Trey Borzillieri.

And that’s not even the weirdest part of the story.

What follows is a serpentine tale that highlights a rogue’s gallery of characters that are equally disturbed and cunning in their own right, making for plausible suspects for the viewer to determine who of which — or perhaps all — are behind the wild “Pizza Bomber” case. In fact, Wells is considered as a possible suspect, too, given that he displayed remarkable calm in the face of such a scenario, even plucking a lollipop from the bank counter during the robbery and swinging his cane gun like Charlie Chaplin as he walked out the joint.

Pair all of that with the essentials of a compelling true crime case — plot twists and curve balls galore, law enforcement botches — and you have a shocking program that makes for necessary viewing. The fact that it’s only four episodes long should add extra seasoning to the already palatable plot, making for a quick and fascinating binge.


Photos: screenshots via Netflix
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10 Times Hosts Actually Didn’t Like The Food They Ate On Camera

We’ve all had to eat something that we didn’t find appealing. Yet, to hide disgust, we smile and nod, using every bit of energy to act like we’re not about to vomit.

No matter how many times you’ve channeled your inner Ben Stiller from Along Came Polly, when faced with ingesting something that isn’t a part of your normal diet, it’s still hilarious watching someone else turn pale and squirm when having to forcefully swallow their worst food nightmare.

With that said, it’s even funnier when TV hosts find themselves face-to-face with their greatest food phobias on camera, but have nowhere to run, because the show must go on. So, let’s take a moment to watch all the times TV hosts actually didn’t like what they ate on camera.

Global New’s Artichoke Dip

The cast of the Canadian news program, Global News, got a taste of a holiday treat gone wrong, when news anchor Leslie Horton brought in an admittedly bad batch of homemade artichoke dip. However, in this YouTube clip uploaded by Global News, instead of dropping it off in the break room, Leslie decided to torture her colleagues by having them try it on air.

Bear Grylls Larva

When it comes to blindly trekking into the wilderness, Bear Grylls is a jack of all trades. Grylls can find food in any environment. To demonstrate this, this YouTube clip shows us that not all the sustenance Bear comes across is tasty. After finding a large larva worm hiding under some tree bark he explained that these type of bugs, “contain more protein than beef and fish,” pound for pound. Unfortunately, after chewing it, Bear admitted the larva was, “one of the worse things” he’d ever eaten.

James Corden’s Cod Sperm

If you’ve ever watched The Late Late Show with James Corden, then you might be familiar with the game, “Spill your guts or Fill Your Guts,” a Truth or Dare style game that requires the contestants to answer a personal question or eat something unsavory and repulsive, like a bull penis or fish eyes. In this YouTube clip, uploaded to the Late Late Show’s channel, Kendall Jenner gave James Corden the option to answer which one of his parents he prefered or eat cod sperm. However, Corden’s parents were actually in the audience, so being the great son that he is, he kept his mouth shut, and reluctantly swallowed the cod sperm.   

Jimmy Kimmel’s Durian Fruit

When Jimmy Kimmel invited Jessica Chastain on to the ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, she brought him an unexpected gift. In this clip, uploaded to the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel, Jimmy tries durian, which is known to be the worst smelling fruit known to man. It’s safe to assume that after being told that durian is sometimes called, “the bleu cheese of fruit,” Jimmy had second thoughts about inviting her back.   

Gordon Ramsay’s Hottest Curry Ever

Gordon Ramsay knows how to heat up a kitchen. When he’s not screaming obscenities at Hell’s Kitchen contestants, he’s usually cooking up something delicious. Well, you could say the tables turned when Ramsay had the opportunity to try the hottest curry in the world. In this clip, uploaded to Ramsay’s YouTube channel, Ramsay was the one taking the heat. “That’s disgusting,” he said. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever tasted.”

Anderson Cooper turns pale

During an episode of Anderson Cooper Live, the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods,” host Andrew Zimmern did a segment on some really exotic foods, that basically just grossed Cooper out. Some of these items were some of the most left field Zimmern had encountered during his time traveling abroad, including fermented soy beans, webbed goose feet, and a cheese made from pig head. Even though Anderson was a good sport and tasted the items, he immediately spit out his small nibbles.   

Kelly Ripa literally runs away from food

During an episode of the morning talk show Live Kelly and Ryan, host Kelly Ripa literally runs away from John Leguizamo and Andrew Zimmern, while yelling, “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” To her credit, Kelly’s antics were so extra, both Zimmern and Leguizamo stopped trying to convince her.  

Zimmern vs. Durian

For a man that is willing to eat anything, regardless of taste, texture or smell, Andrew Zimmern drew the line at durian fruit. A fruit native to Asiathat’s well-known for it’s spiny exterior shell, and very foul odor, durian is an acquired taste. In this clip, Zimmern finally meets his match as he eats a chunk of fresh durian. Still, despite his cultured palate, the Bizarre Foods mastercouldn’t handle the durian and spit it out within seconds.

Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper eat Tripe

Tripe is from the stomach lining of a cow. While the dish might not sound the most appetizing, it’s an exotic animal part used by multiple cultures. If you’re going to eat tripe for the first time, make sure it’s with the the Vincent Van Gogh of culinary philosophy, Anthony Bourdain.

Stinky Tofu

Every country has an odd snack that is loved by locals, but might disgust the rest of the world. Stinky tofu is one of Taiwan’s favorite traditional snacks, and one thing is certain — it stinks. On a trip to Taiwan, Andrew Zimmern took on the foul smelling treat without any hesitation. However, it’s safe to assume that even the bravest souls might have a tough time swallowing thick, putrid, rotting tofu. You are a brave man, Mr. Zimmern.  

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The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Goes On A National Tour

Earlier this year, Chicago was lucky enough to be the home of the Saved By The Bell pop-up restaurant called Saved By The Max. This left the rest of the country extremely envious of the Windy City’s claim to Zack and the gang.

Don’t worry, there’s hope.

The pop-up announced that they’ll be packing up in Chicago and heading on a nationwide tour so that the rest of the country can enjoy the food inspired by the Bayside High gang. Heck, they even got Big Bopper himself, Mr. Belding, to break the news.

Menu items include both a dinner and brunch menu that feature dishes like the Bayside Burger, Tori’s Fried Chicken, a Time Out Benedict, and Mr. Belding’s Fries.

We still don’t know where exactly they’ll visit, but the pop-up says they’ll stay in Chicago for one more “semester” before hitting the road. If you are in the Chicago area though, you can make a reservation at Saved By The Max and get your nostalgia on.

We’ll keep you posted on when exact tour dates and locations will be available.

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5 Cookbooks Based On Popular TV Shows & Movies You Need To Check Out

One thing we’ve noticed when laying in bed and binging on a television show or movie series for hours on end is how appetizing fictional foods look when you’re hungry and adamant about not leaving your room.

It can’t be helped until the binge runs its course.

Once it does, however, you might want to check out these five cookbooks based on popular television series and movie franchises.

While some of these book are given the official seals of approval by the actual creators, others are more light-hearted parodies. Regardless, all of the instructional tomes are in the spirit of the fictional worlds they represent.

Check them out below! Each features an Amazon link in case your interest is piqued.

Bob’s Burgers Cookbook


Fascinated by the “Burger Of The Week” from the popular animated FOX series? In a collaboration with Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard and the show’s other writers, the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook will teach you how to bring the punny burgers from the cartoon to life.

Game of Thrones


While we anxiously await the arrival of Winter, we find ourselves eager for anything Game of Thrones related to keep us satiated until the new season. If you’ve ever wonder what they ate at King’s Landing, or what consisted of a traditional Dothraki meal, this cookbook will explore those dishes.

Harry Potter


Sure, you can check out Universal’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter if you want to try some of Britain’s most magical dishes, or you can just go home and make them for yourselves. Recipes include the franchise’s famous Butterbeer along with many staples of the wizarding community.

Star Wars


How hyped are you guys for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? If you plan on hosting a Star Wars-themed party to get into the spirit of the upcoming film, you’re gonna want to check out this cookbook.

Wookie cookie, anyone?

Breaking Bad


Ready to cook? Sure Breaking Bad has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop baking. This parody cookbook, titled Baking Bad, shows you the wonders of baking with recipes from the show that brought Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul critical acclaim.

Just a heads up, it won’t teach you how to make actual blue meth.


5 Tricks to Stop Eating When You’re Full

It’s really easy to eat your feelings. Whether in glorious celebration or furious wrath (or just by the lovely-loathsome accident of snacking), you can wind up with more in your stomach than you planned. Food’s just too good to not indulge sometimes, so we have to trick ourselves into not eating ourselves into oblivion. To help you doze off without regret, here’s a few ways to slow or stop yourself from partying down with your all-time favorite (and such delicious) guest.

1. Just start with less.


You’re a go-getter, so you hate leaving tasks unfinished. I totally hear ya, and nothing screams immediate failure louder than food leftover on a plate. It means you semi-literally bit off more than you could chew. But, honestly, if you only have enough energy for a scrimmage, don’t make it to the Super Bowl (no, I have no idea how football works). I mean, you could always just put away half the meal before you even start. Just kick that business out of your eyeline right from the get-go. Out of sight, out of mind, out of gut.

2. Use smaller tableware.


Sure, smaller plates, dishes, and glasses initially sounds like you’re dining with dolls, but just that optical illusion will fool yourself into plating less, which means eating less. You’re likely going to devour what you serve yourself and you’re unlikely to do up a presentation that looks like a special in some five-star eatery in Manhattan with a bite or two in the middle of an otherwise empty plate, save for the plant branch and balsamic drizzle. Even when you make yourself a meal, you want it to look nice, so you’ll fill the plate with a colorful spread. Just make it easier to reach the edges.

