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Gordon Ramsay’s Hit Show ‘The F Word’ Is FINALLY Coming to The US


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Gordon Ramsay’s claim to fame in the United States has always been Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, two hit reality TV shows that showcase the hardass side of the Michelin-star chef – but also shows a softer, more personable side.

The Gordon Ramsay we all know and love originated in the UK with a massive hit series called The F Word. Many of his most viral clips come from that show, like the time he got blasted by a chef while making Pad Thai, or when he showed us how to cook the perfect steak.

Many Gordon Ramsay fans have hoped that The F Word would eventually make it to the United States. Their wish is officially coming true this summer – and it’s going to be the most extravagant and fun show that Gordon Ramsay has done in the United States.

Chef Ramsay posted a video to his Facebook page along with the announcement that FOX would begin airing the show sometime this summer. According to an official release from FOX, the show will consist of hour-long episodes that feature a live culinary competition between two teams of four amateur “foodie families”. During the competition, Gordon will also be interviewing surprise guests in the dining room, showcasing food-related adventures he goes on around the U.S., and hosting live remote sessions with people from across the country.

Basically, it’s just like The F Word in the UK, but featuring home cooks and foodie lovers rather than chef brigades.

Teams that win the competition get a big cash prize, and can consist of anybody over 18 years old, according to the official casting call for the show (which is open NOW). If you wanted the chance to get your foodie team together to kick ass in a cooking competition, this would be the chance to do it.

If you choose to compete or not, the show will still be fun of Ramsay-inspired laughs, swearing, adventures, and plenty of delicious food.

And in case you were wondering…


Photo: Gordon Ramsay

The F stands for FOOD, you donkey!


Irish People React To Seeing Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’


If you’ve lived in the states anytime in the last decade, you’ve probably heard of Gordon Ramsay’s long-running FOX series Hell’s Kitchen. The expletive-heavy show, hosted by the king of expletives, features unknown chefs working together in the Los Angeles-based restaurant until one of them is left the winner.

The folks over at Facts, decided to show some Irish people the American television program for the first time. This means they got to see some of the craziest moments from 15 seasons of the show.

Check out the video.


Pretty accurate


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Fast Food

Krusty Krab Restaurant from SpongeBob Being Built IRL


Looks like we won’t have to live under the sea to be able to enjoy the sweet maritime burgers of the famous Krusty Krab chain. The fictional fast-food restaurant is well-known for being the vocation of one Mr. Spongebob Squarepants and occasionally his hetero life-mate Patrick.

Turns out the Krusty Krab is being pulled from the silver screen right into the real world with a functional location currently under construction in the Palestinian city of Ramallah. The Krusty Krab will feature all its cartoon equilvent’s architectural aesthetics, including the multiple flags and window net. It even has a life-sized model of Mr. Krab himself.

Hopefully if they do well, we’ll get a US location. Specifically California. Specifically across the street.


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Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Moist Maker


It’s November 30th and we’re guessing you probably have towers of tupperware lined up in your fridge stuffed with Thursday’s leftovers. Before you toss out those Thanksgiving goods you should probably construct this epic Moist Maker and then see how you feel.

Reimagined by the ladies at Spoon Fork Bacon, this Thanksgiving concoction was originally introduced to the world via the television show, Friends. Ross would wait all year for his sister Monica to make him this seasonal sandwich but when someone at work stole his precious meal he flipped out. Don’t lie, you’d do the same thing if someone nabbed your lunch.

friends gif

Cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, tomato and lettuce nestled between some hearty bread. Yeah, that’s the stuff. But there’s a kicker to this creation that takes it to the next level. A third slice of bread is soaked in gravy then added smack dab in the middle of the sammich. This genius addition is both practical for the sandwich’s structural support and a delicious way to keep your sandwich perfectly moist, thus The Moist Maker.

There’s no right way to build your own Moist Maker but you can check out how Spoon Fork Bacon made their version here.

H/T + PicThx Spoon Fork BaconHypeseek


Beer Geeks, the TV Show for Voyeuristic Craft Beer Lovers


Beer Geeks, a Twin Cities original, has gone national and teamed up with the creators and producers of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and host Michael Ferguson, Director of Brewing Operations for BJ’s restaurants.

Each week the show will take  a comprehensive look at the nuances of the craft beer industry, bringing “viewers along on a voyeuristic, inclusive and immersive road trip into the heart of the craft beer universe.” Going from “tap to table,” Beer Geeks takes a behind-the-scenes look at the ingredients and techniques that go into some of the world’s most unique and renowned brews.

Watch the trailer below and listen to Ferguson wax poetic on cherry-infused beer and aromatic hops. Think the Bill-Nye of beer (kinda), think it’s essential to watch this show with your favorite comfort brew in hand.

Word has it that the Beer Geeks’ latest stop was last night at the Playground in Downtown Santa Ana, California, featuring the guys at Noble Ale works. That’s right down the street from our Foodbeast offices; suddenly, we’re very very thirsty.