3. Don’t make expensive food a habit.


Yes, treat yo’self! But don’t always treat yo’self! I mean, come on, if you see your meal as a big deal, whether making it or ordering it, you’re going to finish the masterpiece, because you don’t just throw away jewels. Hell no, you eat jewels (no, I have no idea how fashion works either). The problem here is perception. If you see the meal as epic, grand, or upper-crust quality, then you’re less likely to shy away, even when you feel like a sludge-stuffed balloon. You’ll want to get your money’s worth and finish it while it’s hot, which is totally fine as a special occasion, not a regular occurrence.

4. Stop think of TV time as eating time.

You just straight up need to quit this (and I’m partially addressing my guilty ass here). Television will be good to your eyes and bad for your brain, regardless of whatever the hell your mouth’s doing. If it’s just a hand thing, do something better with that curious spidery ten-pack, like holding your head during sit-ups or gripping the handlebars of a stationary bike. If it’s an oral fixation, take up a mellower TV diet, one that doesn’t barge your acidic promised land like some parade that feels too long (which is all of them, by the way). If you have to eat while watching TV, make it fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, break that whack association, because you’re better than Pavlov’s Dog. For starters, that dude was a dog. You’re a human. Probably. I don’t know. Foodbeast doesn’t have these kind of metrics.

5. Make it more of a process to eat.


If you’re fast with a fork, use chopsticks, so it takes longer to eat. If you’re fast regardless, make smaller batches, so you have to make it again. By slowing yourself down, you allow the food to settle. Otherwise, when you eat a delicious meal quickly, there’s the chance you think, hot damn, that was good, grand, and you need that again. But if simply waiting to see if you’re still hungry is too much (try 10-15 minutes), simply make the actual process of dining a slower one. Your body will thank you (just say aloud, “Thanks for not making me feel like a barfy volcano, ______,” as that totally counts).


‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Diner Is Opening In Chicago And We May Need That Chill Pill


Growing up, we always wondered what it would be like to spend a meal at the Max. The fictional diner was made popular by the ’90s sitcom Saved By The Bell. Now, you can finally experience what it’s like enjoy a meal of burgers, fries and a shake at the max.

According to Chicagoist, the Max will get its very own parody pop-up somewhere in Wicker Park this June called Saved By The Max. Menu items include dishes named after popular characters like the AC Sliders, Belding Fries, Lisa Turtle Milkshake and Preppy BLTs.

A full bar with cocktails inspired by the show will also be open to guests.

It seems Saved By The Max will even host a daily costume contest for fans willing to come dressed as Zack and the gang as well as trivia nights. The waitstaff will also be named Max or Kelly after the two most notable employees at the diner.

While not affiliated with the actual NBC series, the restaurant will pay homage to the ’90s series. Honestly, it sounds like a great throwback.

Expect to find it open on June 1.

Photo: NBC/Netflix


Science Says This Is What Happens To Your Brain On Cooking Shows

There can’t be a better symbol of American life than having no time to to cook, but having three hours blocked off on our DVRs for all of Gordon Ramsay’s exploits. As the number of cooking shows rises, do our appetites as well? Let’s take a look at some of the known psychological effects of watching cooking shows to determine if it’s a good enough scapegoat for those extra 20 pounds.

Watching What You Eat

Lizzy Pope, an assistant professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Vermont, conducted a study to see if she could find a relationship between people’s health and the types of media they viewed. While the study factored in a number of media sources (YouTube, magazines, newspapers, etc.), Pope found that only cooking shows could be linked to a higher BMI. Conversely, this might just prove that overweight people are more likely to watch cooking shows, since it was not clear whether cooking shows were the cause or result of the increased weight.

Social Norms


Pope claimed, however, that it was unlikely that overweight people just happened to be watching cooking shows due to the phenomenon of “social norming.” Essentially, because people see so many souffles and chicken-fried steaks, they assume that it’s a normal way to eat. For that same reason, if you watched nothing but beastiality, eventually regular porn (and even IRL sexual encounters) would lose their appeal for you. You sick freak. But if you did a calorie count of a typical cooking show meal, you could just save yourself the hour of watching, head to McDonald’s and achieve practically the same results.

Put Down the Skillet


Because of the two effects described above, people who cook their own meals may actually be worse off. Idolizing someone like Paula Deen (her cooking, not her racism) might lead a moderately skilled cook to think that creating butter-saturated dishes on a daily basis was par for the course. All that fat adds flavor, but also puts inches on your waistline. Maybe pick a hero with some healthier habits—like Keith Richards.

Sharing Is Not Caring


Another dangerous place to obtain your recipes is through social media. As our asshole friends post photos of the extravagant meals they eat on their birthdays or vacations (or just because they’re a big fat slob that goes HAM on every sandwich) we again associate this with normal eating habits. Maybe try taking interesting photos of your cholesterol count instead.

Running on Empty


Another interesting point is about those who watch cooking shows while working out at the gym. The theory is that sometimes you need to dangle a little carrot cake in front of a rabbit to make it run. While the results are physically healthier, the overarching concept is the same as those described above, with a healthy dollop of self-loathing thrown in for flavor. Think of it as visual bulimia, essentially punishing your body for the unhealthy foods you crave, even though in this case you’re not actually indulging in them. What could possibly go wrong with that?